Fiaura First Forte into Armored Warfare Patch 015

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Source: Fiaura The Tank Girl

Here are my initial as the patch goes live.


  1. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    Sorry for the lateness blame YouTube on that one!

  2. the amount of things that i feel that they fucked up or shoudn’t have added

  3. I made a big mistake yesterday, by buying 4 tier 10’s then noticed the cost
    of upgrading them all.
    It wasn’t possible to purchase and upgrade all of them, so I attempted to
    do what I could, 150,000,000 credits later
    I’m left with 2,000 credits and one of the vehicles wasn’t even touched
    with any upgrades or retrofits.
    I could have spread the cost of upgrades across all four I guess, but in my
    excitement got carried away in the heat of the moment.
    My bad I know, but the cost is to ridiculous to put into words, anyone
    thinking of purchasing tier tens, take note of my mistake, and try not to
    repeat it.
    Anyway Fiaura, love the vids and the work you do, keep em rolling out.

  4. just play tier 4, 5 and 6 and there is no need to go past that…everything
    above that tiers for me is not better in any way, and when i see how much
    money is needed for tier 9 i 10 i will not soon play that. my top tank is
    tier 8 t 90 and its worst in pvp than t72…in 2-3 years this will be a
    good game, when they make it close to wot where i lose money in tier 10 and
    still want to play it because its the best tier with the best tanks and
    gameplay…but that takes experience, and experience takes time…

  5. Welcome to gen 3 Main Battle Tanks

  6. Completely agree about the ridiculous prices, all that grinding gone in
    less than a minute…

  7. This game finnaly got a sort of a Bane Blade xD

  8. aw became grind fck game…am gonna stick my games to tier 6 :d
    btw nice game fi….mistakes happen ;)

  9. Just gonna stop you there at 11:40 and tell you that the Leo2 and XM have
    weakspots that can be hit and penned, so can the Armata while the Chally2
    has a very small frontal strip.
    Its just PL01 drivers aiming.

  10. Maurice OConnor

    What is the deal with the reload to RoF retrofit nerf? Are the stats pop
    out wrong ?
    It would be nice to get a 100% refund on my Mk3 high tier reload retrofits
    (millions of credits)
    I have months of premium time and a heap of 50% bonus boosts in my
    inventory but don’t want to use them since the credit and retrofit nerfs in
    this patch.
    I spent $200 on this game in April but am not playing again until patch .16
    My earnings in the LEO2A6 have dropped by 30% and PzH2000 dmg per game is
    down 50%

    Obsidion are F***’N Arseholes ! . . . . but you are still as awesome as
    ever Fiaura :D

  11. No, not the maths! My one weakness… :P

  12. You look like you’re almost ready to deck your monitor. :P

  13. A guy who Likes tanks

    Here is a video of the tier 10 Challenger 2 ATDU in action at the Bovington
    Tank Museum 3 years ago

  14. great vid fiaura and i agree the tier 10 are so expensive to buy and
    operate and i think they should of stopped at tier 9 and did more and more
    dealers until tier 10 actually get finalized and we have some hard evidence
    of what they are gonna be like they are rushing to get tier 10 when they
    have shit loads of vehicles u could add to dealers up to tier 9

  15. M-1A3 is slated to tests this and next year. Leo 2A7 is undergoing trials
    with Krauss Maffei and Rheinmetall, (the 140mm is cancelled though)

  16. Where to started. Well I have never been a fan of paper tanks in WoT. Now I
    can see AW having a bit more of a reason for paper tanks. Now keep in mind
    that Obsidian Entertainment is more known for RPG or story driven games
    then shooter games. I think in a lot of way they are trying to have this
    game have a story. Unlike WoT. who dose not care why the tanks are there. I
    know a lot of you are like me and are Anime fans. There was a Anime some
    years back called Area 88. It was about some merc’s flying jets from the
    1950’s to about the 1990’s in some war in a made up country. I think that
    kind of what OE is trying fore with this game. But just with tanks.

    Now I only have one tier 9 right now. and it is the M8. This tank was never
    put into production, But in the future who knows maybe some Company will
    try and make the tank so they can make some money off it. But they are
    taking the tier 10 a bit to fare. Now you talk about cost Fi well let me
    put it to you this way. in game a M1A2 cost 12.2 million to just buy the
    base tank. But in the real world to day the U.S. M1A2 only cost 6.2
    million. So why in the future would this old tank cost two times as much?
    And that is just the base tank and only tier 9.

