FALCON PUNCH – DUAL 30MM AUTO CANNONS – (War Thunder Tank Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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War Thunder AA Gameplay

War Thunder Patch 1.57 OUT! – http://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/303393-war-thunder-update-157-battle-march/


  1. Christoph Meiland

    love you phly. plz märry me! du alter hans!

  2. dat thumbnail though

  3. phly, do you like cookies?

  4. I like Turtles

  5. Falcon “AA”.. maybe AA Means Anti Armor…

  6. sweet vid man! I was sceptical about grinding british but all those videos
    u make on their top tiers make me want to start grind :P

  7. the thumbnail

  8. the animatior,the thierioest and the fact teller

    God not again! My computer got a virus oh well time to go to the doctor for
    a vaccination:(

  9. pierwszy


  11. Duh skills are real :D

  12. LivingInTheLimeligh7

    Fly the Ta-152C!!

  13. hurricane mk 4 with the 40mm gun pods!

  14. Time for a tea party !! ;D

  15. The Anonimous_User

    18 th comment! Woohoo!!

  16. “Do a barrel roll”

  17. Nathaniel Estrada

    Phly here is a challenge.
    In realistic using a lancaster, skip a bomb 60 ft above the surface at 240
    mph and sink a ship.

  18. Hello guys my name is phly and welcome back to British bias where we use
    120 mm gun in tier 1

  19. Matthew Bainbridge

    tea and biscuits fly?

  20. DO IT……

  21. play the Leopard 2A5

  22. yaay! another video

  23. It´s pretty impressive that the british could make those cannons in ww2, it
    seems they fire as fast as the one in the apache.

  24. Rov'age St Laurent

    And that’s why i LOVE SPAA……………………..
    2000 Rounds a SECOND comin ‘atcha!

  25. Der Führer befiehlt: Drive out the mighty Nashorn and show those
    Flitzpiepen the Blitzkrieg!
    You’ll get close air support from the superior Do.335A-0 and it’s mighty MK
    103 cannon.
    For the Reich!

  26. C andyforBreakfast

    Diesel Tiger. Worth it?

  27. COFFEE!!!! Clearly your not a true brit.

  28. Does this mean we’ll get the Scimitar/Scorpion light tanks for Great
    Britain or are they too modern?

  29. Thank you phly, I was looking for some Falcon AA game play today!

  30. 9:27- 10:20 was like justice. Now they should know how the ZSU-57 feels
    like on the other side of the barrel.

    Love the killtage!

  32. How long phly
    How long did it take you to fully collect all the footage?

  33. What gun does the Charioteer MK 8? use

  34. IslaBestWaifu WarThunder

    Sorry I didn’t save you in time phly :'(

  35. I’ve always had a problem shooting down aircraft in SPAA, I have a hard
    time tracking them. I’ve never had a problem tracking and ranging shots
    against tanks, I almost always hit them first or second time. When in air
    to air combat I have no problems either. It’s JUST in SPAA.

    Can someone help me with this?

  36. The new King of clearing the skies. RIP Kugelblitz.

  37. Do a video on teamkillers, I have been teamkilled 3 times in the past hour

  38. Play the Ki-83 the furnace!!

  39. The Falcon SPAAG is pretty much a conversion of a conversion. It’s based on
    the chassis of the FV433 Abbot SPG, which in itself is based upon the FV430
    series of AFVs.

  40. Can it dent a Yak?

  41. Phly out the ki 83 twin engine Japanese fighter , Japanese Luvs.

  42. PhlyDaily what is the song that you let go of the intro

  43. As an avid AD-2 pilot: thank you for keeping the skies clear in RB.

  44. Phly can i play with you next stream?
    I Just got my new computer and i would love to do so


  46. OH god, is this gonna be the new ZSU57?

  47. OMG !! :O

  48. Use this thing in a night battle. That be sick!

  49. Could you maybe take out the new sea venom??

  50. It bothered me that phly had 7 extra eagles in 100007.

  51. nashorn next pls

  52. This SPAAG needs to be nerfed.

  53. Can’t wait for the ZSU-23-4!

  54. Sea Venom

  55. M4A3E8 and both P-61 Versions for a Combined Arms combo!

  56. Mix of ZSU-57 and kugel. Both sucks now.

  57. brits at it with the most op shit ever

  58. Haha this got me pumped up!!!

  59. the tank looks sick as fk. i really want it

  60. I can’t kill the T54 with my Tiger 2 P 😀 you smash them with falcon 😀 i

  61. The Falcon may have 30 MM dual cannons, but a 57MM packs more of a punch
    then your pistol.

  62. ichhab keinname (FunnyKiller)

