Final Offer Gonsalo, Single-Shot Caliban | World of Tanks Auction

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World of Tanks Gonsalo Auction for Gold. World of Tanks Server Offers – VZ-55 Gothic Warrior Waffentrager Auf E-100. World of Tanks The Auction 2022 – Rare Tank Offers for Credits, Gold and Free EXP.

The Auction official article:

Final day in the auction event this time we have 2 offers – tier British Heavy tank Gonsalo style + commanders package. Gonsalo is like a single-shot Caliban with a bit better handling and mobility.

What do you think?


  1. Final 2 offers in this auction event – Gonsalo and some styles + commanders. Gonsalo looks like a Caliban, but plays more like a Charlemagne with its single-shot boomstick.
    🔴 The best thing probably is the HE 203 Penetration + 530 Alpha, kinda unique for the tier and vehicle class.
    🔴 How much to BID? -> Just keep your eye on the competitive bid!
    What do you think about this auction event overall? Did you pick anything up?

  2. Achill3uS overclocking

    I did not pickup a single item and I’m proud of myself 😀

  3. Could get a Lowe for just a little bit more which would be much better

  4. Picked up an is 3 a for 142k and a t95 for 5.1mil

  5. What amazes me the most is the 55.000 Gold price tag on the WT auf E100. That is 181€! That’s the real WTF aspekt about the WTF-E100 in that auction 😀 I don’t know if exchange rates in China are different compared to EU but that price is insane

  6. Wy have you the VZ ? Yesterday I can buy only a prime tier 9 WZ TD

  7. so the chinese gets a waffentragger, but EU gets.. a budget caliban? thanks WG

  8. Have had none historical camos turned off forever, no regrets lol.

  9. *Gonsalo* has to be *compared to TORNWAGON*
    Caliban is an HE MAMMA like Kv2….
    Torn is the closest and its armor is FAR superior with minor drawbacks here and there.

    • well,actualy ,caliban is best to be played with ap shels…hesh are trolish against heavyes,but ap’s insane penetration is a allmost guaranteed penn in allmost anny enemy…::))

  10. FFS WG…… give us back the waffle jezuz chrizt how friiking hard can it be……

  11. they are taking the piss

  12. Chinese didnt complain on wft e100 in first…they got it back..

  13. Wait a minute…It is in gold in EU/NA server? Mine in ASIA server are in 100k free exp bid. You need only 5000 golds to convert to 100k exp. Half the price!?

  14. Roger Simson Chasse sous marine

    This year wargaming just suck a lot players , to Many Guy pay all money + XP + bonds for obj780 but now no one play in because it was Bad … For 12years birthday anniversary, they offert only an T3 who no one will play it … And now look for this auction évent , just a joke , massive Price for cammo or just an is3a , Bad wz TD and now this Gonzalo with ni specific gameplay , just an Bad english denfender… On the china server , they add so Many more contents ans offerts this years like Every year , so lets see for setember who will be the New marathon premium tank , and i think wz55 cammo and T8 premiums tank like urdanary or K2 ectect will be on the loot box for Christmas

  15. 55k gold damn

  16. all i have to say is give me back my waffon e 100 and take my grill lol

  17. I’ve skipped all. Nothing was really interesting to me. The Tier IX Chinese TD looked good at first, but then I saw its stats and I was like – Hell no !
    Was rather pointless affair this whole event. For me at least.

  18. auction was bad and i pick up nothing

  19. Lame auction event, imo. Most of it “meh”, and a few “wtf” for pricing. Even the 40k pack is a pass, as it appears to be locked to soviet/german tanks.

  20. yo WT 12 they added another over powered tonk what is wargaming doing

    • WG has said (They lie a lot) that WTF E-100 is not coming back, so WG is doing what they have said they do.

    • Wargaming? Wargaming havent done anything about WTF E100 so far. Its being released in chinese server, which is not operated by Wargaming.

  21. General Saufenberg

    i wouldnt waste my gold for this. it will be in the shop soon anyway.

  22. People are getting tired of the crap from wg. This auction set was all junk stuff across the board. At least the Chinese got something decent.

  23. Boycott war gaming for the bs action not impressed more disappointed.

  24. Garbage auctions with very disappointing items. A poor celebration.

  25. I can’t understand the people who don’t want the WT auf E100 to come back because it’s “too OP”. The cobra is the exact same thing just one tier lower.

    • @SocietySucks I said how often do you see the full 1900 clip potential HESH has? Usually you get lower than even the HEAT vs armor. As my point was that the comparsion is still poor tier for tier even then tbh. It’s still not good for the game, but still.

    • @Jonathan Krumsieg u had to stand in front of someone for 10 sec to unleash that clip, and tank was paper, so there was big counter play

    • Apparently, some people don’t understand that the WT doesn’t have 6 shells and 3000+ clip damage anymore so here are some facts:
      Cobra has 1960 clip damage and needs 4.5 seconds to fully unload. WT auf E100 has 2450 damage and needs 8 seconds to fully unload. Not to mention that the cobra has 4 shells while the WT has 5 which means more chances to miss or bounce. Cobra DPM is 2242, WT DPM is 2311. It’s really not that much different. And the cobra has decent armor if it angles correctly so it has a slight chance to bounce while the WT has absolutely no armor. They have the same speed. The WT has 311 premium pen and only 246 standard so for a TD it has terrible penetration. 5 years ago it was OP as hell but today it would just simply be another very good tank (if the player knows what they’re doing).
      The WT stats are from the version that is the most balanced and the one that would most likely be added if WG decide to put it back in the game.

