Fair & Balanced Matchmaking – CS-52 LIS

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Taking the new CS-52 LIS a spin in some really well matchmaking..


  1. InconnuGlitterBoy

    Those roflstomps are the reason why the game is still shit. It would be enough to re-shuffle the teams by win rate once they are assembled. How often do you end up on a team with 10 sub 50% WR players and the opposing team has 10 players above 50% WR?

    • Ransom Access Memory

      Many factors why; the +2 MM is likely the most common factor for roflstomps. Especially combined with OP premiums/shitty balancing in general and veteran players who benefit from pay-to-win equipment.

    • Honesty win rate is not everything battles in my opinion is more important it shows experience. There op premiums but you got to remember this is this tanks best possible mm, there was a t-44 on the other team a tank that has about the same statistics.

    • @Ransom Access Memory What equipment is pay to win?

    • I think what makes most of the games snowball win is because of the influx of new players added with the much carefree grind of wot in the last 3-2 years. It’s not the problem with mm, because it just follows a set of rules at random. It’s not even the winrate that’s the problem. TBH wot is really not noob friendly.

    • the only reason i dont play the game is because of match making.

  2. watched the whole stream up to 94,70% (or so) then I fell asleep LOL
    some really nice games. Circon still at the top of his game. 🙂

  3. Shallagohem Shallagohem Shallagohem Shallagohem Shallagohem Shallagohem Shallagohem

  4. I wish I had games on this map where the enemy team didn’t contest line 0, so I could do what Circon do. XD

  5. “What does the fox say?!”

  6. 2 tier spread is a fucking joke

  7. What is up with that puddle at 4:00? Seems like a wrong reflection. Thought at first it was a hole lol

  8. Very epic. What’s the synth playlist tho lol?

  9. how in the world do you get to play against tier 6? i always get tier 9

  10. Since when does Circon not carry gold rounds? Sad thing about this tank is it was created to fire gold, not just for pen but the shell speed makes it like a leopard pta.

    • He’s changed the load out order. He’s actually carrying full premium

    • @Stephen Green Ahhhh LOL that explains it, thank you. I like the tank but my only hope why WG did this is for the future ammo rebalance where the gold shell would do less damage. Otherwise the gold shell is just so OP in this tank compared to the AP.

  11. What is that sick playlist you listened to while playing those LIS games?

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