Fictional Vehicles In War Thunder

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When it comes to fictional tanks (Panther II, Ho Ri Production, etc.) in War Thunder, the playerbase is pretty heavily divided. Some want to maintain some semblance of historical accuracy while others want to fill gaps in minor trees. While it’s unlikely that Gaijin will deviate from their current stance, I figured I would explain how I feel about them, since people often ask me.

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  1. that one mod with the Ratte was pretty nice, could give Germany some nice alternative ‘top tier’ vehicles.

  2. Fictional Vehicles In War Thunder: any soviet shitbucket that didn’t explode at the start of the match…

  3. Fictional Tanks in WoT are usually in the Blitz version, among it is the Helsing, Lycan, Scavenger, Gravedigger, and Annihilator, usually the fictional ones are the E 100s but the E 100 only had a prototype hull made so its half fictional, to me drawing board tanks arent fictional tho

  4. So, I could make a reasonable fictional vehicle for Italy or Japan?
    Taiwanese XM-1 based tank?

  5. *Looks at r3*
    Do I really wanna ruin someones mental state today?

  6. PTSD Pamphlet Company

    I support Edelweiss for Swedish Tech Tree.

  7. War thunder’s main draw is it’s realism so I’m kinda torn here. On one hand, such vehicles could be great for the balance of the game but on the other hand, they never existed. I really don’t know lol.

  8. random polish boie

    Ehhhhh…. I wish there would be polish tech tree in war thunder….


  9. I sincerely believe a lot of warthunder’s issues stem from the way players are allowed to use content ingame and game modes fundamentally bad design. Not historical accuracy. DON’T GET ME WRONG THOUGH… Why should R3’s be facing T-34s is beyond me 🤣
    Moving on

    Why are players forced to use %2 percent of the available content when entering a battle? Doesn’t that seem kind of…counter intuitive? Like I enjoy playing america but wouldn’t the game offer way more incentive if I could play America and Britian all in one battle? Or Russia and China? Yes, I can have those separate countries on my team, but in my line up? No.

  10. I’d prefer they just fucking bug fix and expand the BR tiers

  11. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.


    You wanna play your paper and fiction tanks? Go play WoT. If it wasn’t middle/mass produced and/or saw service I don’t even want it in WT, period.

  12. I like the funky designs that almost flew or drove of floated or whatever. I think bringing history to life is what makes War Thunder so unique, but I also think it’s a game and more weird vehicles makes the game more interesting. With the number of people active on war thunder at any given time, I really don’t think it would be hard to have a checkbox for play with the fictional vehicles, or at least to exclude said vehicles from sim and maybe realistic battles

  13. About the immersion part, imo there’s just something about driving a huge tank and shooting with a giant gun and think: “damn… this thing was built irl”. Although I suppose at some point fictional vehicles will have to appear so that the game can keep getting new content. When this happens at least let it not be like world of tanks where they go “haha buy new premium tank that is copy paste of tank already in game but better in every single way haha money go brrrrrr”

  14. E-100 Flakpanzer, KV-6, flak 40 zwilling auf e-100, Porsche Tiger (it actually saw combat)

  15. Id say that there are some fictional vehicles alowed to Let some Nations have more than 5 tanks.

  16. I have a feeling that fictional vehicles do have a place. I feel like keeping these relics of engineering/concept alive is good for history. take the Hellriegle from bf1, that weapon had like 2 pictures taken of it and none were of the opposite side of the gun, but it still fits in well with the rest of the game, even though bf1 wasn’t realistic what so ever.

  17. I want more tanks. Idk that’s just me

  18. Mammoth Tanks were built and tested in Sarajevo in the Third Tiberium War. So. GIB Gaijin!!!

  19. Quit WOT a long time ago, and somewhat miss Wargaming’s open mind regarding prototype and blueprint vehicles.. there were ridiculous additions, yes, but they weren’t afraid of backlash and added fun proposals as well. WT has a surprisingly enough (mostly) hard-headed bigoted community that naysays anything that wasn’t produced by the millions. I get it, folks are wannabe historians.. but consider we’re playing a game, and far from a die-hard sim.