    Now a lot of the stuff in this patch are not bad. the new UI looks good.
    And some of the maps for PvE have been reworked to make them harder. But I
    had a Pve match tonight that was odd. The game now only lets you bring a
    one tier spreed in your platoon. So only tier 9 and 10 together. this means
    no arty seeing how arty is only tier 8. And yet 3 of us platooned together
    in tier 8 and one other player in a tier 8 got a single tier 10 running
    with us in the match. So you can not platoon your tier 8 with a tier 10.
    But the MM can put you in a match with a jay random pub player in a tier
    10. How dose that work?

    All and all not looking good OE. Stop reading nothing but the whines post
    in the forums and try and make them happy. that what patch 0.15 looks like
    to me. Oh sorry all I got way to long winded for a comment.

  17. Eh better than Wargaming’s T10 where you can’t even make a positive unless
    you have premium, and if you do you have premium you have to do damn good
    just to get 10-20% profit. And personally SO and AW both have amazing match
    making compared to WGings games =P

  18. About the model of the T14 – It actually is that huge. It’s one of the
    largest main battle tanks in service today :P

  19. The 2A7 is actually real and in operation, but its only upgrade over the
    2A6 is an air-conditioning unit. Certainly no 140mm, rifled, autoloading
    cannon. All of which btw flys directly into the face of German armored

    The most disappointing thing for me is (again) that there is no gameplay
    reason to play the Leo at all. Same goes for the XM3 I guess.

  20. I think tank prices are OK. The rep and credits needed for their modules
    and retrofits is what’s bothering me.
    Damage needs to be balanced as well.

  21. Agree with the things you brought up. I’d like to add that the garage looks
    “plastic” and its not an improvement.
    My opinion ofc :)

  22. Gregory Collins

    Am I the only one who’s actually quite happy with the game . Let’s give
    them some time I’m sure they’ll fix it all up. As for pl01 ,they can leave
    it op. I don’t mind that? And I wish I was as good as you Fi, could do
    with some lessons , you know??

  23. The not so Mighty FL_3

    Tier 10 tanks seem to be more about the big numbers and less about the
    gameplay. Pretty disappointing really, but, hopefully, they’ll balance
    things now that they’ve rushed them into a game that a lot of people stated
    wasn’t ready for them.

  24. My self dont have any Tier9/10s jet but prices ar abitt to muts. Am a PVE
    player and have to say peeps ar just braindeath in game at this moment,
    25Kcredits its allot of monny but on meduim and hard why no 1 have any rep
    kites. Rage is gone be Fi level for me so fare dont like AW update.

  25. I think I’ll stick to my lower tier tanks. One thing I don’t like is that
    you don’t get enough cash or reputation and it takes a while to get back a
    return for the cash used. I don’t have a premium account so it takes even
    longer to make cash and reputation. I don’t see getting a tier ten until
    I’m in my early 70’s lol.

  26. Emerald Leafeon

    This suddenly makes wot seem much more balanced

  27. i agree… they really need to tone it down

  28. In short: Meh.

    The Tier 10s are way too early and the wrong tanks. I like the
    optimisations that actually went into the graphical aspect, though.

    Just my recommendations for tanks:
    Leopard 2A7-140 : Change for MBT Technologieträger. New Version of the
    Leopard 2A4, newest tech in it, 130mm cannon.

    XM1A3 : Change for M1A2 SEP TUSK II. Let it be the High DPS tank it pretty
    much was before and keep it at a 120mm Cannon. The PL-01 pretty much
    prooves that Obsidian doesn’t care about Penetration for Caliber anyway.

    T14 Armata: Needs less damage and a smaller model.

    Sphinx: I’m kinda alright with it, but they should be prepared to change
    the cannons if they are actually decided on.

    Challenger 2 ATDU: Can’t say much on this one, as it really is just going
    to be an enhanced Challenger 2. Don’t know any alternatives, either.

    PL-01: Remove it, simply. Nothing about this tank is real yet, as there
    only is a wood model. There also still seems to be a debate on it’s
    caliber. Or, if you don’t want to remove the tank, remove it’s absurdly
    high armor. There’s no way in hell that supposedly 30ton PoS has enough
    armor to withstand direct MBT fire.

    And, of course, add the missing Chinese tanks. Or buff the Type 98 at
    least, as it simply doesn’t deliver for a “End of the Line” tank.

