Ferdinand review!

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Source: TheFochYou

Intro song: Steel and Glass by nervous_testpilot
Mods used: xvm
System specs: FX 8350, GTX 760,
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  1. You forgot an advantage the Ferdi has over the jagPanther II… It connects
    the heavy line to the TD line :O

  2. this tank is shit 5k dmg later hate this tank…. but love the rage reviews

  3. can confirm, jagdpanther 2 is best tenk

  4. Kepler “Haloofnorway”

    “Even the AT-15 is godlike compared to this dogshit of a fucking excuse of
    a diarrhea they call the Ferdinand” xD Epic review as always Foech

  5. i loved the ferdi when i played it but that was right after it was

  6. Vents over a GLD? Would you recommend this on the T-34-3 as well?
    I currently run Rammer + V.Stab. + GLD on it.

  7. the most dangerous things for Tiger and other good armored German tanks
    were the AT Guns and maybe some TD’s or getting swarmed by Infantry and
    masses of tanks like the Russians sent…

  8. Ferdinand is for 1. New players who doesn’t know the map enough to
    hulldown, just drive this to the front and shoot 3 times and you carried
    yourself 2. People who has to have good gun traverse and cannot play JP II
    because of it 3. Padders who wants to pad Wn8, just shoot all APCR and
    watch you become purple! (that was sarcasm)

  9. Best reviews on YouTube!

  10. People who like it have 2 postions on every map that they go to (one for
    each side). That position is 700m away from any enemy tank and when their
    team loses the side of the map on which they were, their armour will bounce
    tier 8 guns from 600m away while they are typing “noob team” in chat.

  11. Liked, didn’t even watch the video. Thumbnail and SirFoch are sufficient

  12. So, do you like it? Haha Foch you make us laugh with your suffering, that’s
    a pretty hard thing to do lol

  13. The jagd panther 2 actually has armour and is better in every other serious
    way. I remember bouncing the T110E3 in that thing more than a year ago when
    I played wot, which that was luck but it can bounce everything with 250 pen
    except for the gun mantlet being the small weakspot.

  14. Think positive! :D

  15. Dimitris Galiatsatos

    12:16 every day of the Greek ?

  16. 10:27 LMAO that killed me. Nice review Foch!

  17. Foch I wish you wouldn’t sit on the fence about your opinion of the
    Ferdinand ?

  18. Back in the day Ferdi was a beast. Shows how long I played this game lol

  19. T28 is slow as ass, but DPM is insane and now it also got 1500 HP. And
    actually working armor in medium range so i think its better.

  20. My prediction of this review that I posted as a comment on the previous
    JagdPanther review was about right.

  21. Ferdinand… After this review i think it fits better in the japanese

  22. foch can you plz go ham in e5 plz

  23. You think the Ferdi is overtiered? The Churchie VII says hello.

  24. Foch reviews best reviews bois.

    Way back when I started tenks and made my way up the Jaegeru line as my
    first line I voluntarily got the Ferdi best I made the terrible mistake of
    listening to fucking tomatoes on WoT forums saying that the Ferdi was
    better than the JP2 because of its armour. This was also literally years
    before any kind of buffs were applied to the Ferdi (back in 2013 iirc) so
    it was literally worse in every way. Mistakes were made. Still didn’t hate
    the thing because I was also a tomato and the thing had a big gun so I was
    fine with it, but it also made me hate IS-3’s that little bit more.

  25. It’s not that bad looool

  26. Foch please do another abusive review on a tank that you absolutly despise
    because it’s hilarious

  27. I was in college watching this and i was trying to hold my laugh in…Foch
    you are fucking funny.

  28. His armor worked pretty well this time. Where are all the evil enemy E100,
    wz111 1-4 amx 50 120 etc. Would be cool to see them shoot at you ha ha ha
    ha ha.

    Why do people play on “the road of death”? I think it is obsolete. Why do
    people stop, waste time and aim at enemies on the road of death? And not
    going town. Then the few that go town might get outnumbered if enemy play
    it the old fashion way. But you can get hit it town by those on the road of
    death. yeah …. but only in a few spots.

    And then we have the valley of death too. Great ground resistance and a
    very stupid place to attack if there is arty. If you take the town then I
    think it is easier to control both cap circles. All you need at the end is
    some spotters. And when they have scared the enemy back around the corner
    the rest of the team can move up. I think the village/town is most
    important and go there and clean up quick so you can turn and whatever it
    is u need to do is the best way.

    These days there is a tendency the teams delay more and more going to
    village and they often arrive there piecemeal. I don’t know why they do
    that. Also in other places on any map they threaten and press down enemy
    which then gets even harder to hit by support tanks in the rear. I think
    better to move in such a way you bring the enemy forward some more. Cause
    if you press them down so you get no support and you fail the duel then you
    died, and now those in the back don’t have any eyes anymore. ANd so based
    on that I think middle road is …… getting way more attension than it
    should by both teams these days.

