FCM 50T HD review!

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Source: TheFochYou

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  1. i consider this medium tank didnt play it for 5 months shittiest mm i had
    in ages

  2. I just love the t44-100. I rather play that one in tier 10 than an is6 i
    tier 9. You make so much money! Would I have bought it for full prize? No
    way. But it sure was worth the two tokens I had to buy.

    KV-5 is hillarious too now. You should review that one (it wont prob. be
    sold again but who knows). It will all be laughs and pawnage. I dont drive
    that one for the silver though, just for the joy of stomping poor players
    and enjoying life. :)

  3. How many HD reviews left to do?

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