    Don’t want ridiculous designs like the japanese O-I, the fake “Jageroo” E100 or the Lowe from WoT, just realistic enough designs and proposals to bolster the current tech trees. Benz’s take on the panther, Vk 16, vk30, French ELC Bis or even the British alecto, list goes on.. even if it’s just a blueprint, if it isn’t something outworldly, why not? We lose a lot by having this mindset.. just two cents, doubt anything will change 🙂

  20. in a game that r3 is put together with ww2 vehicles, i dont really care about fictional vehicles on the game

  21. I’d want them tanks within reason

  22. Many people are making the argument of “because historical accuracy/immersion is broken in XXXX places, so let’s just don’s have historical accuracy/immersion at all.”
    OK let me ask you another question, if that is true, why bother play a game containing real-world countries and WWII in the first place? Why not just have star destroyers vs. aliens?

    Of course historical accuracy and immersion are important, the question is where to draw the lines.

  23. There is point where this sh*t needed to stop and we have clearly passed it, so let’s keep going and see where it gets us!

  24. The whole part about vehicles fighting vehicles 3 decades older than them, yeah that’s a problem too.

    I am part of the immersion crowd, and I fully support unbalanced but historical matchmaking.

  25. I imagine polish tech trees with those all british tanks and russian and in prrmium captured panthers and tigers xd

  26. Дмитрий Иванов

    Even though half of WoT tanks are made up or paper ones, they still fit quite good. Instead of having three panthers, i would really like to see E-50 or Panther 2 (again) in War Thunder, because game feels quite boring that way. It wont be such a problem for Gaijin to add some paper tanks, we already have IS-7, which broken down after first kilometer on test field IRL

  27. it’s a game about tanks shooting at each other who tf cares about historical accuracy

  28. I wanna launch Wraith mortars and watch tanks scatter as the blue sun grows before their eyes

  29. America only made 2 t14s and i usr it in war thunder

  30. Flying Noisy trumpet

    I actually agree on war thunder adding fictional tanks ngl

  31. Wait people are angry with fictional tanks in games? Oh man wait till they play WoTB or WoT

  32. I really dont mind these “paper tanks” at all, assuming these paper tanks were actually made engineers and all, not some madman.

  33. 1:25 ruined thier immersion?
    HAH go play sim it much more realistic XD

  34. Personally I’d like to see them but within reason such as the ones stated in your video, espiecally for vehicles like the FV215b or Chimera (a Tank Destroyer based on the Chieftain chassis and armed with the 120mm L11 and 700mm of Chobham armour on the front.

  35. Immersion in War Thunder??

    Axaxax is very real comrade )))))


    just wait. they will add the O-I heavy tanks, the type 4(and 5) heavy tanks

  37. calling immersion breaking a bad argument because gaijin makes a bunch of other immersion breaking decisions is like saying no one is allowed to ask for bug fixes or br fixes because the game is already filled with bugs and trash br

  38. O-I Experimental? XD

  39. I think Spookston is the calmest video game critic in the world, even though he just hates some things about the game so bad he never vents it in a yelling/ranting way. Instead he just talks mostly about the problem and how it affects the game.

    You got my sub, spookston. 🙂

  40. Ah yes my immersion. I do find it immersive to play against WW2 era german tanks in my post war tank with a shell that was developed about 20 to 30 years after the last world war. While also seeing half my team consist of prototypes like the T95, T30, T29, etc. Veeeeeery immersive

  41. What if Tanks 1946 is very Intressting !

  42. I’m still surprised that they haven’t added the two Super Shermans the Israelis used to the game.

  43. I have no problem with them under the single stipulation that they should be thoughtfully balanced…

    But it’s Gaijin so that’s a long shot lmao

  44. As long as it’s balanced, I don’t give two shits honestly(hell, I REAAALLY want the Me 262 HG III in game). I don’t really play for immersion or history. I play for fun

  45. i think that blueprint tanks that were actually made but not build should come/stay in war thunder but blueprint planes or proposal planes or just concepts (like the R2Y2’s ) should be deleted

  46. War thunder’s favorite furry 🙂

  47. Japan really need planned vehicle to filled the tech tree up.

  48. “It RuInS My ImMeRsIoN” lol dont sweat these guys anyway they’re the kind of people who watch Youtube “history” videos all day and think they have a PhD in the sibject. AKA just a bunch of screaming virgins who dont know that they’re playing a mainstream video game.

  49. All the idiots here bashing WoT is sad when WT is becoming the exact same thing. Despite the fact that they dont understand WoT we ENJOY new stuff.

    *plus we dont have our Maus removed for shitty reasons lmao*

    And yes I do play WT still and things aren’t going well especially with repair costs killing it for me.

  50. Karsten Seterbakken

    its just a game wtf do you expect, btw the design of the hull from Panther 2 was actually used in the G variant of Panther

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