Fastest Reloading Heavy Tank, Infinite Autoloader 🔥 | World of Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

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I will always be providing free entertainment and content for you, but it really helps the channel out!

Today let me demonstrate the fastest reloading heavy tank in World of Tanks, which actually works. This is a tier 5 heavy tank Chruchill, with 2.10 second stock reload time… But how fast can make it?

Enjoy the Show!


  1. I had A LOT of fun making this video… Sometimes digging through the dark sides in WoT can be fun! 🙂
    What kind of crazyness do you want to see next?

  2. What the hell happened at 17:07 why did the sound detection didn’t work that time ?

  3. Churchill III same thing with reload.

  4. the Lef Arty should be Renamed to ” Someone Please give Dez a Tissue as he Cry’s about Arty” . LoL

  5. He complians about arty keeping you perma tracked and he has a 1.6 reload o_0

  6. only if it can carry infinite ammo u cake

  7. Gold spammer. Yeah, dont hate the player, hate the game, so gold ammo “premium ammo” should finally limited.

  8. Dez, 1 question: Do you like 69?

  9. One of my favorites

  10. Just Doing It Jim

    My KV-1 has purple equipment also and has a reload of 1.8 seconds, 10 more hit points of alpha damage than the Church, 2 more mm of penetration, more mobility AND it has .31 dispersion compared to the Churchill’s .36. Plus the Church has 2,729 DPM vs the KV-1 at 2,837 DPM. Believe me, no one is going to notice that tiny 2/10ths of a second reload time that they’re giving up, for more DPM, accuracy and mobility around the map!

    • Same here, and if you get food on it it gets even faster.

    • if you fully max out both for dpm (bond vents and rammer, food, rammer directive, crew skills) the kv-1 has 200 more dpm. it has 0.07 longer reload for 10 more damage. You’d be crazy to play the churchill over the kv-1 for this kind of “not actually autoloader” build. Yeah the kv-1 has worse soft stats on the gun but really who cares when you unload so quickly.

    • Definitely agree and I did check that out as well, people been mentioning this crazy KV-1 before, but in this particular video it was about “the fastest reload”. Nobody honestly notices that tiny differenece in reload speed, but you know… still the fastest, even tho KV-1 is better in all other aspects. 😀
      Thanks for sharing tho, awesome!

    • @DezGamez You can get the Churchill VII down to 1.6 reload as well

  11. I love these types of videos! This and the AT-7 with its insane 10-shot autoloader are hilarious!

    Gotta also call out WG at 1:39 for making the Soviet version of the notoriously fragile Churchill tracks be completely immune to tracking shots though….

  12. Just woaw !!!

  13. salman tanirverdiyev

    When tier 10 game becomes trash we see more liw tier videos

  14. I remember making it 3k battles at tier V without ever dying to a Churchill back in the day. Was a sad day when it ended 🙂

  15. then the pz2 has 1.3 sec but only like 12dmg.

  16. I think the T5 Russian Churchill III reloads faster.

  17. How to guarantee first class ticket to hell 101.

  18. 18:27 Woah i didnt know the might of the lefefe could give people buttholes!

  19. Console years ago had a tank called the krafts panther. Basically a panther 8,8 but you could get the reload down to 2.3 so you hit for 130 alpha every 2.3 seconds. Most shots high rolled so 150 to 180 every 2 seconds.

  20. I love playing my KV-1 with the 57mm when im feeling down about the day. so fun to just grind a tank down thats ignoring you because “eh it was just 80 health no biggy” and before they realize they have 50 health and i have 1200 dmg done.

  21. social3ngin33rin

    what a cancer f^ck pay2win LefH
    @20:44 no end result screen….

  22. good video

  23. Rhenz Carlo Convocar

    This is a true DPM looks like..

  24. Did you even play A-43 with 57mm? Its like a russian cromwell that ricoshet becouse it have sweet angles, 50km/h, have awesome camo and vision range if you do it well and of course 1,6 reload, with crew perk on reloader (i forget how its called) you can get 1,5 reload time. Funny fact this tank shoot faster then focuses the viewfinder. Until next video fellows 😛

    Edit: I’ve got something like 3k dpm on 6 tier, with gold APCR 189mm IT annihilate even 8 tiers but the payment annihilate your savings too.

  25. Michael Hornschuch

    Perma tracked, only if it hits consistently, which, in my hands, is never the case, but, always in the hands of the enemy, is always the case…lol

  26. My Churchill III has a 1.87 second reload. Hate to disagree with you but that’s the fastest reload for a heavy tank in the game

  27. Synthetic Danimal 90

    Imagine the loader in this tank… how fast he’s having to move to load this gun. Lol

  28. In that third battle there is a KV-1Sh, what is that??

    • Its a tank given by wg during some kind of marathon, like the t34s was.
      Its absolutely horrible, its the kv1 but with the worst gun it can have, and the stock turret.

  29. TiltedWallPerformance

    Pretty sure church 3 is faster than that

  30. LeFh pain moment

  31. This reminds me of my SU-85B with the 57mm it gets. The gun is a little bit slower than the Churchill gun though. I have had multiple games where I could’ve got a pool’s medal if tier 4s qualified.

  32. If anything, The first battle is just showing how broken the lefh tier 5 arty is lol

  33. The KV-1’s 57mm will always be my favourite “what reload?” gun. Similar reload with better pen, damage and more ammo (I typically run 100ap/75apcr – and rarely resupply the APCR).

  34. Enemy Lefe did pretty good job

  35. The Churchill, Matilda and the AT TD range are a massive pain to deal with when you do not have gold and when they got the quick reload and then add them spamming gold, a nightmare on the battle field.

  36. I bet the Loader has worn off his finger prints having to reload that fast….. O_O

  37. Dez getting balanced on YT as well as on twitch

  38. oh man, my first ever heavy tank! all the way back in 2013, so much nostalgia 🙂

  39. Hey Dez I got my T-34-85M down to 3.8 reload – I reckon you could get it down to more like 3.4 witha ll your equipment

  40. Seriously, Dez, not one YT video condeming Russia or support for Ukraine? Bye.

  41. I had my Matilda reload super low but then they took away the rammer option on it.

  42. do you post anything other than shitty clickbait and reading the wiki?????

  43. Seeer GoogleandYouTubecensorfreespeech

    Kinda like a TOG 2

  44. @DezGamez – you sir, are a genius. Just bought this thing on a whim and set it up without the bonds stuff and it took 1 game to ace it, doing 3.5k damage on ghosttown with 5 kills. It’s insane.

    Gonna see how viable the same set up is on the churchill vii as it can have the same gun. If it works there its a good way to grind BP points quickly.

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