  29. OFC the fake russki devs fuck up the armour on the Ferdi. The frontal
    armour around the gun mantlet should be 9″. How do we know this? Because
    there is a surviving example in the US that, coincidentally, was on an
    episode of Tank Restoration.

  30. Can you review the IS-6 after HD remodel?

  31. What’s next? You going to disrespect the Chi-ri?

  32. Random dude of Internetshire

    For this video only: dislike count equals to ferdi lovers

    what ever ferdi does, JP2 does better. regarding HP buff … well so you
    have HP to eat one more shell, cause armor on ferdi is useless

  33. I saw “Ferdindand Review” by Foch and thought :”this gotta be good”

    Die not disappoint xD

  34. its happening

  35. Great review, Foch

    HOWEVER, I love this tank :D

  36. Every dislike on this vid is a Ferdinand lover

  37. JPII FTW!

  38. lmfao, you did the Ferdie you cunt….this is fucking outrageous

  39. Foch apparently you haven’t played Jpanther II for a while. After HD change
    it just doesn’t bounce anymore . You are getting penned in gun mantlet,
    superstructure using full gun depression, and this by 175 and lower pen
    guns. There is a hole in gun mantlet now that will let everything in…now
    compare this to IS6 HD remake…epic WG as usual.

  40. I also thought the Ferdinand was shit… Then I unlocked the top gun and
    the tank got buffed… Now its a fucking beast… The armor is good for
    confusing the enemy. Enemies have to aim for weakspots which means they can
    miss or bounce. My first 150 battles with it i had 46% win rate… Then i
    got the top gun and with the buff now im at 55% at 300 battles.
    Sorry Foch you are funny as shit, but the tank is not so bad… I don’t
    actually know what a hater means and at this point im afraid to ask. maybe
    i qualify as one… And yes I agree the Panther and other historical tanks
    are overtiered.

  41. Well, he had to play 12 games in this thing. I’m sure it will never be
    played again.

  42. excuse of a diarrhea… 10/10, made me laugh

  43. Thanks Foch, my salt supply was getting a little low.

  44. hahaha cried watching this review, some people are into self harm lol

  45. Right on the money. It should be a t7 along with the JP in a historical
    config. The problem is that it would rape certain allied tanks(like it did)
    but we can’t have that, can we? :D

  46. I fucking spit everything out of my mouth laughing at your commentary

  47. first game and get a ace mastery. Foch sure does can make any shit vehicle
    to be as good as he can thinks lol

  48. The argument of the JPII and Ferdi is very similar to the Hellcat-Jackson
    feud… except the JPII wasn’t nerfed to hell… and the Jackson isn’t
    really a slow tank… yeee the Ferdi’s shit

  49. So I should get the Ferdinand right?

  50. Fucking hell Foch, you know that there’s a big fucking ocean between being
    brutally honest and whining like a little kid? It’s not difficult to stay
    on the right side. Your latest video’s start to feel like a bath of
    negativity. And that’s from someone who likes a dark outlook.

  51. Foch, what would you think of a tier 7 Ferdi without the 128mm? It’s fake
    anyway, so removing it wouldn’t be hard to justify and you could more
    easily argue for a Ferdi at tier 7 to be the armoured vs “fast”
    Jagdpanther, as opposed to tier 8 where the JP2 came out and instantly
    rendered the Ferdi obsolete rather than offering a choice of how to move up
    the tiers.

  52. t28 isnt that bad.. used to play it, it was pretty good.. nice armour, good
    gun.. you can bounce a lot of tier 9 in a t28, tier 8 cant even pen you
    from medium range..unless they spam gold 🙂 yeah the 16 km/h is bad, but
    you get used to it..

  53. If they just put the Ferdi back to tier 7 and give it the long 88 it would
    be a very nice tank

  54. I am sorry that I get tremendous enjoyment out of your suffering. I know
    that I am not alone in this though.

  55. But.. but… the HD model is gorgeous! Ha! Ferdi > JpzII

  56. Heh. I picked the JpthII over this guy and didn’t regret it a single
    second. The speed and agility alone make it a better tank, wtf is armor
    good for in these premium shells riddled times?

  57. Was looking for this, not disappointed.

  58. They should have put it on tier 7 without the 12.8cm

  59. Not sure if I get the message here, do you like it or not?

  60. luckily I got the Jagdpanther II coz I used my brain. Also I have the Jagd
    8.8 for my crew trainer :-)

  61. Adolf Oliver Nipple

    best Thumbnail ever lmao

  62. Damn, didn’t think you’d have a review out for the Ferdi in a day after the
    Jagdpanther. Keep up the good video schedule, love it!

  63. I thought you were joking when you said you’ll review the Ferdinand…

  64. Slow JP2 review, ROFL 😀
    and this part 10:13 with equip complete killed me.

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