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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

Hello, friends! There’s a new order coming you! War launches a new event where you can try your hand at being the master armorer. During this event, you will be able assemble some vehicles for sale, supply them to the commissioner, and purchase exclusive using the crowns you earned. Let’s see how this all works.



  1. Clearly fun br is not priority anymore everything is just copy paste modern vehicles on which everything is classified so you just estimate everything lol i would rather see paper tanks at least you know stats of it..

  2. alright, now i need exact numbers. How long i need to play in order to gather all required metarials to assemble F-5A?

  3. Brain samudra rizq ruch jipang

    The time limit is literally right when the last day of my test 🙃

  4. Hey War Thunder why don’t you give any love to the simulator air battle and after adding so many legenday aircraft did you just forget the biggest legend of all american plane the B-26B-25-MA named Flak-Bait 202 bombing mission above the european battlefield and 5 mission as Decoy bomber still finish the war without a scratch

  5. guys isn’t it just better to sell those materials for gajjin coins and get something else from market place??

  6. please explain why a2d fight with superjet in AB


  8. Hey narrator, are you okay? I find you less expressive than in the last videos :c please stay safe! War thunder news with your voice are always the bests 🙂 (no offense to the thunder show guy, he is great too o/)

  9. Too less time, too many parts to craft

  10. Prognosis negative!

  11. So the docs are 40 per day max… so to even get a leo that 3 exports that 6 days where you have to do 40 (10min) matches a day… sounds tedious

  12. Can I buy them with golden eagles

  13. Luis Fernando Caiguaraico Cordero

    I only know about the credits game, i dont know the rest

  14. Are you talking about Czechs or checks??

  15. Izdihar Izzan Wibowo

    How many model part that we must assemble ?

  16. 3:05 so you can basically just but 3 Technical manuals, Wait 3 minutes and Get a Leopard or freedom fighter

  17. How do I get crowns?

    • You gotta get a technical document from 80 of those technical page things AND you need to craft 30 parts to make an export model and then sell said export model for 125,000 crowns each

  18. science is the ultimate answer

    Hey come on this is not a gulag thunder pls increase the event time

  19. This event is absolutely trash.
    Given more time slightly less grind it could’ve been great.
    30 parts per vehicle.
    90 parts
    3 days wait.
    You’ll need to play for atleast 8hrs a day to get this.
    Dangling a carrot once again unfortunately.
    Oh don’t forget your 400 parts cap.
    As for console, just forget it.
    No market, no extra way to earn additional materials in battle.
    Just overprice loot boxes at 599GE.
    10 day event.
    If you play for 6hrs you’ll need about 14 days to get this as it takes approx 3.5 days per build(x3 builds) , plus 3.5 days total waiting time.
    Forget it. 🤪🤪🤪

  20. I cant play “enlistet” on my Xbox One S😭

  21. Im prob just gonna buy my way to the Leo and F5c just Like I did with the EBR

  22. Well I have a job so…

  23. Could there be added ligts to the planes shibs and thanks? Pls

  24. it wont be hard, to get 3 docs it takes 40 hrs, not even including how long it takes to make the parts, for those of us who are free to play we dont have enough time

  25. We need buffs for Germany
    For example
    Come F5 to Germany

  26. Why cant you make that it last forever it would be cool and more vehicles you can craft with unlimited time

  27. Is it “hard”? No. Does it take an eon to unlock? Yes. That, to me, means it’s hard.

  28. I cant even use the market because I’m unable to link my email .

  29. When will wsr thunder add the dutch armoured car used in ww2 (thats capable of destroying tanks)

  30. Thanks for the burnout for the past events, and now… Im no longer play wt, i havent be no more happier than ever

  31. The Export Moder is The PBIL

  32. why even make these events when people cant finish them intime

  33. Pedro Mercado Lamagni

    No person with a job ever said “oh, im so glad Gaijin added another event for grinding 45 hours in War thunder, can’t wait”… It wouldn’t even be that bad if the servers weren’t full of tryhards everytime one of these events comes along..

  34. There is nothing fun about his event, I accidentally drank sea water when I was a kid and that was a lot more fun than this

  35. Dude october 4th? seriously? please make it october 11th atleast holy sheesh you guys really think people dont have a job or school playing this game.

  36. This video LIES
    I spent 12 minutes in a battle
    12 MINUTES
    I had a activity of 93%
    My last battles had activity of over 80%
    Every single fracking battle since September 23rd? Over 70% activity?
    You don’t work for the materials you pay for the m on the marketplace so everyone don’t listen to him as this is all lies and I’m telling the truth

  37. bruce please we beg you i jyst got my first one after 6 days im not even f2p… how are we supposed to get 3???

  38. technical documents is pain

  39. Man those technical documents are the worst part of the whole event so far. I have everything for my Swedish car but I’m still short 60 documents :S

  40. Shame I have an actual job and can’t play war thunder full time

  41. It won’t let me export it without the cheques. How do I do it. Please answer

  42. I have enough to get the F5A but I have to have cheques

  43. giorgi gurasashvili

    this is BS not gonna lie

  44. I still dont understand how much I need in total! I never manage to get anything.

  45. People who play 8 hours every day for 7 days straight just to get the jet or tank which are the same as the tech tree vehicles seriously need help. Its not healthy at all. Even worse when you are a grown man. You are mentally not okay if you think this is worth investing your life in.

  46. What a joke of an event. It is disgustingly annoying. Gives you nothing of what you need and millions of things you dont

  47. Another impossible event thanks war thunder

  48. how do i get a coupon for the pbill m/40

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