FILTH! – M44

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. Im no expert, but your shot placement is a little rushed; likely why you missed so many shots

  2. Holy shitt.. your commentary is epic as usual!

  3. Top 4 in damage, 3 arties, arties are support class they need stun cause they don’t do damage. Right WG right, your welcome for making me leave the game.
    Videos are still fun and awesome, but I cant stand playing myself anymore. Its so sad they ruined what IMO could have been the best game ever, but their retarded way of ‘balance’ and them being unable to make arty fun for everyone. (I think removing the stun would pretty much fix the entire class, even though I would prefer it gets removed altogether)

  4. Vladimir Georgiev

    That Team Score screen at the end… laughed so hard 🙂 🙂

  5. Amazing survival! Too funny.

  6. It was great to see this game live 🙂

  7. That ending was great.

  8. Which gun is used for that “sup hype boom”? I love that sound but I’m not able to figure it out :c

  9. HIYAH!

  10. What is the purple circle?

  11. That 8,8 though haha


  13. Namegoeshere Orhere

    Makes you laugh when all the whiners go on about laser accuracy.

  14. Royal_Blood Gaming

    You dirty man! How did you manage to turn an arty game funny? Well played Sir!

  15. on the same map with same vehicle today i got 2.8 k dmg??

  16. hilarious ending. omg

  17. You’re supposed to move after every shot, or you get hit by counter battery fire.

  18. standing desk? POGGERS

  19. all i can say is you spin me round right round hahahaha

  20. BlackRose1mmortal

    How are you not counter battery on? I move after every shot, or I’m most likely dead. Try that shit on a city map (aka Himmelsdorf)…not as much fun. I think people who hate arty must seem it takes no skill and is just point-click. There is more to it, and RNG is in control.

  21. Arty is op

  22. circling like a shark LOL


  24. What do YOU MEAN?!?!?

  25. Guys how can i activate the purple reticle? (The one that the server is thinking off) is it a mod or what?

  26. gg so fun

  27. It’s for games like this that I love my M44. With the right team, the M44 can be fun.

  28. Good old days when M44 spaming HEAT like no tomorrow

  29. OMG I think he just broke the game

  30. More damage in a nerfed M44 than a Rhm-B. WT?
    Better give up on playing WoT, Rhm-B. WT.

  31. Funny as !!!!! everybody slags off arty but they are, a lot of the time, the difference between a win and a loss, as in this game, the best arty players are the ones that play tanks as well.

  32. arta is difficult Keepo

  33. arty is always fun to play

  34. Wargaming Super Noob

    hhahahahahahaha so fuckin funny

  35. You need the mod that shows flight time. I almost never miss with my M44 because of that.

  36. Excellent arty lol. Funniest I seen

  37. O…M…G! What a funny game. Way to go Circ !

  38. Cristian Valentin Dobre

    hail to the meme lord! the only man who can make an arty game fun and keep you on the edge of the seat 😀 hail to you my lord!

  39. The end there was awesome. 😀

  40. you keep missing because they nerved arty to much

  41. The memeist game 😀

  42. I think it’s good to play some Arty from Time to Time.
    You know….gotta know your Enemy…

  43. ROFLMMFAO!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Is this a mod you are using for your arty? BTW…great vid! Had a lot of fun, thanks!

  45. Circon finally lost the plot. “This arty match is exciting”

  46. i can’t get used to playing in the “G” view for artillery because the Y axis is reversed…is there a way to change this?

  47. WTF :))) ending ever :)))) What do you mean :)))))

  48. Low tier arties have been completely broken since the upgrade… they should be fixed

  49. Artillery is unfair and broken.

  50. Yeah… only uncle Circon can make arty games enjoyable. GG 😛

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