  29. at least it doesn’t have HEAT. and the alphadamage isn’t that insane, my
    T-80 also does 1/3 of its HP in one shot. but the cost of these tanks is
    indeed very high, especially the upgrades and retrofits

  30. I know I’m not the biggest player, and I really only pve, but the prices on
    tier 9 are pretty insane. But doable. The upgrades kill my wallet and you
    can’t exactly experiment. I have 70+ tanks in WoT, 40+ in WoWs, and a
    single tier 10 I grinded out- and AW has probably the sharpest exp curve

    Tier 10 is impossible for me to reach unless I were to buy the top gold
    package and convert a large amount to cash.

    I drive tank destroyers, wheeled AFVs, a few premium mbts, and the M1A2. I
    don’t get how I’m supposed to fight these tier 10 except for from directly
    behind. They have so much armor and curves it feels like

  31. update .16 new base buildings one can be double function a logistics depot
    of sorts which for a PVP player reduces the cost of Ammo by 25% at level 5
    and reduces consumable price by 15% at level 5. If playing PVE that
    reduction of 25% goes to reducing the stupid logistics cost since the game
    does not have a daily bonus for PVE difficulty completion anymore. The PVP
    players would make back allot of their money faster when using newly
    purchased vehicles it would also make PVP appealing to me if there was some
    way of reducing the ammo cost. The daily challenge system needs some work I
    just got one that was kill TDs in a light tank I think it was 3 for PVP and
    6 in PVE then I thought do AI even spawn in TDs? I noticed they added
    Chinese tanks into the AI arsenal. The teir 10s are impressive until you
    look at the price tag I haven’t even got a teir 9 and a week or two ago I
    just barely got teir 8s I have 6 of them the 6th one I bought with the 10
    mill credit reward for 5 teir 8s only two of those teir 8s are fully
    upgraded and retrofitted my M1-A1 and my T-90. The pzh 2000 engine is way
    too expensive 3.1 mill for a engine but I can say it does boost its
    acceleration much more than the stingray 2 engine for 1.3 mill I have also
    got a new name for the sting rays I call them a armored van because a
    armored van probably has thicker armor than the stink ray. Ah just as I
    thought of it they have a building for reducing retro cost but not one that
    reduces the cost of upgrades so obsidian if you see this add this in and
    you might get more of a player base. I never see more than 25 people in mm
    for PVE even at 7pm EST or no more than 30 in PVP mm that is not good.

  32. the shit storm obsidian is geting from the retrofit nerf
    it is Hilarius in a sad way

  33. pinkyandbrain123

    Gj Fiaura! Nice vid ?

  34. I take it u r a bit frustrated with this update Fiaura? Well, the upgrade
    and purchase prices are pretty insane at tier 10. It would take forever to
    finally unlock all of them. As for paper tanks, this game is set in the
    future, so i really could care less. They could have historical tanks for
    players that want to collect them, but adding fake tanks or just paper
    tanks is totally ok with me. Just take War Thunder, they wanted SOO badly
    to have no paper tanks and such and they simply couldn’t hold true to their
    word either. I guess the only thing i’d say about it is the fact that OE
    shouldn’t have promised no paper tanks. That makes them look dishonest when
    they break their word. They really just should not have said anything to
    begin with. Overall, my most missed feature is the skill-based mm. I
    thought the mm was fine, but people just always have to whine about it. The
    one thing i would have changed though was it should have been moved to
    individual tank winrate instead of global winrate. If someone is really
    terrible in one tank, yet great in another, they shouldn’t be based on
    their winrate of both combined. The only time i’d be ok with it going to
    global winrate instead of tank winrate is if there is no vehicle winrate
    data yet because the player hadn’t played a match in that tank yet. In that
    case, the mm should take the global winrate for the first 10 matches in the
    new tank to allow mm to get a decent understanding of how that player
    performs in that tank. Once the player plays his 11th match, then it should
    switch to vehicle winrate

  35. WOW, I don`t even have a tier 7 so far because I still have to earn more
    money, so I can not say anything about these tier 10s. I have only seen one
    video about the T14 Armata in PVP and now, I am totally shocked about the
    pure damage out put and the extreme prices. I do not think that I even
    played so many rounds as you should to get the money back from this tank.
    Thanks for this informating video !!!!!!!!

  36. To be fair to Obsidian (I know, it’s not as though anyone is in the mood),
    the existence of the T-14 arguably forced their hand and it’s not as though
    they can have only one Tier X.

