EXPLOSIVE PROXIMITY FUZE SHELLS | M247 Sergeant York & More (War Thunder 1.81

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EXPLOSIVE PROXIMITY FUZE SHELLS | M247 Sergeant York & More ( Thunder 1.81


  1. Again I’m still at gamescom. Sorry about the mic quality

    • PhlyDaily there is a mig 19 in interstate 20 going to Tyler to Dallas

    • +Shenggang Liu No, it was a complete piece of garbage that never worked. Money pit.

    • The TAM looks like a Leopard turret mounted on a Marder chassis.

    • Because they were a dismal failure, they tried to use as many off the shelf parts as they could (including pre-WWII 40/70 guns) and could never get the systems to work properly together, also the system was not quick enough to keep up the soon to be introduced at the time M1 Abrams and M2/3 Bradley family of vehicles, that it was supposed to protect from aerial threats.

    • Export vehicle only built for the Argentine army to replace their ageing M4’s and M24’s, needed to be lightweight to operate in mountainous terrain and the Falklands if they ever invade again! (interestingly they are currently trying to sell a similar system again, based on the current larger Marder II chassis).

  2. Who are you and what did you to with phly

  3. Who else was waiting for him to say tog 2

  4. Whats up with the weird audio?

  5. -Phly “this is the M247 SARGENT YORK!”
    -me “the what??”
    I hate not knowing anything about tanks…..

  6. Actually, its 1394.4 of shells (data for the 40mm L/70 M811 Sargent York shells you were using) you’re using accordingly what i figgerd, each shell weights 2.49(lotsofnumbersafter) kg (5.5 pounds,) time that with 560, and you get 1394.4kg (3080pounds),

  7. Русский пингу

    Artillery Only!!!

  8. Is the proximity fuse only on the top tier AAA?

  9. You know what can realy kill planes effectively. You need to play it. Take out the os2u and try to do….something

  10. Dammit, where’s my sdkfz 234/1?

  11. TheoFman55 or ya no

    Why no turn sablizer off

  12. Does this mean we may get some sort of anti-aircraft shell for the 88mm Flak wagon?

  13. Welp here come the Russian take over ?? t-80 in the game . Lmao the complaining must have worked . M1a1 next right ? Not the IP we want the A1 w/ the 120 ?? or that’s not gonna be fair right ? Lmao

  14. That weird armor on the TAM is indeed for easy access to the engine for repair/replacement.

  15. I wish the Daimler AC mkII would get scouting and a speed buff its just to slow

  16. I think this is the first time I’ve ever heard you swear.

  17. no m1a1? seriously? sigh, as soon as I saw the t80 I thought for sure we would get it. makes me sad.

  18. T249 Vigilante 37 mm T250 six-barrel Gatling gun mounted, designed as a replacement for the Bofors 40 mm gun and M42 Duster in US Army service. War Thunder get your head out of your buttz! A37mm Gatling is way more fun than stupid twin 40s!

  19. PotatoMicDaily

  20. That top deck armor is the removable armor deck for the engine compartment. It’s usually the same thickness as the rest around it.

  21. can u do a video about the MB.5?

  22. Ladies and gentlemen we got em

  23. No subcaliber ammunition for M247?

  24. its funny because TAM mean Tanque argentino mediano

  25. MR One-shotgaming

    Phly, if u love flying aircraft then u will love ace combat.

  26. 12:35 the armor is thinner there because the engine it’s self provides extra protection for the crew.
    Remember that modern tanks prioritize crew survivability, tank systems are secondary.

  27. ive got a 40mm bofors shell

  28. Proxy shells? It’s about d*mn time

  29. Biplanes? What the fuck?

  30. Needs to test if that proximimity fuse works on light armored vehicles on the ground too. For example what it do to open top vehicles.

  31. Sarodore The Dragon

    ya but you gotta get within 6 meters of the target, any smart helicopter using terrain is unlikely to get hit by that ( IF they know you are there )

  32. What should be the rank and rating of T90s

  33. your… voice. It’s so strange

  34. T-80 gives me T-90 Flashback

  35. People have probably already said this a hundred million times, but the stat card you were reading for the TAM was in Arcade mode.

  36. 0:53 2099HP because one russian horse = two foreign horses blyat

  37. * Leads the lead indicator and misses * Yup, too far away, can’t hit him….

  38. That first wow was wow?

  39. The TAM is in the german tech tree, its from argentina

  40. Bcs of ur mic u sound like ur ill XD btw keep going with this good content 🙂

  41. Phly give me eagles I want to feel good at the game ??

  42. hey Phly, ever tried to fly in formation with the enemy aircraft and see their reaction?

  43. First word of PhlyDaily,
    WOW WOW …. … … & so on !

  44. Use the swingfire or striker since the nerf ps4 you can’t even kill crap with them prove us wrong

  45. Oh shit a TAM ?
    Tanque Argentino Mediano
    An Argentina Tank NICE

  46. very bad audio

  47. Are they adding the Chinese MBT as well?

  48. Владислав Шафоростов

    11:43 1.300 ?????? 1 shoot / / /

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