    dammn ur good

  63. awesome intro deserved the instant like phly!

  64. What about the Kugle????? No love for the Kugle???

  65. cant wait till they put in some more AA for USA. M19 is shit .

  66. Chieftain op, Conway op, now falcon op? british bias op

  67. Looks like a fun SPAA to use…someday when I work on the Brits. The reason
    why you weren’t penetrating the side of the T54 was because of your firing
    angle which was increasing the ricochet chance and also virtual armor
    thickness. If you got closer and at a more straight angle, you would start

  68. At least good SPAA for Brits <3

  69. Abraham Sitanggang

    Phly, take out La-5FN, or else Stalin’s moist mustache won’t caress you.

  70. Can you play the Chieftain and the Sea Venom next?

  71. pls take p63 a5 from the us

  72. Someone make falcon vs tier 1s

  73. Best killstage!!

  74. When the pussy too good

    so now there is a chieftain kicking some ass at top tier? cant wait for the
    T-62A :D

  75. I make War Thunder videos too.

  76. i used to be a fan now i am a air conditioner

  77. The glorious Retardmagnet

    sounds like a Kugelblitz with 30mm guns…

  78. Demon Lord Of the Round Table

    The Kugleblitz sounds badass from a distance

  79. Demon Lord Of the Round Table

    What if they were to add the ZSU-23-4 in the next patch

  80. Ill take my wirbel wind and go sit in a corner.

  81. “Coffee”

  82. Иосиф Steelin

    I bet that if it was russian i would have seen everyone crying “russian

  83. well that shit is gonna take me hundreds of hours to get to I WANT

  84. Is it better than the Duster!? Please play the SuperPershing next please
    and have it paired up with the P-61C in tank RB!!

  85. Where is the plane gameplay?

  86. So basically Britain has a Kugelblitz?

  87. Ki-83 very honarable

  88. dat into.. daum.. i dont even.. nice

  89. Play hurricane mk 4 with cannons!

  90. the T44-100 :3

  91. I am honored to be the T-54 you killed in the montage!! It was a pleasure!
    My video game life is compete lol.

  92. Play the Matilda

  93. i would only play with the falcon and the fv4004

  94. Chieftan MK3+Hunter F1= OP! *chanting* DO IT! DO IT!…

  95. Does Warthunder have press accounts? Or does he collect all those eagles
    with a outside source?

  96. Next in WT 1.60, the flakpanzer gepard.

  97. I would rather compare the Falcon to the kugelblitz then the russian SPAA
    because their rather similar 30 mm,s Plhy

  98. dariusz “daro.g” gala

    firing them lazorzzzzzzz

  99. Kugelblitz > Falcon AAA

  100. I totally thought that was an SU-25 for a second before he said it was an

  101. nice gameplay, liked that killtage ;)

  102. phly could you take out the T32 for the next video :)

  103. that intro was so wannabe MikeGoesBoom

  104. “WOW WOW WOW comrade!!! Filthy capitalist machine able to shoot down
    glorious soviet plane!? SHUT. IT. DOWWWWWN”

  105. Phly, does that sound mod you posted a while back work with 1.57? I enjoyed
    the game soooo much more with it.

  106. Phly, does that sound mod you posted a while back work with 1.57? I enjoyed
    the game soooo much more with it.

  107. Deary me! Send me some of that 100k GE :)

  108. Is that a 30m mini gun?

  109. this thing is like what the ZSU used to be lol, or still is

  110. You ain’t so 30mm DUAL after a shot from my T95 😀 Pls play ze Sea Venom
    next :))

  111. The N0o_b game r :3

    Falcon vs t1 tanks

  112. Just wait when they add the M163 Vulcan!

  113. I haven’t played the Falcon yet, but I’d say the Coelian is a very good top
    tier spaa as well. Can’t wait for the Gepard tho 🙂

    EDIT: Coelian also has the fastest turning turret in the game

    P.S. thought this was a real game, then I realized it was a CB :P

  114. juan david uran acevedo

    why so short?

