Fast and Sloppy, New Japanese Tank – War Thunder Tanks Gameplay

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Tanks Gameplay – Fast Firing Gun
Japanese Premium Chi-Nu II – mkay

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  1. the kaiser tiger or the tiger 2 105 for the fatherland

  2. when are you going to do warthunder top 10?

  3. German cats plz
    maybe take out the Panther D? and a junkers bird with the huge cannons??

  4. play the T-lll in sb and be sneeki breeki

  5. I always get friendly plane kills with my artillery strikes :|

  6. Take the Panzer II H out to br 5.7, go tiger hunting!

  7. Baron take out the Maus and try to get a kill with the 75mm coax

  8. Again Baron do you aware of that the flag in the Thumbnail is same mean as
    Nazi flag. That rising sun flag is war flag used in WW2 and korean war plz
    study history

  9. Chi Nu II is amazing imo

  10. Glad to see your not playing with slick. Your better on your own.

  11. Con5tantine | The Head Set Guy

    You could have won that game Baron.

  12. Baron come play with me :D

  13. sometime i feel dirty playing this tank. One hell of a tank lol the gun is
    sooo good.

  14. sonrisas cabrera valle

    this is a goob video about spawn camping

  15. btw play chi-to, baron ! The best in class !!!

  16. take out the comet
    for me it’s one of those tanks i really struggle with, never quite been
    able to get an ace with it,

  17. Pawka Morozow (Hegemon)

    Baron – Personaly I think than Japanese tanks will rebalnce a bit a
    playground in WT FF. Playing along with a Germans , they are creating
    important role to prevent an situation when a battles were forced the one
    sided massacre as used to be. They have quite effective guns with nice high
    spped flat muzzle velocity , which seems to me very accurate and deadly.
    When we add a great fighter planes at tier III, IV the axis forces will
    have chance to gain more victories :).

  18. 620 you see, i would love to know how did that fucking bastard see you even
    tought you didn’t get shot, so on the map he couldn’t see you, that piss me
    off, when i sneak up on someone, and out of nowhere, the guy couldn’t see
    me as we had a building between us, i didn’t open fire, and wasn’t shot,
    yet i pass the corner, a corner where the probability of someone coming her
    would be like 1 on 5
    yet the bastard was looking BACKWARD and shot me right away
    SEE 9:49 LIKE HELL THIS BASTARD SAW YOU god damn it that’s fucking bullshit

    anyway just got out of a realistic battle, conquest on this map, intense
    battle for the midle valley, got out with a close loss with 7 kill!

    also it was your firsst game of the day? concider yourself lucky, mine, was
    a 12 member of my team going full lemings retards in one cap point in,
    dominion, and not even fucking going for the cap
    while on my side, with 3 guy we almost got the middle cap ourselve, but got
    over run, i even had to go with my type 94 going full speed trough an
    exposed plain, in order to save the day, killed 4 guy andd caped myself
    before getting over run by 4 guys at once XD

    there wass also this one game, a battle inside korea
    my WHOLE TEAM again of 13 LEMMINGS that go full east, when the caps are in
    the east area…., useless to say thos useless retards got crushed like the
    good retards they where, and so did the two that where defending the cap,
    but it doesn’t stop there, i still manage to get to the cap and try to find
    a way top take out SIX FUCKING TANKS with my type 94 but then you know
    what? there is that ONE FUCKING BOMBER RETARD that drop a bomb right on
    myself, there wass 6 ennemy in the cap, but the bastard managed to bomb ME
    and not the them! oh by the way, it was a fucking allied bomber, useless to
    ssay the game ended shortly after as there was nobody to stop them from
    caping anymore!
    i wish i could upload the replay, because it’s actually hilariously raging,
    when that friendly bomber nuked me, i just couldn’t stop laughing out of

  19. I think you could have picked the thumbnail more carefully … besides the

  20. take out the Na To next

  21. What ever happened to Men Of War

  22. I love how Gaijin uses random designations for the tanks…

    The Chi-Nu II is a Chi-Nu-Kai, (Kai means improved) , the Chi-Ha-Kai it’s
    not a Chi-Ha-Kai but a Chi-Ha Shinhoto (Shinhoto means new turret),the
    Chi-Ha-Kai is the Naval Chi-Ha with the 120mm, The I-Go-Kai is another
    dubious one.

  23. why the f dost this thing face crusaders and valentines?

  24. also.. ive wondered, does your own or own teams artillery spot you?

  25. Dr Pancake Face Gaming

    This tank is amazing. I was playing it the other day and got like 17 or 18
    kills with it. Still lost the game though because of #WhereIsMyTeam.

  26. Alex “Draco223” SV

    play the Jagdpanzer IV and the He 100 :))

  27. bruh that rename guy on the other team i played against like three times
    earlier today lol

  28. Boyders oftheshire

    No more Conan? Looked like you were having fun playing and would like to
    see more

  29. baron which do u like better, tanks or plane or ship

  30. “new” no offence BaronVonGamez but they have been out for a few weeks now

  31. Baron play the uss missouri in world of warships and play it more

  32. for russian tanks in WT crit hit is mosquita bite comrade

  33. OP shit at its BR, should be 4.0 at least.


  35. why was he doing a british accent in a Japanese tank so UNHONORABLE!

  36. Drake Tamer (EnderDragon24)

    I get more team kills then enemy kills with arty… That one light spas
    always has to rush into my barrage…

  37. Brummbar!!!!! Play the Sturmpanzer IV Brummbar!!! PLZ!!!!

  38. Play with PhlyDaily

  39. Dude you just suck at this game and you need to get save by your teammate
    and when the have all die away you blame them to play bad .

  40. This tank was Actually pretty op at 4.3 at 3.7 it is just evil.

  41. Baron, what is your opinion on oranges and what is your favorite type of

  42. Pewdiepie gains all your subscribers in one day

    Feel small yet

  43. Holy TITS! lol

  44. banba mahiru/shinya yuri is the best genre

    Su 100y Plz the Box tank needs some boxing …

  45. Native American Prince David

    Baron, can you do a LA-15 with the ZSU-152 combo? For Mother Russia,
    comrade! Soviet Tenk Destroyer! Stronk Tenk, comrade! ??????

  46. baron press c for free camera rotation

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