EXPLOSIVE REACTIVE ARMOUR – T-64BV MBT (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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  1. If you want modern tanks, be prepared that they will have made up stats, because in real life stats are secret so that enemy doesn’t know every centimeter of the tank, where are it’s weakspots or performance.

  2. Zerocookiecake [Karnipex]

    People thinking this is click bait lmao

  3. How to get this map with all the tanks? At 3:10

  4. clιcĸ вaιт ιѕ ѕтιll ғυn мoѕт oғ тнe тιмe

  5. NO NO NO NO, before adding more and more crap Gaijin should fix staff!! I don’t suport anything new

  6. Fucking Clickbaiters… What a plague…

  7. Most honest you tuber

  8. I wonder how many people clicked away immediately at the beginning ?. But great video ??.

  9. Phly: Let me show you guys how tuff the plate is!
    *Detonates ammo*
    Phly: Oh…

  10. As long as the game keeps using the SAME BLOODY primary gunsight for ALL BLOODY vehicles, I don’t care even if they introduce the Armata.

  11. its 600mm at the front because its Composite armour. Pls gaijin, make it happen <3

  12. That intro sounded so sincere I really thought you were clickbaiting.

  13. haha what

  14. Phly, Our spies have come with reports that Russia is planning to attack Berlin, and their Armies are ready for the attack. Berlin Command has started to gather all our Tank aces to help defend the Fatherland. You are to take out the Stuh 42 G and the FW 190 A-1 for Air support. The Command wishes you luck.

  15. What kind of test drive is this!? It’s what I have been asking for since the dawn of ground forces! Is it something that is coming out for public use or is it some kind of dev thing?

  16. Yes please add ERA and other add on armor, like the composite add on armor for the Chieftain! I want to use my knowledge of tanks to use my own armor properly, wiggle my tank and I want to aim for weaksopts while still driving a mobile tank with APFSDS ! *Please*

  17. Oh man I love 6:40 – 6:51 ,lol

  18. I would like like to see more wows but war thunder id good too

  19. Armored Warfare has had ERA and ATGM for two years at least , so not too exciting to me 🙂

  20. I realised the importance of spaced armour yesterday…. I liked a glass door through and a large shard penetrated my wellie and only the tip of the shard penetrated my leg

  21. Russians do not need ERA, they have the IS-6 comrade!

    All jokes aside, the Russian equivalent of ERA was actually named EVRA; Explosive Vodka Reactive Armor.

  22. You don’t have to clickbait I watch you’re videos either way cause I love them

  23. ATGM is not modeled correctly in game anyway.

  24. Роман Бекиров

    6:50 lol)))))

  25. Too much tank experts…. All tank designers and engineers i suppose…

  26. Can you please take out the Fairey and Sherman Firefly? (Attempt 5)

  27. it’s a way to P2W in WT

  28. But Phly, i watch all your vidéo without even reading the title, phlydaily new video ? Yeah, and i click. Exept for crossout

  29. dud you have to make video for anythere games but you stell just in war thunder

  30. “Now, just to showcase how strong, this upper front plate is”
    **penetrates and knocks out tank**

  31. dab on dem haters bro!

  32. jørgen sæterdalen

    i’m watching your vids


  34. 600 mm frontal might be a BIT higher than real life values….

    because an m1a1’s 120mm gun will blow right threw a t72 frontal plate….

    however…..modern APDS is MUCH MUCH MUCH more effective than ww2 stuff
    stopping any modern main gun is really hard to do……

    the materials of the bullet….the burn rates of the powder are matched to the gun barrel length…..modern powder is just better
    EVERYTHING is much better than the ww2 designs

    like, in the case of the 88 L43 to L71 (or whatever) the germans basically just added barrel length and a fuck ton more powder
    it was a brute force approach

    sorta like 300 win mag hunting rifles……old school 30 cal (7.62) bullet with a LOT of powder

    today….we canbeat300 win mag with 6.5mm creed more….which is basically 308 (7.62 x51) necked down to 6.5mm

    its a smaller, very long, bullet….that has a REALLY high ballistic coefficient of friction
    the powder charge is quite small…..yet it burns very efficiently

    this reduces recoil and blast….. and makes it cheap to reload

    today we no longer use the brute force apraoch…..

    but when we do (like on a tanks gun) we can optimize the fuck out of it……

    so 600+mm of pen on a 120mm APDS….totally possible

  35. Abrams sucks

  36. Phly i hope you know that the t-90 had ERA 😐

  37. I want to see Black Eagle MBT Russian Tank in War Thunder. Or Challenger 2 MBT British Tank.

    Perhaps they will. They could.
    I’m watching you sometimes, usually to see you fails, that comforts sad me. No offense.

