EXPLOSIVE SAMURAI ARMOUR – M60 Rise ERA (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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EXPLOSIVE SAMURAI ARMOUR – M60 Rise ERA (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

Thumbnail Credit – https://live.warthunder.com/post/653731/en/


  1. oh that rage at the no pen from that sabot shot. We all have been there.

  2. Hay hay hay cabron. Nice phly. Can I call you god now?

  3. I get motivated to go on war thunder when i see modern(ish) tanks but then i get dissapointed because im only on tier 2 tanks…

  4. it is nt the L7A3 german 105mm cannon it is a USA M68 105mm cannon

  5. This question is irrelevant to the video but why did the British make a tank destroyer which was facing backwards?

  6. Phly our bomber sorties are getting destroyed by the Axis pilots! Take out the P-51H!

  7. I have my computer on max settings with graphics and all and his still looks better I get great fps but why does his color and all look better than mine?

  8. The German YouTuber is called Flula, not Fluda, don’t worry Phly you’ll get something right first try eventually.

  9. T64 has 400mm of effective armor against APDSFS in side of the turret as well 🙂 The only thing that kills it through turret reliably is Raketenjagdpanzer HOT.

  10. Just some advice when it comes to using smoke Phly, it’s better to shoot smoke in the line of site between your team mate and the enemy as close to the Enemy as possible, this way your team mate isn’t stuck in smoke unable to move. Blind the enemy not your team. Love you. Love your videos.

  11. Test the new Russian bias! Play T64 and MiG17 with rocket pods.

  12. Phly. In your “introducing the quack cam” video you said gaijin better start working on a bomb cam so that you can see how WT tracks a 5000kg bomb vs 32 xx or x. Not sure what that means but it sounds like you need to bomb two teams huddled together in a custom battle sense gaijin added the bomb cam in 1.71

  13. Phly the new atgm is not a ATGM its a MRLS it is just a Rocket artillery in real life that provided fire support during the cold war

  14. The Rise ERA was used by the USMC during Desert Storm. A unit called Task Force Ripper destroyed over 100 Iraqi armored vehicles.

  15. Screw the new tanks Phly, they’re all top tier garbage. Take out the t25. If you do, I’ll make a donation to you. Plus, a general might get his stars…

  16. The gun sounds like someone threw a metal bucket from the top of a building

  17. t114 test video?

  18. “Ay yay yay cabron” -phly

  19. 14:35 Elmo’s world~

  20. please do a music video with sabaton music…..GHOST DIVISON PZ KORPS!!!

  21. hey ply can you kill a tiger 1 with a t50!!

  22. If history carries over into this game, then there are a few things to note. M-60s are very tall (compared to the soviet tanks) but that also offers a lot of gun depression. This tank is make to be defensive in a hull down / reverse slope and snipe away. ERA allows for adsorbing a first hit vs HEAT or ATGM. And as you saw with the lack of skirts, don’t get hit in the sides.

    Also note, that if the game bring in BMP / BMD, they will hose your ERA with auto-cannon rounds to detonate the armor then send in an ATGM to finish you off.

  23. For the Next loving the unloved take out the M26 T99

  24. Armoured Tanks are gonna be OP

    Lol jk but if it can counter useful ammo shells then it’s gonna be a pain

  25. Hello phlydaily big fan I just have a question do you have a Xbox one

  26. Hey what’s up guys who cares I laughed so hard

  27. I GOT AN ADD BRO!!!!

  28. did you just call flula fluta

  29. 14:02 literally the whole game in a nut shell

  30. Hello , so i just noticed strange thing , i don’t know if it is bugs or development team did it on purpose ,, i found that shells velocity in nashorn and dicker max are incorrect and i compared both of them with panzer D and falk 8.8 because both have almost identical shells velocity , here are photos about them.
    you can look up for them , i just sent a ticket to the support team

  31. Is this the birth of a new #LovingTheUnloved ?

  32. Phly i live all of your videos :))

  33. #LovingTheUnloved Rollout with the German Maus.

  34. Anyone know what the best way to make silver lions is i’m broke

  35. Take the meme transporter MBT out of the garage!

  36. Phly please play the be-6 new soviet bomber

  37. Next on Loving the Unloved play with DA MAUS Für das reich #attempt6

  38. Though actually, the pronunciation of “Fulda” in your last video is actually more accurate and faithful to its original pronunciation in German.

  39. high caliber machine gun able to remove ERA

  40. Tbh the t64 is the worst tier 6 tank

  41. This map with wind turbines and 70-80s era tanks reminds me some Wargame :european escalation.

  42. phly plzz play stug 3g for low rankers plzzz?

  43. I love all ur videos but u talk much before ur battles

  44. Wow Phly…..”That scared the boloney sandwiches out of me” That’s probably the cheesiest thing you’ve ever said lol

  45. I love that desert camo

  46. Браток Братишка

    That 1976 round was designed to penetrate T 64s btw.

  47. Phly, I am quite drunk, and o just want to say, your videos are great. Love your comedy, love your opinions, and I think you look at things very fairly. Please keep up all the great work and if there is anyway I can support you other than subscribing and liking, please leave a comment below;)

  48. This tank is like the grandfather of the battlefield. Very very Slow at moving its turret up and down and side 2 side

  49. The M735 105mm round came into service 1978, so please give us the leo A1A4 with the DM23 that came at the same time.

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