  115. Damn… Chieftain + falcon + Conway is the best combo ever… Must have
    these vehicles…

  116. You should try the Jumbo with the 75mm and no upgrades or modules

  117. Gabriel Figueiredo

    Challenge to You Phly: Play a game on Simulator difficulty with any
    airplane and killing at least 3 enemies in the same match.

  118. Phly do you even hetzer bro?

  119. that stupid thingis completely of timeline!

  120. when was this thing built?

  121. dirt=life p.s i love it

  122. Keep on sucking gajiin dick Phly.

  123. TA 152 C
    The plane that is missing a rudder

  124. great video, could have done with way more time on this particular vid. was

  125. Phly, do the M4A2 76W with the P63A10 nexg time please!

  126. Ohtion Blue (Star Trecker)

    Oh it’s been too long… I need to get back into war thunder and this

  127. Its not in the new patch but I always felt the Duster needed more love.

  128. do the Chieftain MK3

  129. +PhlyDaily please, you have to fly out the Sea Venom FAW.20

  130. Ólafur Mikaelsson

    Sea fury please

  131. I actually spit my drink when that EPIC background music started haha…Hey
    Phly, i know it must take you hours of editing for our 12 min of
    entertainement and for that. Thank you buddy.

  132. Tactical Airsoft Platoon

    Who’s watching this in 2020? (Kanye West won’t let us listen to any other
    music besides his)

  133. This is awsome

  134. Phly that was amazing you are really good! I wish that I had as much gold
    as you and play WT with you! I have made a WT video on my channel can you
    plzzzz check it out and tell me if it is good? Thank you so much Phly!

  135. New challenge: take the PE-8 with 5000 KG bomb and destroy the town in
    tunisia (if you can ;p)

  136. I have a challenge. On Eastern Europe join a realistic battle. Drive into a
    lake as a plane flies over and shoot down the plane from below the water
    before you drown.

  137. Those first 10-20 seconds directly copied MikeGoesBoom.

    Shame on you

  138. P40 and m3 lee

  139. The_Flying Giraffe

    get the biggest pounds of bombs on the b29 and bomb like

  140. #makegroundforcesgreatagain. Now we just need the Shiika and Geopard to
    keep planes from interfering with tank games.

  141. Love the intro! Keep doin’ that!

  142. I hate how much Phly’s videos make me wanna go rank up my rank 2 Russians
    to where my Americans are at rank 5?

  143. I got a challenge for you, the Russian HE challenge, use the IS2 or any 122
    or 152 russian tierIV and kill as most tanks as you can using only HE

  144. Just wait until the put the shilka in the game with that 4000 rounds per
    minute fire rate

  145. Rare to see a SPAA get plane kills

  146. Andrew Wagenknecht

    That intro was fucking epic.

  147. So I take it the falcon is a little OP?

    British bias!

  148. They sound like 7.7s

  149. I think any off the Brits after the churches are OP af. My IS2 can barely
    kill a BP even from the sides.

  150. WHERE IS THE H8K?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Use the mickey mouse t26 super pershing and the ad-2 skyraider

  152. I’d like a game mode where SPAA players receive negative credits and xp for
    hitting and killing ground vehicles unless they are attacked

  153. Fly out the Ki-83 next!

  154. Take out the KV 1S

  155. Matt Warriner (Matt de Woza)

    I want them to add the chieftain 165 AVRE and the fv4005 183mm AVRE :(

  156. That intro was fucking Epic

  157. Plz Japanese love? Ki-83 plz?

  158. Markkus Vi Brittanica

    Falcon SPAA…
    taking out planes with ONE PPPPUUUUUUUNNNNNCCCCCCCHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

  159. Just want til they add the ZSU-23-4 or Gepard or the Vulcan!

  160. ThunderMann DerWurger (Игорь Богин)

    phly please try out a T-44-100 would be awesome)

  161. Sir Stefan Channel!

    The ammo limit on this is some bullshit. Needs more ammo, couple of sprays
    and it’s done.

