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  1. also…. go’s without saying, obviously – all Trump supporters should be fucking SHOT. Or hung. Whatever’s most painful.

  2. Everyday i’m javelin

  3. I’m gonna be serious for a second…. As much as I despise Trump supporters…. I’d genuinely rather see a 109 player burn to death. Filth. Every muther fucking last one of ’em.
    Fair tho – innit ? Really….. coz we hanged plenty of the equivalent of Trump supporters in ’46. Seriously…. if any of you worthless inbred MAGA fucks are reading this, beware. `
    You probably think we are all pacifists – I would pay more to see your fascist little skulls broken open than I would to see Trump hang. Cheers to both.


    Raketenjagdpanzer should be the same BR as this -_-

  5. If you want to use my account to try this vehicle out just tell me your username so I can send the login info

  6. what’s the difference between a dead 109 pilot, a dead Trump supporter, and a dead Nazi?

    Nothing – all just worthless little fascist fucks who are better off.

  7. Hey Phly, try to use T-50 in top tier, and make all enemies ass on fire

  8. 6:35
    Is it supposed to say that?

  9. PHLOPPY play the A2D-1

    and give those Me262(s) some PHREEDOME

    Attemp #10

  10. it’s javelin! it’s javelin guys!

    ooor is it?

  11. What’s with the MW3 trailer music


  13. Dont you play SB anymore?

  14. Duncan Johnstone

    DO 335 attempt #2

  15. were all just living the same life, in different places

  16. Fine Molds makes the Type 60 ATM (and other variants of Type 60) in 1/35 scale

  17. Captain 'Winkle'

    I’d pay to watch a Trump supporting 109 pilot hang.

  18. How come players who die are rewarded with the ability to kill any tank on the map with a bomb unopposed unless there’s a fighter or top tier sam wirbelwind is the only effective anti air at low tier but players who don’t die are punished by the player who they killed and cant counter the fact that they are in a plane and there’s nothing they can do about it expect die. You can’t have a competitive game when you can’t counter another player unless you die and spawn in a plane to counter their plane or spawn in your duster or crusader 40mm and get destroyed by planes with or without bombs

  19. Elliott Grossman

    At 7.0 it’s pretty dam good tbh

  20. Now play the German rocketbox 2…not that it’s broken atm

  21. Frostseeker Wot-EU

    Hey Phly!
    New idea for the “challenge” or “loving the unloved” (since you never featured it) series: get in the M15 GMC (this thing is so crap) and go for ground target ace / double ace. Enjoy 😀

  22. Captain 'Winkle'

    dead Trump supporter = better Trump supporter

  23. Cool cool, but have you tried AMR 35 zt3

  24. It’s like a javelin

  25. its a javelin! its a javelin guys!! oh wow its a JaVeL1n!!!!11!!11!!!!1!1!

  26. Wow, the spotting system was really really crap!

  27. Phly take out the Britsh Vickers MBT
    but with HESH shells only attempt #6

  28. Generic background Character

    *Get killed by this vehicle behind a two hill a building and two matches in the future*
    Me: not even mad

  29. its not really a javelin if it keeps doing frontal hits xD

  30. in arcade it can be used due to mouse aim and missiles are reloading even when not at cap

  31. Please play the Panzerwerfer 42 Phly, thanks Attempt 8

  32. Genderless Person

    Can you please play/review the Valentine Mk1 please (Attempt 1)

  33. Take a shot every time Phlop says Javelin

  34. I thought the javelins struck its target from the top

  35. Goasgschau Gustl

    Remove those damn planes from tank RB. They are nothing but annoying and get exploited like nothing else in the game (e. g. BT-5s at high tiers that cap and then self destruct just for the damn planes etc.)

  36. Attempt6: play the I.A.R. 31C ROMANIAN plane at Italians

  37. attempt #7, use the Tetrarch Mk1, BUT try and kill a german Panther with it.

  38. Getting 3 War Thunder-Ads in a War Thunder video. priceless

  39. @PhlyDaily There’s one model being sold on E-Bay, another on Plamoya. Look for “Fine Molds JGSDF Type 60 MAT”.

  40. Noooooooooo…

  41. OMG its a JAVELIN…………… its a JAVELIN……………psssschhhhhhhhh……… its a JAVELIN guys! 😀 😀 😀

  42. Devin Aschenbrenner

    Nothing like looking up and seeing friendly air support take out the plane thats been the bane of your existence for the past 5 minutes

  43. youre doing it wrong. the missile needs to strike the top of the enemy tank, not the side. thats how the Javelin works.

  44. *has machinegun on the tank*
    *got attacked by enemy fighter*
    *screams for forgiveness to enemy fighter for not shooting him*
    Me : smh….

  45. there’s actually a Type 60 model kit lol
    inb4 phly model building streams

  46. what do you mean, the javelin *is* already in game, its 8.7… oh you meant the missile.

  47. missile control makes no sense in wt, the missiles were joystick controlled, that means precice control…wasd is sloppy at best, it would be better to just put them all on mouse control and call it a day…


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