EXTREME SURVIVABILITY | The Mutant T-34 (War Thunder Phong Khong Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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EXTREME SURVIVABILITY | The Mutant T-34 (War Thunder Phong Khong Gameplay)



  2. Did you just copied Dollar? 😀 You guys should play together to make a vid!

  3. This vehicle was modified and used by the Vietnamese People’s Army. The only downside of this vehicle in WarThunder is that it’s belong to China, the little flag icon in the stat card is Vietnam but is indicated as China. Hope WT can fix this. We Vietnamese don’t like our stuff claimed by others, especially China

  4. seriously didn’t click on this vid since I didn’t recognize the pfp smh

  5. I’d like to share my worst war thinder moment: I shot a German BMP-1 with my IS-3, I shot him from the front, I took out his transmission and driver, nothing else. Why do I get hull broken being hit in the tracks when I’m in a BMP but when I shoot a 122mm shell nothing happens.

  6. i din’t whatch the videos because i don’t reconeice the new logo

  7. Chinese Ostwin 2

  8. What music did you use phly? In the intro


    Who needs armor when you have engine and fuel tanks

  10. Burak Barış Güneylioğlu

    You should made a video with DollarPlays

  11. editing on point

  12. This video is just a showcase of all the Tiger player stereotypes

  13. Phly, I add one attempt per video. This is attempt ( # 106 ). You can physically check the comment sections on ur past videos, I’ve tried for this long. We need a type 87 video! Also, if you can help reduce both the cost and RP for the type 16 (look at 9.0 cent) that would be awesome.

  14. Alright so we have T-34 spaa, Panzer spaa, crusader spaa, now we just need Sherman spaa so we just need the skink to be officially added

  15. Alright so we have T-34 spaa, Panzer spaa, crusader spaa, now we just need Sherman spaa…we need the skink officially added

  16. When the music on 14:00 starts I thought I am on DOLLAR’s Channel! xD

  17. Take out the f 84 b stock attempt 14

  18. That last Tiger. That’s my experience every game in WT. I ping on map. Write in chat. Everything. And NO ONE pays attention. Everyone is completely blind xD

  19. Make the Jak 38 video.

  20. PHLEEE! take out the T114 !
    attempt #3

  21. Wait how the hell does the vidibilty mechanic work??? Becuase the 88 flakbus has like 150% i think but this thing apparently has higher?


  23. you asked a jock how to pronounce a word, that is like asking someone who is dyslexic how to spell

  24. Late congratulations on the million mate, well done!

    Vehicle request: Tempest mk2

  25. Watching the vid while my next-door neighbour and his girl are doing their morning horizontal jog started to rock and immediately after Phly goes and says..”BAM BAM BAM.. that’s what I live for”

  26. Can you play Strv-103 C?

  27. 13:58 omg the dollar plays edit yess

  28. That asu85 deseved to die

  29. I really like the first minute of this video great music and the cat bit was perfect
    it’s like the cat was playing war thunder and really enjoying it.

  30. I love your new avatar 🙂

  31. Skittles but with chocolate inside

    I play this thing alot but I never had a game like this
    nice going phly


  33. now where you have played the old and rusty Centurion you might have a look at the Ultimative Centrurion the STRV 104 #22

  34. that asu made me rage, like wtf

  35. 16:32 source for that kid saying that king tiger should be at 5.3?

  36. Using theme music from ‘Men Try’ channel when you have EVERYBODY…….c’mon 🙂

  37. this surviability is straight up ridiculous

  38. @PhlyDaily a really nice Tip 4 u and everyone else playing this game
    I the control is a really interesting and useful function in some situations.
    Controls – Ground vehicles – Movement – Driver assistance mode

    If you hold this key and look in some direction your tank drive the same angle you turn the camera in this direction.

    So if you drive down a street with e.g. over 50 km/h you can look forward hold the key and drive with your mouse.

    If you had held the key in 14:10 and then look to the enemy 14:13 you would have followed the street perfectly and don’t have to hard turn 14:16 in this situation not a problem but if there had been a wall instead of a wooden fence you would have had to steer in battle and would have lost a bit of time aiming.

    It’s really nice in some situations.

  39. I feel a co-op with Dollarplays is coming up because of the music

  40. “Imagine if War Thunder adds blast waves and shock waves to open-top crew.”
    Thank Phly when spalling and over-pressure come to War Thunder. I think they would be neat mechanics… For about an hour.

  41. Can u do bf 110 g-2 with 4 extra 20mms ?:D Its real A-10 with 8x20mms and two 13mm machine guns

  42. when china gets envious of flakpanzer 341

  43. *Hull break has left the game*

  44. Pl3aae play the STUG III A you have not played it in years and it is definitely one of the best tank destroyers at 2.3.

  45. Ou whait that music of the minute 14:23 was from the intro of DollarPlays and another thing congratulations on reaching one million subscribers Phly

  46. Happy One million

  47. I like how phly has always different gameplay experience to me. Maybe I am just shit. But, in this and in the ZSU-57-2 my crew just gets machined gunned and I die. Or that shoot me, 5 hours later repair is done and whoopa I get killed.

    He comes up agains some poorly armoured shit at times. While, I come up against the heaviest armoured shit imaginable.

  48. Mommy phly used nabor dollarplays music dadDy benny

  49. Phly talking about the T-34 Phong Kong: EXTREME SURVIVABILITY
    My .50 caliber machine gun: Are you sure about that?

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