    I don’t often invoke Jingles but his last “Mingles” piece had a good quick
    and dirty overview (based on conversations with Tank Museum folks) of
    what’s involved in putting a 140mm-152mm in an MBT and the demands are
    breathtaking, so those tanks probably are that massive and that lethal and
    that expensive in proportional terms.

    As for the economics, well, I’m just as happy that I’m in no hurry to get
    to Tier X and my clan (Strumgrenadier) has basically put AW on the

  37. Ok, first of all they destroyed my beloved artillery with this rate of fire
    bs which makes it almost impossible to shorten the reload time. Putting
    rate of fire on all the retrofits that were previously used to decrease
    reload time is dumb because only one vehicle class in the entire game
    benefits from it, or at least that’s how i understand it. Also, new UI is
    ugly, and they tinkered with the economy so now it’s even harder to make
    cash that you will need to buy those big overpriced, overpowered, broken
    tier 10 tanks.

    But again i might be wrong so feel free to correct me.
    And one more thing, who the fuck tested all this shit on the test servers
    and thought it was a good idea?

  38. While tier 10 was the main point in patch .15 but there are some small
    things added in like chinese tanks in pve or buffs to light tanks and some
    small nerfs to mbts

  39. I’ve still not got a tier ten simply because the adtu looks exactly the
    same as the current chally2 so doesn’t seem like I’m getting anything and
    I’m seriously considering just using the credits to buy some of those ten
    tanks sat unlocked already and fill out some lower tiers a bit more

  40. T14 Armada is so re-dick-u-lus! Your right AW needs to nerf the gun . Tier
    10 should not play with tier 8’s at all & the gun Alpha should be max
    800. I want Leo 2A7-140, The King

  41. The credit earning are like WOT tier 10’s.

  42. Andreas Hajialexandrou

    Great video. Good critique of the tank, the patch and MM. Have to say
    you’re producing the content this game needs. Let’s hope the devs listen to
    you, my dear!

  43. .15 you can no longer sell your old ammo. Not .15, No way to determine
    how Com retrofit of 7.5 % effects crew with out buying & installing it
    which can cost 1 & 2 million creds. That sucks.

  44. Hi Fiaura!

    Since you were asking for our feedback…
    Honestly, this whole tier 10 stuff is just garbage. I`m pretty sure O.E.
    HAD TO do it, because the project: armata thing, but it`s still not a good
    excuse. Tier 10s just rendered all tier 9 vehicles useless. 1000+ dmg in
    one hit? WHY?
    I`ve just stopped at tier 9, and I`m pretty damn sure that this won`t
    change in the near future.

    PS: I 100% agree with You! Tier 8 should have been the top tier…

  45. So it was you with the NFNG Battallion 😛
    Hmm in regards to patch 0.15, How I see it at the moment:

    All I can say in regards to why non existent Tank’s apart from the Armata
    and PL-01 are in the game as T10′.. Well it was probably base upon the poll
    they made months ago. About what type of Tank’s people wanted added to the

    One question was about whether if AW should add Prototypes, Proposed Tank’s
    or experimental Tanks (i.e. the 140mm and 152mm Cannon’s, the specialized
    armor and ERA on the Leo, Chally 2 and XM1A3 and many more paper Tanks and
    non existent Tanks). And base on how update 0.15 end up, a lot of people
    probably said Yes to all of the above.

    And in the end, they probably will eventually end up adding Tier 10’s. And
    just like the other Tank Game, it also had its Prototype Tank’s added into
    the game although a couple were removed because it was too OP (Clip mag TD
    Tier 10).

    Same for the paperships in World of Warships, ships that were only
    (originally) proposal’s that did not leave the drawing table. A lot of them
    added into the game.

    Personally I don’t think it was that bad to add the Tier 10’s, but they
    definitely have to try and figure things out in regards to the damage
    output of high tier Tank’s, the Matchmaker, the Tank prices and how hard it
    takes to unlock and many more. I think I know AW have an idea but it would
    probably risk completely copying what WoT (well nobody wants that!) did
    with their Tier 9-10’s. But I guess that is why its still in Open Beta
    cause its not by any means finished looking at how messy T9+ games are at
    the moment.

    And as usual whenever I play a T-9/10 game and then go back and play a
    T6/T7 or T8 game. The T8 (a match where Tier 8 is the highest) or below
    games feels better and not broken compared to the T9-10. Maybe that’s just
    me but that’s what I feel like when I switch around vehicles to play with.

