Fast Paced Light Tank Action – World of Tanks

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Source: LemmingRush

Live in the T67 🙂

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  1. Ez clap first boiiii

  2. damn son, that’s fast

  3. Hey Lemming, huge fan like everyone else, but I was wondering, how do you manage to grind t9 Meds, I’m on the Cent. 7/1 and I honestly cant stand it at all, I just got it, but I’m already thinking about selling it, I mean the t10 isn’t even relevant, any advice?

  4. 50th viewer!!!

  5. nice description lemming, too bad the t67 is better than the wz131

  6. Just unlocked Sheridan yesterday, 3 games in it with 5200 average DPG and 2k assist just in 6min games, did even lose one. Fucking love it ?

  7. Love watching your vids. your attitude is great and your commentary smooth

  8. I never understood why no one else thought this tank was OP. I had 1500 average damage in it when I grinded through it. That’s the same average damage as my T29, and that really says something about how good this tank is. Totally busted for a tier 7 light to have this kind of gun.

  9. echogameadventures

    I thought you were talking about the AMX 40, you had me all hyped up for nothing. :/

  10. Jesus, this is so good. How can you be so eloquent and still talk at a million miles an hour even while the game’s going on, I’ll never know.

  11. Us server is dying

  12. Loving the content, keep it up ❤️

  13. cool vid bro

  14. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Was my first 3 Mark Tank^^ Dabbing that Heat and just shitting on O-Nis man. Feels good

  15. Thnx a lot man for your helpful vids man.

  16. Still like how you explain all your decisions and how you play really helps me with my gameplay

  17. oi, can you show some action with: M26 Pershing and TVP VTU Koncept?
    no armor, not enough mobility, low penetration and 90% bottom tier, so…
    beside shooting gold or free xp them, there is not much else to do?
    just not competitive above their own tier…

  18. I get a red dot next to my ping. How do i keep it green?

  19. It’s all about pay to win, shitty game!!!!

  20. Blasphemy, T71 is king of T7

  21. Man, in the first minute You drive, notice a tank driving in the open for 2 seconds, you zoom in while driving and hit him. The second shot the same thing. I see that sort of enemies too in games but most times I can not react that fast and precise. Most times they are far gone before I turn my turret that way.

  22. Nice video Lemming! What are your thoughts on the WZ-132?

  23. This is an amazing video so the short lengths of the two battles don’t really matter. Can you do a video where you grind or at least give tips on grinding vehicles that are horrible when stock and not upgraded (e.g. Centurion Mk. I and T-34-85). My younger brother sold the Centurion I because its stock gun has poor penetration and he didn’t have enough free experience points to research any better modules I think. I had similar problems with my T-34-85 and I can’t play it well stock; don’t want to research any modules with free experience.

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