F-100 SUPER SABRE | Afterburners ARE NUTS (War Thunder User Made)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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F-100 SUPER SABRE | Afterburners ARE NUTS (War Thunder User Made)

Link to download – https://live.warthunder.com/post/737654/en/


  1. Poparod Cassidy

    My top 3 favorite planes F 100 super saber, Mig 21, Phantom F4 and Bomber bonus B 58 Hustler. All FTW!!!

  2. I’m on hype for 1 million

  3. i disagree with them not adding these vehicles. I agree with you that they need to hold off until they can focus on them. This custom mission is bad in terms of performance. The f-100s performance wasnt that good. It wouldnt be as OP as what it looks in this video. But regardless of that it would have to be minimal 10.0. if it faced anything that was not at the 9.0 mark, it couldnt be touched.

  4. This guy say F100 catterfish ??

  5. Incoherent Screaming

    Any plans to feature more Fractured Space here?

  6. F8 Crusader next

  7. Priscius Gradius

    just keep doing what your doing, you make great, entertaining videos.

  8. Sir Illuminar The Valient

    Lock on radius would be much smaller and would be fixed to nose like gun also they could not pull hard turns. The missiles in this mission are far more powerful than they would be in real life or in game. These planes would just have no trouble with climbing or speed. Only dogfighting Realistic missiles would be balenced

  9. Best of luck to you sir!

  10. well now
    I am sexually excited

  11. Sir Illuminar The Valient

    The f-100 was famously hard to land. Famous for sanding over the runway stalling then slamming into earth

  12. sebastian Laplume

    When do we get the F-15?

  13. Pulling up like that and at the speed you were going would have made your pilot go unconscious

  14. theScottishKoala

    2024 maybe I’LL be the one to hit 500-600k 😀

  15. theScottishKoala

    I managed to get the thing to Mach 1.58 in testing diving from 16,000m in my own video. It honestly feels like a sped up Vautour flight model with its rolling and turning characteristics

  16. Phly I’ve just gotta say that I’ve loved this channel for the last 3 years I’ve subbed to it. You’re enthusiasm in every video really brightens my day. Thank you and I look forward to your channel growing more!

  17. WT needs the sonic boom when you hit Mach 1

  18. Dodoyes3 DamDanny


  19. Can you play the I-153 chaika

  20. comment

  21. Phly what happened to baron? Don’t see much videos from him anymore

  22. They should add sr71 blackbird that would be badass

  23. since 2k17!
    love your content, phly!

  24. Afterburner below a certain altitude would be fine i think. comments?

  25. SpartanA054Moose

    Zoomfire vs supersabre which climbs faster?

  26. that aim-9(probably a or b variant) on the Supersabre has an off-axis capability of 10 aim-9x combined……….

  27. hi papa



  28. Phly is it true that warthunder coming to xbox 1

  29. Tapeworms and Stoplights

    That plane looks like a tiger loach

  30. to 1mill and to you for the quality that you provide with your entertainment

  31. Congrats phly on 600k! I’m a subscriber BTW!

  32. Please, no, no more high tiers.

  33. evans blue Blair

    That was a beautiful landing

  34. Do more plane videos and you’ll go far

  35. What’s up Phlysquad today we found a j’ed out Tiger 1 in the suicide forest!

  36. The fact that Gaijin isn’t adding next gen jets is the reason Air RB is slowly dying.

  37. AttilaTheHun 1453

    Do a DCS play, of the F-100 to compare it to the war thunder model!!!!

  38. Phly please play crusader aa please????

  39. Kiba t3h WuFF3h

    Be wary of the “Sabre Dance”

  40. Airborne Monkey

    If you put air refuel ur gonna need the refueling plane itself so it’ll take more time to make the refuel plane

  41. Judging by this Gaijin would have to make the maps significantly larger to enable supersonic plane inclusion.

  42. I think if they want to progress this game this has too come warthunder is getting boring it’s the same maps same play same Russian Italian bullshit at high level now AA are op and this could counter that and would fit in with the newer tanks they’re adding….

  43. schreeuwende struikelduif

  44. Ethan Ethington

    play manual gear transmission tank sb

  45. Yes PhlyDaily, that curved boom on the right wing is indeed an aerial refueling probe. You have to keep in mind there were jet tankers when this thing was operating. The Blackbird was aerial refuelable and the F-100 is basically a bicycle compared to that kind of speed. It’s all about how low the fighter’s stall speed is compared to the max stable speed of the tanker. Same reason that helicopters refuel off KC-130s and not KC-135s.

  46. Banisher of Evil SOUL

    I have got to get me this mission

  47. i absolutely went WOOOOOOOOOOOOW when i saw that model :O, beautiful

  48. Mum always told me I was a good apple =]

  49. Yeah that acceleration on a plane with at best 0.55 thrust to weight is not even remotely realistic, let alone with all that stuff hanging from the wings.

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