EXPLOSIVE TIP APFSDS | MACH 4+ Anti-Air Missile System (War Thunder Stormer HVM)

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EXPLOSIVE TIP APFSDS | MACH 4+ Anti-Air Missile System (War Thunder Stormer HVM)


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  2. 15:26 ”I don’t know what this thing is.” Bad. It’s bad.

  3. triggerhappy1yearold

    Love how you gloss over the fact the entire system is broken as fuck

  4. I’d say this would be good at killing helicopters because they are bigger targets ( most of the time) and are slower. Also like most aa good anti tank vehicle against medium and light armor. It’s a mach 4 tow missile essentially.

  5. Undertail

  6. That radar is a fast boi

  7. missles without proxi explo are such a waste against jets

  8. Or you could just aim at the damn plane instead of leading ahead of the target that way missing your shot.
    These are guided rockets obviously they guided exactly where you aim, if you would need to lead them then radar would show it.

  9. The missiles have to go a certain distance before it splits into the tungsten rods. The tungsten rods are explosive. If the missile doesn’t go far enough, it hits with much weaker power.

  10. So, I’d like to ask your opinion on ATGMs phly, in WarThunder, it is the most frustrating thing to be hit with an ATGM from across the map, or have it come from somewhere you can’t see them, I would like to see what your thoughts on it are? To me, they shouldn’t be at the BRs they currently are, which goes along with your BR compression issue, also love the videos man, keep Phlying!

  11. To be exact its 4.082 mach

  12. Thành Hoàng Ngọc

    british alway mess up their weapons design somehow . hispano air-target belt without tracer , using practice shell in every belt ,no APHE , comet no backward speed , no heat-fs shell , cursader AA mk1 carry only 160 rounds , challenger 2 have huge weakspot on the face , AA missile without proxy fuse , 35mm SPAA tank using medium tank hull but only able to carry 500 rounds compare to 650 round on german gepard and japanese type 87

  13. Phly, i have a good challenge for you!!
    Attempt #335!!!!!

    Play the M48 in stock configuration. You may use APHE in one battle if you want (170 pen), but make sure to play one game with APCR only.
    No camping allowed (and not sure it would help)
    If you have fun during it, i can guarantee you are not doing it right
    . The challenge is to not lose your mind or uninstall right after.
    Good luck, you will need it.

    Requesting it before the sh!tst0rm of the stock syndrome

  14. 13:10 This is also what the germans said when they used the 88s the first time against tanks.

  15. Undertale music at the beginning.
    A few hours later Undertale in Smash confirmed.
    Phly, dont you want to tell us something?

  16. 10:22 “Those tongue skin rounds” – Phly

  17. So it’s a guided APFSDS

  18. Nie tylko technologia

    That flash after fire is annoying

  19. Worst SAM 10.0 SPAAG

  20. War-thunder is the worst game I have ever played. Hands down total garbage. So much potential lost to Russian stupidity. Fuck you Anton.

  21. 12:28 hunter becomes the hunted.

  22. Of course it’s another shit anti-air because it’s on the British line

  23. This game has turned to shit. Gaijin had no clue. I even think this game shouldn’t exist at this level.

  24. I think leading that much with this missile kinda breaks it. It works with the Big Chunguska because the missiles are relatively slow and have proxy fuses but this one really needs a pretty direct hit (and they are very fast). So if anything, you need to aim a bit behind them imo because the submunitions will shoot out straight ahead from the carrier stage.
    Would be interesting to see how that behaves in a slow-mo replay to figure out how to use it more effectively against aircraft.

  25. I use the missile Sherman looking thing and it was against a maus and set in on fire didn’t die

  26. Dem jaeres don’t know us Brits

  27. That radar circle makes my eyes hurt

  28. From what I understand the Stormer IS first and foremost an anti-tank missile platform, not an AA vehicle?

  29. Missiles so broken that they refuse to work properly half the time.

  30. Is it APHSDS or APPHSDS?

  31. Great into music today mate, wasn’t expecting a jungle banger

  32. this missile in the gunner’s eyes is like swinging 3 trash bags while flying

  33. these undertale soundtracks must really be creeping into your mind huh phly?

  34. French Jumbo boi and P63 C combo Attempt #2….Pierre is proud of your 800k subs

  35. Phly plays Undertale music at the start and a few hours later Sans is in smash what the fuck

  36. I don’t suppose they’ve fixed the economy by chance? I burnt out on air battles by the time I reach tier 5 British jets, and I really don’t like that I either have to play air battles that I’m bored with or pay quite a lot of money to make up repair costs with a profit. Broke the game for me in the end.

  37. Phly can you play the mig-15bis with s21 airburst rockets? would be nice to see

  38. How you watch PhlyDaily:
    *click on the video
    *watch epic moment before intro
    *smile/laugh/be suprised
    *watch intro
    *skip to ~3:30
    *watch gameplay

  39. Nothing to see Here

    Flowey called he wants his copyright claim lololololol

  40. I’m not sure that its modeled correctly.. The star-streak flies toward reflected laser light.. There is no “driving” the missile to the target.. You just paint the target and the missile flies to the reflected light?

  41. Does anyone know where I can find dev server time

  42. i don’t get it, why an anti-air missile also have armor-piercing effect ???????

  43. “It’s hit or miss”


  44. Ammo storage empty, still got ammo racked.

  45. why did the ammo go off at 10:29 when he ran out of it ?

  46. “we got two targets, not that bad”

    Wouldn’t have given you enough SL to even repair the chally.

  47. Katyusha still best AA

  48. Congrats on 800k subs phly!!!

  49. Next vid : trying the .new italian spaa

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