Feigned retreat – Sherman VC Firefly – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

The new matchmaking is here! https://discord.gg/vnVP5FK


  1. O shit im first again circon hire me

  2. first
    had to do it

    Edit: great vids cric

  3. @Circon Do you think you’ll platoon more often now with the new match maker or is platoon match making still fucked?

  4. How’s your mom going?

  5. This new matchmaking is actually amazing. I would rather face only my own tier than have any form of 3-5-7, even if I’m top tier. When you’re top tier you just get artied, and when you’re bottom tier in anything but a light tank you just get wrecked.
    Edit: The almighty meme lord himself has noticed me ;O;

  6. Alexander Guttman

    These Sherman VC replays almost (ALMOST) make me want to play WoT again.


  8. Really wish I picked this up when they were selling it, hopefully it’ll go back on sale soon

  9. 9:00 wtf… how did the M44 know he had to pull back??! It wasn’t 3 seconds so 6th sense hadn’t gone off yet. I don’t think there is a cheat for that, so that person was just lucky as all hell 😀

  10. Maybe the e8 just has a shit crew? At least he had the sense to try!

  11. Total War Warhammer 2 is going places! Also Dark Elves ftw!

  12. I can’t believe it took this long to make MM this good, the hell WG.. The hell

  13. crzy low tiers 🙂

  14. when did they change the mm
    and what is the change

  15. That t34 tho 2:02 Expert player

  16. enemy M44 was your best teammate

  17. Love the stream and the YouTube video highlights! Can you do a video on the M48 Patton?

  18. The new mm is nice but for some reason i’ve been seeing tier 10 in my tier 9s 80-90% of the time.

  19. those stupid add block thingys cover up your results screens now. why? makes it hard to see anything since they cover whole right side of screen.

  20. what does feigned mean?

  21. Hey Circon, I haven’t played in forever due to toxic +2/-2. Is it…better now?

  22. Wait, hold on a second, I might’ve been living under a rock in regards to this game, but there is a new matchmaker live on EU servers!?!?

    I might actually try this game again after 3 years

  23. 3:33 arty orbital strike

  24. It’s not worth youtube, just boring base camp with the 2 key.

  25. Well played.

  26. boring base camp. must be struggling for videos

  27. Is the new MM live on NA? If so, I might bother to play again for the first time in a year…

  28. The amx Chaffee used to be really good back when the light tanks had different mm as it was tier six and got into tier 10 but it had the pen to deal with most things the best thing about it was people used to use it to get tier 6s like kv2 into tier 10 games

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