  38. pls give us the link to it

  39. 6:41 xddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

  40. NO IT”S NOT PERIOD !!! did you even consider the coding nightmare it comes with these explosive reactive armor ??? don’t ask for more broken thing to be added to an already problem plagued game let them fix it first then ask for new stuff

  41. Something tells me quite a few ppl believed it was bait and didn’t watch past the intro

  42. Honestly War thunder should just do a War thunder: Modern Combat (if the phrase modern combat is not Copyrighted), they proved with the Easter event they can add in Modern tanks like a Leo 2 or a T-90 and they worked well, people loved it and i felt with some balancing that they could be fun, i dare say they would take over the market from Armoured warfare.

  43. Big Chief, the trainee just arrived! Could you teach them the basics on how to fly planes? They don’t know nothing; maneuvers, how to aim… nothing at all.

  44. i love Yours vido

  45. I see the Chinese type 65 in your lineup phly where is the video

  46. How did you get this user mission working?Can I get the link?

  47. I like that things like this keeps the game alive since Gaijin developers fuck the game up so much that it’s barely playable unless you play russians or brits. Good work mates. Lots of love from Sweden 😎

  48. Welp, that’s it. I am playing Russian from now on. No more German for me.

  49. Just a couple explanations for Phly (please upvote so he can see this :D):

    ERA is a hollow box containing one or more metal plates (note: they reach peak efficiency when they’re set diagonally, at an angle in relation to the enemy shell’s trajectory), sitting on top of a small explosive charge (small enough not to damage the tank’s armor too much) that detonates when it is hit by a high-caliber projectile (ERAs are now engineered to be insensitive to small arms fire).

    HEAT is a misnomer: it doesn’t achieve armor penetration by *melting* down the metal, but by creating a hypersonic jet of highly compressed metal (the copper or lanthanum used in shaped charges’ liners). Remember those videos in metal factories where they use highly compressed jets of water mixed with abrasive sand, to cut slabs of metal? Same concept: the shaped charge explosion compresses the copper liner into an extremely dense “blob” or superfluid metal…which has then no other option but to expand forwards, essentially like a hypersonic *spike*. In other words, the HEAT jet *doesn’t melt* the enemy armor; it *DRILLS* through its target using sheer pressure and mechanical action.


    When ERA is hit by a HEAT round, the explosive charge is set off, causing the flyer plate to fly off, straight into the HEAT jet. The plate will be penetrated, however, as it is STILL flying away from the tank at an angle, the flyer plate ends up feeding more or its non-penetrated body into the HEAT jet stream, eventually disrupting the high-compressed flow (blunting/scattering the drill tip, if you allow the image). All of that happens in a few milliseconds.

    There exist multi-plate ERAs, like the Kontakt-5 or Relikt, where the plates are moving in different directions, but still at an angle. When an APFSDS penetrator rod hits the ERA box and punches through both plates, the propulsive explosive charge pushes the plates away from each other, essentially acting like a double guillotine on the APFSDS (hopefully cutting it into two-three segments).

    In the case of single-plate ERAs, the flyer plate (which has already been perforated by the APFSDS) simply feeds more of its body into the rod’s trajectory, causing it to yaw and land at a non-optimal angle, wasting a lot of kinetic energy and severely reducing penetration (and therefore damage).

    There are other concepts like multilayered ERA, but I’m sure I have nerded you out enough already. 😀

    But whatever you think, don’t watch the Discovery Channel’s video on Explosive Reactive Armor, it’s overly simplified and, at the end of the day, over-regurgitated garbage.

  50. Single Hot Mom in Your Area

    Doesnt the M1A2 abrams have like 700 pen? with that weird ap/arrow shell?

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