  162. Phly you should start a series on world of tanks

  163. Phly you should start a series on world of tanks

  164. Sea Venom?

  165. I clicked for the Falcon Punch :P

  166. now we wait for Flakpanzer Gepard (with radar) and Shilka

  167. wow, that thing just paints shit out of the sky like it’s nothing

  168. That was one heck of a Epic first Minute and a half!!

  169. T 44/100

  170. Phlyday hype stream hype

  171. I bought a pre paid card and tried to redeem it and it says Prohibited
    _for_PSNRedeemError is there a way to fix it??????????

  172. phly that killtage gave me a major boner

  173. Phly what army is it in

  174. Holly shit that thing’s guns are the offsprings of an hispano mkV and an

  175. +PhlyDaily So the challenge series are left behind, let’s bring them back!
    Here is a challenge for you, that’s hard but not impossible: Kill an IS4M
    with a max 40mm gun! You know where the weak spot is: right beside the gun,
    the little hole.. Good luck with that.

  176. This thing’s BR is higher than the IS-3 hahahaha

  177. phly can’t pen because Russian Bias… they don’t want anything to be able
    to beat their precious zsu57s or t10ms

  178. Where is gameplay with do 335

  179. T-44-100 and Yak 9T Stalin’s “Scorched Earth (and Air)” plan

  180. Loved the intro Phly! Awesome video, keep it up!

  181. Can’t wait till they add the m613 Vulcan

  182. Beep Beep Imma Jeep

    1st kill…
    -plane:il-2 1942
    could that be me? I saw you in falcon yesterday

  183. who’s flying a P36 at that tier?

  184. Yea that Falcon is the best AA for sure… such a beast.

  185. Stalinium that is why don’t pierce the flank of t54

  186. RIP IL 28

  187. Nope, kugelblitz is best SPAA

  188. nice gameplay. i dont youse spaa 🙂 i snipe planes in RB with my valantine.

  189. AA: anti-anything

  190. Edward Rabinovich

    1 Like, 1 prayer for planes against Falcon. RIP planes.

  191. i feel bad for the germans, they still only have there late 1940’s and
    early 1950’s against these 1960’s beast

  192. How do you use Binoculars in game ? I can’t find the setting for that

  193. Galaxy Mustache gamer

    Phly can I bomb run with u sometime?

  194. Falcon>ZSU

  195. Phly,please take out next new T-44-100 ! :)

  196. so….would anyone say it’s a bit OP? now imagine if they added the other
    option for top rank british SPAA wich was simply a similar gun system,
    2x30mm, on a Chieftain hull

  197. phly where do u get ur eagles im sooooo jelly

  198. i want zsu-23-4

  199. British bias

  200. we need a german tank with a 3cm Mk.103 now…

  201. And it’s not open top.

  202. comparing this to Kugelblitz,
    Kugel has a slower RoF, More ammo, more damage than Falcon

    Which do you prefer Phly?

  203. Mohammed Alhosani

    They need to nerf this thing

  204. PHLY Challenge for you!! kill a plane using bt 7 with RBT Rockets!!!!!!!!

  205. +PhlyDaily tank request: chieftain mk9 and Canberra jet bomber

  206. mk3

  207. Charming Wellington Bombadier

    Nah the 4M GAZ AAA Vodka truck is better.

  208. Hot damn! I hadn’t noticed the Falcon too much. Definitely a must have now.

  209. fireball262 gaming

    Daily my name on warthunder is lifeordeath11747 can we do a video together
    sometime next weekend plz im ten

  210. Anyone want a nice invested war thunder account for some WOT gold and a
    Jagdpanter 8,8 ? For infomation on the Warthunder account contact me :)

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