    In regards to getting creds and reps to get the Tank’s. Most people who
    have bought a couple T-10’s with all retrofits filled (including me) pretty
    much had the grinding finished up long before the T-10’s arrived, and with
    the Tier 9’s already maxed out. Specially the amount of Bonus rep+cred
    event AW introduced long before, PvP matches gives literally a lot of
    creds+reps with the free bonuses they had specially last December 2015. And
    early months of 2016.

    When compared to WoT and World of Warships. I found AW grinding not heavy
    or was it because of the free crazy event/holiday buffs that Obisidian
    introduced along the way? (we talking 100%, 200% and the massive 400% boost
    for cred and rep, even more if you have Premium and go crazy and buy the
    boosters they sell separate from the Premium)

    In the other hand, it literally takes long to grind to Tier 10 in WoT and
    WoWs, it requires thousands of gameplay. Even if you play really well. T-10
    is a very high summit, its even worst when you take into consideration the
    ammo and repairs you have to pay after each battle. Even more if your
    machine was destroyed (I am looking at you Tier 9 Izumo + Tier 10 Yamato..)
    That is based on my experience when I played WoT before, literally a lot of
    games and I was rolling with the Russian Tech tree till IS-7 and German
    Tech Tree up until Tiger II . And in World of Warships, at Tier 9 Izumo
    Battleship. The only Line of Ships I opened and a few DD’s because its not
    that easy to open up a new line. (different story with AW)

    That’s actually what I am more afraid of. The fact that there are people
    who literally farm the hell out of PvP when AW gives massive free boost,
    and they literally give a lot of rewards. And I am pretty sure a lot of
    people used that opportunity to grind up a lot of Tank Tree line (I am
    guilty of that as well). So then it will end up a lot of early open beta
    players having Tier 9-10’s and almost all Tank Tree’s opened up Thanks to
    the boost, whilst new players will have to suffer through grinding non stop
    with/without the potential of massive cred/rep boost.

    Although its another story rolling with a Tier 10 all stock, trying to get
    enough reputation to fully upgrade it. Just like other Tank’s, its a pain
    in the ass rolling at stock configuration.

  46. I feel that AW should go up to tier 10, but with a couple changes.
    1. The prices are indeed far too high for tier 10 and to an extent, tier 9.
    2. The capability gap between 9 and 8 was already pretty substantial, but
    10 and 9 is just insane.

    Basically i’m saying that everything needs to be brought down a notch.

  47. i sense some dis-pleasure 😛 . can’t say i’m too pleased with some things
    they have done also. why did they remove the x2 and replace it with a flag
    which means nothing.where do they get their ideas?
    As usual it’s a case of game developers trying to commit suicide by doing
    stupid stuff when they have a good product, in the same way wargaming have
    been trying for years to piss off their customers.
    30million for a tank, it seems it is a money grab to get people to buy

  48. Being in New Zealand, we didnt get to play until after reset last night
    (end of day 1 of 0.15). My platoon and I had been reading forums all day
    and were expecting all sorts of horrors. Admittedly we dont do PVP (because
    it’s stupid in this game and as you pointed out there are better MM’s, and
    imho better pvp setups even if they dont have better MMs).
    We got ourselves together and ripped into some hard mode PVE. We started in
    R7 as we dont all have R9/10 yet. First game.. ok, not too bad. Arty wasn’t
    overpowering, AI weren’t mental. Good. Next 2 games, we lost. One on one of
    the new maps, one on an old. All in all we played something like 15 games.
    General consensus was the PVE was a little bit more challenging (than it
    had been, which is good because we were getting to the point of being able
    to win with 2 mbt and a dead team).
    We also came to the conclusion that there was a lot of crying going on. The
    UI is fine, its just different. Losing the daily and getting 3 tasks is
    fine (although takes a bit more time).
    Rather than people getting their knickers in a knot, their panties in a
    bunch, some rational analysis of the issues presented to OE would probably
    result in stuff getting fixed. I watched about 20 ppl in gen chat when the
    game went down for maint for the patch, crying because the queue time was
    huge and the game sucked and they wanted their money back.
    Seriously… drives me nuts.

