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  1. XM8 was a beast in wargame. Cheap glass cannon relying on long range, speed and maneuverability.

  2. Man the br setting is bs lately why is a Sherman 76 vs a leopard 1 & 2 like wtf 7s vs 9s is BS

  3. Minuteman Homestead

    lol you should know better T35 IS RIGHT omg T35 IS RIGHT!!!

  4. f2g video air rb video please!

  5. Joseph Satri Cleofe Villanueva

    Moral of the story: Don’t try to be friends with the enemy.

  6. Nice games, after some time 🙂

  7. Dat CAS tho..

  8. Please play the BB-1 and T50


  10. Were HEATFS nerfed or something and i miss it? ST-A was struggling the other night then tonight i use a Ru251 and it took 6 rounds to kill a FV4005. Couldnt even kill the driver through the front…

  11. Calling in air strike was so cool moment how the game should be played.

  12. Phly, I add one attempt per video. This is attempt ( # 248 ). You can physically check the comment sections on ur past videos, I’ve tried for this long. We need a type 87 video! Also, if you can help reduce both the cost and RP for the type 16 (look at 9.0 centuaro) that would be awesome. I’m stopping at 250, I’ve been at this for over a year of my life. Adding this when there’s only 400 comments

  13. Panzerkampfwagen V Panther Ausführung A

    Day 5 of asking you to replay Sturmpanzer II

  14. Day 4 of asking phlydaddy to bring out the French 20mm airborne baguette launcher-copter and cap points with it

  15. Better title: a good tank through thicc and thin

  16. you missed out on Phat or Phlat

  17. Paweł Macikowski

    Dear PhlyDaily,
    I have got a small question. Which key pulls the wheels into the plane.
    Thanks for answer.

  18. Just an opinion but could those boxes be reactive armor to small anti tank weapons such as RPG or other types of anti tank shoulder held or mounted light armor weapon systems. Just an opinion people that’s all.

  19. Found out about your channel lately and im enjoying ylur content so far, decided to sub today 🙂

  20. Hey Phly can we get an update on the Battlegroup/Battlestations Pacific game mode that WeBe was working on?

  21. Bartosz Baranowski

    You can say it: 6 tons 🙂

  22. Chris van Wijngaarden

    Lov your vids i am grinding the American line any tips?

  23. Heard you were trying to get into F1 but had a heard time. Here are some of my tips to you:

    Drive to survive can be fun but they lie about a few things to generator drama.

    Watch the races. Youll get a feel for who you support and the commentators will usually give you a bit of insight every now and then.

    Maybe try to get into the Youtube side of F1, watch podcasts and weekly news from ppl like F1 Word and maybe some race highligts from their official F1 channel. Thats how I got into it.

  24. hey phlydaily can you tell me how to play rank 1 german tech im new to the game since 3days ago and iv watch you playing WT for almost 4 years or so and some tips 🙂

  25. Can you do a video of all your settings ??

  26. Day 127: can you play the 75/34 M43?

  27. Никита Яковлевский

    Хех, bro, I learn English from your videos

  28. I wish WT was like your CAS moment all the time.

  29. The Austrian Avenger

    even though this didn’t happen to me, but that moment you asked for CAS in chat and a teammate actually did it was my favorite moment in War Thunder. That’s how it’s supposed to work, awesome!

  30. Day 1014: fly the zero again ok.

  31. I love watching content creators playing light vehicles and they Just. Won’t. Spot. Anything.

    When I play anything with spotting it’s muscle memory for me to press V before LMB so I get the little scout bonus and if I die then my team will have the marker on the map at least.

  32. he was like this ooooo oh oooooooooooo oh

  33. Hey phly I know that he week is over, but you should try the ho ro

  34. Phly Daily can you play the KV-122 and the SU-100Y.

  35. so its the Bradley fighting vehicle before it got fixed

  36. Before and after thanksgiving at grandmas

  37. try the t90, it is better in armor and penetration than the abrams

  38. and you know it is an american tank when it has whiskey for reactive armor

  39. The design is so ugly, of all the stuff they could’ve come up with this is what they made

  40. Calling in that CAS made my day!!!!

  41. For a hot second, I thought you were playing Armored Warfare in 2021…

  42. Phat daily

  43. That CAS part was sweet… Kinda seemed like what you’d see irl… CAS just doing a holding pattern waiting for the call.

  44. Kristian Kjeldahl

    I’ve been playing a lot with Maus lately. After you said in an earlier video that heavy tanks were dead, I decided to give it a try. I often became top 3 and many times No. 1 with Maus. I think if you play it right by angling the armor and being careful, then it can be a fantastic tank in the game and it plays a huge role in protecting flags.

  45. After all these years, Phlee Dalee still enjoys WT!

  46. Oiii Phly go ahead and play the stock M47 Patton i dare you… feel the pain

  47. There’s not a lot of good reasons to use Russian MBTs anymore…

  48. admril wolfraptor

    in this video we watched a rare thing happen “teamwork”

  49. These tanks need better engines

  50. TheHellPenguin LordsOfThePenguins

    I was wondering why you took HEAT-FS instead of HESH…. I mean at least HESH got that on shot potential now, especially with things like Begleitpanzer

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