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  1. *War Thunder sells giant wieners and small buns*

    • Dad…. didnt you forget the SAV 20.12.48 with a 1,2 sec 120 mm gun in the Swedish tech tree?

    • Giggity

    • @Adwitiyo Roy They just used new calculation for shell(oneo r two years back) that is why they changed it,DM33 which is the same shell got the 480mm too.But dot be affraid if they add Type 10 you will have a better armored,faster and maybe better reloading platform then Type 90.

    • @Wulf Alier but even if they used a new formula to calculate the penetration values and the ballistics, the firing tests done IRL show that the penetration should be around 510mm at 0° 10 m away. Btw the “0° at 10m” values are derived. They tested the penetration values at 2000m and then back calculated to the 10m values.

    • Boom boom your doom Doom

      Remember killing you

  2. 120mm autocannon!!!

  3. fastest 120? what about the Swedish meatball launcher?

  4. Thitiwut Wongrattanapornkun

    Where is our type10

  5. Super noodles, that’s how that loader does it so quick.

  6. Hey Phly,
    Could you do a Crusader mk2 vid with Sunderland mk5 CAS? You could even AC130 with the .50cals.

  7. Asian parents said that if you can’t reload in 4s you are a failure and you well make your ancestor cry

  8. Václav Studený

    Hello Phlydaily.
    Do you have unlocked all vehicles ?
    How long did it take ?


  9. 10:24
    Im extremely dissapointed that no dad jokes were made here.

  10. Day 134: Play the BF109-K4, its been years

  11. Parley Gage Reed Marsh

    Phly is a professional 👏

  12. YES, his war thunder name is Phlydaddy

  13. The Me 262 A-1/U4 is 6.0 while all the other Me jets are 7.3+ kinda broken if you ask me

  14. Phly. I hope it’s alright to continue requesting content while you’re now busy being PhlyDaddy.

  15. Hey phly, can you try the STB – 1 tank? It has a hydropneumatic suspension.

  16. Siegethebattlefield 3

    Is it bad that I get a lot of assists? Like I hit and damage tanks like gunner commander driver and have to back off? Do I just suck?

  17. guys warpath made extensive research and now we can have really authentic experience

  18. i watch these vids knowing that i wont reach this BR as a F2P player. Sadge

  19. Type 90 on release had 580mm of pen.

  20. That survivability is incredible

  21. The type 90 had the most pen when introduced. it had about 10mm more pen than the french at 530-540mm.

    now gaijin has upped the BR, not added any more ammunition types while severely reducing the pen on the jm33 round.

  22. OFL 120 I think, for the Leclerc was the highest pen shell, which was basically DM43 before DM43 came in German lineups, or was it 53…

  23. “Your foot gets shot off you die instantly”
    You get shot in the head with a machine gun round but are still ok because your vitality saves you.. makes sense 😛

  24. Day 38 of asking phly to play the m47 (preferably the m47-105/55)

  25. Keiko Kuribayashi

    Yes the type 90 had a 530mm pen round.

  26. isnt the swedish 120 faster or as fast

  27. giant wieners?… Man you’ve done lost your mind.

  28. Monkey Bussiness

    12:00 a chopper with anti-infantry rockets 🥲

  29. *hears any Asian song assumes it’s Japanese traditional music* this works fine for the intro

  30. What caliber gun did that Chinese autoloading td have?

    im dying

  32. So many missed oportunities to abuse the hydraulic suspension.

  33. Día 3 diciendo le a Phly que hable en español

  34. Phly: fastest autoloader in the game
    Sav20.something: am i a joke to u

  35. VaporousSniper Gaming

    The Americans actually should load a round in 1-1.5 seconds, or you’re not a really good loader

  36. 空色巡洋艦タシュケント

    I wonder if Type 10 will come soon…..

  37. Can still go through the turret cheek of an m1a1

  38. Sleep Deprivation is setting in. Get some rest mate, you’ve earned it.

  39. You know Germany’s prototype( not sure if it was ever made) giant ass track rail way gun that were so big they could only be moved by train?there should be like a payload mode where you gotta protect the train from taking damage while moving it to progress a set track. That’d be a fun small game mode

  40. Japanese gunner is swol after fighting all those tentacles off of and out of his wife.

  41. Phlydad how are you?!

  42. it was the first Type-90 that was added to the game with that pen

  43. the main reason why i love phly is because his love for japanese tanks.
    ps phly is right it is nighttime in japan therefore i watch it during noon/ nighttime for America

  44. phly please can you give me 3 millions silver lions? please!

  45. also really want phly to play the japanese ww2 bomber with the rockets
    like this please

  46. Damn that lag

  47. Let‘s ignore that the the Type 90 (B) looks exactly like the Leopard 2 lol

  48. Thanks the the great vid Phily we support you all the way

  49. I’m getting aids from the lack of understanding of cassette auto loaders

  50. The title is wrong, there is a faster 120mm autoloader in the game : the SAV 20.12.48

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