  49. Just a heads up for those who don’t know. When you drive the “Merkava” your
    gonna wanna stab your own eyes out.

    And its sad cause its one of my all time favs’ But just holy **** its
    horrible, NO ARMOR< made of steel 500mm doesn't include frontal lower plate. SIDE ARMOR, my Type 90 bounces more from the side. Mobility....... its a challenger 1 with worse acceleration. Ummmm..... gun...... its there, that's all I'm gonna say about its gun. I mean i somewhat expected the lack of armor, but the lack of mobility makes me want to smash my keyboard with my face. On a side note: for how i feel about the update, Lets just say with my current researched lines in AW, its gonna be a long time before i see a tier 10 in my garage. Also, the alpha on the T-14, well shit....... if your in a tier 9 that has limited armor and you get hit..... well you know the rest. I feel like the update was a bit rushed, and the Merkava needs something to make it worth it. It has nothing going for it right now as i indicated up above.

  50. So far I’ve only played a short round in the AMX-10P 90 on one of the new
    PvE maps. Other than dying ignominiously at the second objective stage, it
    rather jumped out at me that I don’t fire quite as fast as I did before the

    Other than that, I do find the garage UI eminently more legible at a
    glance, so yay for that.

    At a glance the T10 tanks all look like a proper fuster cluck that exists
    mostly to make people at T8 and T9 wish they were the one in a T10 vehicle.
    Kinda feel sorry for the other PvE-only players out there who aren’t (or
    can’t) be running premium time nonstop and want the tanks.

  51. I love the UI changes thats about it XD. about the only thing i will say is
    PL-01 is real but its still in a prototype phase, and well the T-14 Armata.
    but even so everything seems very…ridiculous

  52. My impressions:
    Without looking at all the new features. It is buggy, and the patch just
    doesn’t seem complete, like it was rushed out.

    I like the new UI look, but miss being able to simply replace retrofits
    with newer ones. You now need to sell the old ones before being able to
    equip another one.

    I think the reload changes are okay and definitely makes more sense to me,
    in that AFVs shoot their load off faster, instead of reloading quicker.
    MBTs have a much more linear DPM change, tipping the damage vs reload
    retrofits argument towards higher damage.

    PvE is seems more challenging, and I’m glad they’ve updated the bot tank
    selection pools, it makes a great change.

    Jury’s still out on the ammo selection screen changes though.

    I do really miss the daily credit-earning missions and the happy hour
    specials. Grinding tier 8 without that boost takes an eternity, and I don’t
    have time enough to play.

    22 million credits for a tier 10? without ammo and retrofits? Forget it.

  53. On the topic of armament, the game is set to take place in the future, so
    who can tell what tank development will look like in a decade or so?

  54. great great video!!!the people at obsidian should be to see the video !

  55. Those big impractical cannons remind me of those asian roleplaying games
    where warriors carry impossibly oversized swords that would be too heavy to
    lift, let alone use. AW is not cartoonish like that, but still. I feel tier
    10 was only added because they had to put that huge target of an Armata in
    the game, and give it some inferior opponents to kill. (Elephant in the
    room: Russian publisher *cough*) I think I’ll save my credits for new tanks
    under Zhang and the fourth dealer when those arrive, once I’ve got enough
    Mk3 retrofits unlocked.

  56. I like the overall mobility and armor changes in 0.15 jury is still out
    with the rate of fire retrofit changes. At least they should unequip and
    refund retrofits if they change what they do.
    Cost of upgrading and retrofitting vehicles is ridiculous at t7+
    T10 vehicles are allover the place, most are OP as hell, check SPHINX armor
    for fun :P

  57. Hey Fiaura!
    Great show, love your channel, keep it up! 🙂
    Second: I, for my part, haven’t been paying attention to Obsidians strategy
    of futuristic vehicles and their statement that they should only include
    tanks that are actually real, and not paper tanks. For my part I don’t see
    any problems whith futuristic tanks, apart from the OP-level, that you so
    clearly have showned 🙂
    WOT has paper tanks, but they at least, are balanced.
    But the main issue I have is that these tanks will be so hard to get and so
    hard to beat for lesser tier tanks, that it’s almost impossible to have a
    good game in lesser tier when facing at least half of the opposition in
    tier 10. (But that probably has got to do with my skill level!)
    Hopefuly the matchmaker will be better when more players arrive, but it is
    still an issue that Obsidian needs to adress. I am an AFV driver and love
    the CRAB, so the SPHINX is what I am aming for, but will be unavailable for
    a loong time concidering the revenue 😉
    Regarding the rest of .15 update; Light tank buff is great! And the changes
    to TD’s has made me appreciate the M1128 alot more :)

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