Feedback on Equipment 2.0 in World of Tanks Sandbox, so far!

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Source: Circonflexes

Sharing my thoughts on the equipment 2.0 sandbox!


  1. 360p true gang-shit

  2. 360p???

  3. 360p ftw

  4. I made the vid available asap, so 1080p is on its way 😉

    • I agree on coated optics for TD’s and leaving the camo net, bino’s, and toolbox as a free to move equipment option!

  5. 360p PogChamp

  6. i will not change my rammer-vents/optics-vstabs setup for any of those useless things (especially that improved hardening). if wg will give us extra slots, i will mount something else.

  7. i dislike the bonuses for having the right equipment to a certaint slot

  8. Base spotted time is 10 seconds BTW @circon

  9. the aiming cirle one on artah is broken af u can get .48 dispersion on the 261 and bc 155 58

  10. isn’t spotting last 10s? not 5

  11. Tier 1-2 No equipment,
    Tier 3-4 1 Equipment slots.
    Tier 5-6 2 Equipment slots.
    Tier 7-8 3 Equipment slots
    Tier 9-10 3 Equipment slots.

    All tiers would have 3 consumable slots.

    Doesn’t make sense to remove consumable slots for lot tiers because you’ll still be getting auto tracked by seal clubbers.

    Tier 8 should be when you finally get all 3 Equipment slots because tier 8 fights tier 10’s. Would be fair.

    Makes the progression slower and easier to get use to instead of maxing it out at tier 4 lol.

  12. Wargaming has to diverge onto one of two paths here: Either the tanks become more alike (current) and there is a pretty set, predictable meta, or the tanks in a battle start becoming less predictable, but therefor more customizable. I wonder, which does the community want?

  13. Circon, do you agree that for all the wheelies they need to remove any of the bonus equipment. They are already OP, why in hell enhance them?

  14. they just have to leave teirs 1 t 4 alone and leave them able to use the nominal equipment load out they have now and it’ll be Fine! cut snip and remove all the stuff from low teirs will be effectively Killing 25% of your games total content. i think its a stupid move. the rest is fine but things should not be Subtracted.. my teir 3 premiums teir 2 premiums are being Altered! and its Not right they allowed the e-25 to keep its super camo bonous while shooting behind a bush.. but they’ll remove things from things your pz-2j your pz s35. valentine’s the pz 38h bt-sv Premium Tanks are being ultimately Nurfed here while other more expensive tanks are getting alllllll the buffs.. its not right its not right

  15. apart from like 5 tanks with very specific strengths those equipment pieces will be total useless and nobody in the right mind will use them.
    tho i look forward to improving my e25 camo after firing so i am 150% invisible.

  16. i hate how wot self mutilates its self.. i pray they don’t fallow through with the low teir changes.. “fingers crossed”

  17. I tried the aiming arty build, OP af

  18. They also took away passive spotting equipment from light tanks

  19. I think that’s the point they are making; to make it more random and not so predictable.

    • Also; why should you need optics on assault tank destroyers? Isn’t the point of assault meaning it’s more close up into the fight at which point you never need the view range from the optics anyway? For me; this makes sense.

  20. Community: WG is killing the game with op Russian tanks and wheeled pests, can’t get any worse
    WG: Hold my beer.


  22. lol wait a second… with the slots and their bonus arrangement per slot imagine if wot randomized these every time you Bought a tank… injecting a tiny nub of rogue like into the game. giving people this doubt of if i sell this off i could re-roll a new set of bonus’s perhaps. lol end up with tanks the way diablo had items.. white tanks with stock slots blue tanks with 1 bonous type slot your yellow tanks with 2 bonus type slots and the legendary with 3 bonus type slots lol

  23. I don’t agree with removing slots for the consumables. As you said, it’s a basic to learn. I also don’t agree that removing equipment slots because it doesn’t combat seal clubbing simply because of the crew skills. 3 equipment slots for lower tiers with some gifted basics like camo net and binocs for the new players, and then add more slots (up to 5) so there’s more variety for builds.