    • @Jonathan Krumsieg Kranvagn, TVP, Progetto, B-C, Rinoceronte, AMX 50b, T57 heavy, Carro, and I don’t need to count all others, which I have missed. From last times, when WT was in game, there were no brain dead and game breaking tanks like OBJ 279 r, Chieftain or Kranvagn. There were only armored beasts like E-100, Maus or IS-7. All these tanks were really okey at that times and WT was op because it could destroy all of them in one clip, but nowadays, it would be like a classic thing (oh, WT, oh next autoloader), that would be my personal feelings. We have so many autoloaders and so many ARMOR BOOSTED vehicles (ye, I’m looking at you E3 and Minotauro), that it wouldn’t hit meta that much anymore.

    • @SocietySucks It can destroy many X tier medium tanks on one clip (STB, TVP, CENTURION, etc.) So yea, on IX tier vehicle, not bad, haha.

  26. WT E-100 wouldn’t even break the game anymore, and would actually be an interesting and possibly even balanced addition to the game. I always loved fighting against them back in the day, it always felt great shooting HE at those assholes, and shooting a death star at one of them would feel great!

    • I played the WTF100 and it never felt OP except in a very specific situation which is hard to come to. Get hit by something in the turret and your gun breaks. get shot by HE and you lose atleast 3 components/crew members. You get spotted across the map and focused down. Honestly i didnt like to play it because it was too much of a lottery to play. In the current fast moving meta where you steamroll or get steamrolled, the WTE100 would do extremley poorly in my opinion.

    • well,since they put stuff like cobra,they might aswell reinsert the wt auf e 100…::)) perhapns as tier 9 reward…::))

    • I actually honestly see a new paper autoloading TD line coming up, or at least a partial one. Maybe from the Sturer Emil you’d have a choice to move to the RHM or another paper TD with an autoloader, then a tier 9 one and then the WT auf E-100

  27. Unbekannter Nr. 1

    KV-2 is jealous for Gonsalos camo!

  28. Thats what they are doing on wot console , next week , they offer the caliban with 2 guns option 😊

  29. 55k for the WT … damn

  30. Binned my WOT account yesterday. Just finally got fed up with the usual stuff that WG seem to completely ignore. I leave behind over 178 million credits and plenty of gold and free xp.

  31. HELL YE, loved the auto loading WT E-100 would have gone for that! XD

  32. another trash tank

  33. Nope, bought nothing, too pricey or not exiting enough.

  34. I watched Sahm Lockarts vid about the Gonsalo…. He did a comparison and it is so copy and paste that the number plate on the rear of the Caliban is exactly the same as the Gonsalo. It is the epitome of lazy creation. I’m glad I didn’t waste anything on these auctions, would happily buy the Peregrine style for the IS-3A though, that does look nice.
    Remember in the anniversary vid when WG said there was an opportunity to get rare tanks in the auction lol. What a joke.

  35. With all the OP broken premium tanks now on EU servers, WG can bring back the ferocious WT auf E100, it will pass unoticed.

  36. Very good that the playerbase started to protect their resources. With things like Cobra on TIX, IS-3A on TVIII, chief and 279e and the Minotauro on top of it, the WT auf E100 should be returned to game. It’s but a glass cannon that once it’s spend it’s harmless for a minute.

  37. Who want back WT E100 instead of Gonzalo?

  38. threre was no offer for credits !!! wg lied to the f2p community

  39. I think this one word pretty much sums up the event for both WG and us: Dissapointment.

  40. The style!!! Dez my good man. It’s pathetic. Give us a fancy vz please!!!

  41. The skin on Gonsalo is just sad….

  42. honest gaming vibes

  43. As a chinese I can tell u that in CN server the bid for a Auf E100 should be a little bit lower than 60k(ranging from 45-60ish), at the same time right now it has 560×5 mag, which is enough to remove a full hp E100 (2950hp) if you are lucky enough to get multiple high roll like above 600 per shot, but however for other non-super heavy tanks you will encounter in tier X and IX, you can pretty easily remove them if you manage to connect all your shells… And now you can imagine how scary it is when 3 of these hiding behind HT line and just rush out after you fired then uses their 2K hp pool and 128mm gun to dump a full mag on whatever is in front of them…. that potentially enough to kill at least 2-3HTs whithin 10 seconds….

    • moreover theres two variant that exist in CN server, one of which is E100 WT(P) and another is WT12, theres very little noticeable difference in terms of stats, but however the main difference is that E100 WT(P) is one of two tier 10 tanks in CN server that have increased credit income, which is basically a premium Tier 10.

  44. I could care less about the styles and stickers. I like the traditional camouflage’s better.

  45. Sebastian Schmidt

    1 second ago
    I am playing the WT on the Chinese server and I can guarantee you all, it’s not op! not every shot hit and 1 minute reload. if you good you can make a few clips but there are many rounds, where you not make a single shot because you rushed.. it’s very difficult to play it and very often very frustrating

  46. Although the WT 12 would have been nicer, I don’t know if many people would have given up approximately $220 worth of gold for it. I think I would have passed on it at that price.

  47. This auction was so uninteresting that I saved a lot in-game currency, thanks WG.

    I’m have being playing the game for the last 8 years, the game is becoming so uninteresting that I sold most of the tech tree tanks.

  48. WOT feels and seems like a joke game nowdays.

  49. Asian_devistation

    If WG really wants to make money they ought to put the Wt E 100 in the auction on all servers. Such a unique tank in a limited quantity will lead to a huge bidding war for sure. Hell, I probably would have spent $100 myself

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