    Isn’t spotting base 10s?

  24. 1 thing of note is Tier 1 can’t be set on fire/ammoracked anymore apparently

  25. ebr can spot you for 18 seconds. standard 10 + 4 seconds equipment +2 seconds crew skill + 2 seconds directive = 18 seconds.

  26. wanna be friends?

  27. Counterpoint for the improved aiming unit being ‘fine’ – it makes artillery 9% more accurate, which is… an interesting choice.

  28. I would be fine with the randomness of lets say an ebr spotting you for extra 10 seconds, if theg added some sort of an indication; such as different 6th sence icon to alert you that you’ll be spotted for a longer period of time. Now it’s just a giant game of guess who.

  29. Honestly, when it comes to consumables? Just make it like in Wows: There are no “OP” consumables like food etc. and everyone gets unlimited premium repair consumables for free.

  30. A game developer once told me that it’s bad design for things that look the same to have different capabilities. The reasons discussed here are pretty much why.

  31. Agree with you, but as I know WG they don´t care they will just put it on live server as it is.. Why should they bother with borken textures, not working bushes, stun mechanic, shitty MM, cars if they can simply brake another working thing as equipment… Nonsense… I´m sad about that way where WoT is going… :///

  32. Michael Frederiksen

    Some players complain about particular map designs which favour camping TDs
    WG responds by nerfing all TDS
    Sounds about right lol

  33. Please don’t take the optics off my charioteer!!!!

  34. ceyhun tandoğan

    I tihink WG says you should thanful and stop complain for the game. If you want we can make it worst.

  35. It feels like you kinda glossed over the fact that in addition to having fewer consumables, module/crew damage works differently (i.e. has less of an effect) at low tiers on the sandbox.

    No optics on TDs feels like an attempt to fix some of the broken “get shot to hell trying to push into the enemy base” maps, without actually putting any effort into fixing the maps.

  36. I think the base spot time is 10 seconds. With all the increased spot time you get it to 18 seconds

  37. Totally agree this game needs less RNG not more.

  38. Dwonatam Patricio

    They did not remove the camo net on light tanks too?

  39. They should not mess with equipments. The game is broken as is. It’s clear to see that WG is trying to keep the game interesting, but if they don’t revamp very teach tree, then all of these new “improvement” are useless.

  40. Thomas Gjøstøl

    Tier 1-2-3 should get free, locked in large first aid, repair and manual extinguishers, introduced one at a time. Large repairs are simpler. At tier 4 now you have to buy your own.

    One equipment at tier 3, two tier 4, three tier 5. You get an equipment locked to the vehivle for free. Directives tier 6.

    Six sense is also given for free at tier 1 and 2.

    This means every time you buy a new tier of vehicle, there’s a new thing introduced with a card explaining the mechanic.

  41. Perhaps during the battle intro phase it shows the equipment players are using on the team list

  42. Removing binoc from lights is retarded. With my Bc12t, if i had coated optics on it, considering i’m not running food nor brother in arms, i won’t even reach max (445m ) view range. Making once again the mid to high tiers light tanks even more irrelevant than they currently are, and gives wheeled even more advantage (if they didn’t have enough already…)

  43. I think an interesting argument, no ones made here, is just show peoples equipment on the loading tab or in the game with UI. That way you can play around it. Similar to mobas how you can see people’s items if you have vision.

  44. Tanks are currently visible for 10 seconds by default if the aren’t continously spotted, just to correct you a lil :p. It doesn’t change your argument though since 18 seconds (theoretical maximum on Sandbox) is still impossible to predict and is a ridiculous amount of time to be spotted.

  45. Removing optics from TDs makes you wonder if the developers even play their own game

  46. Meanwhile in WoT Blitz

    18 pieces of equipment and capable of equipping up to 9 at the same time

  47. Hey lets be youtube buddies 1Xwc

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