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Source: SirCircon

The Jagd has been collecting dust in a lot of garages for years.
It finally has been buffed, but it enough?


  1. LIVE NOW: Finally done moving house WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  2. You know what might be an interesting buff for this thing? Give it the panther 2’s comedy 88, 223 base pen, ~260 apcr pen

  3. dont show us MM gameplays were Tier8 is TopTier. Just some some typical gameplayes with Tier10 …

  4. They’ve just announced that WG will give this TD the top gun of the Tiger II in WoT Blitz.

  5. i hate the tier 10 match all the time . keep up the nice videos

  6. I’m not subscribed, still I got notification, HACKS!!!!??

  7. NoHomeLike

    Didn’t they buff the upper plate on the JgTig 88 at some point?

  8. I think it should shoot premium ammo standard, same with the P88, it’s just they lag behind so much on pen, even their gold pen is barely enough.

  9. Gun is outdated. AP pen is lame, APCR pen is even worse. I know 88 was always about the DPM but you can stuck that DPM up ur ass if you can’t pen, and with that amount of pen, you CAN’T pen.

  10. Did not get the lower plate nerf? No because they buffed it instead when the tier 9 got nerfed. No idea why tbh. So that’s now way more effective the tier 9 ever had.

  11. This is one of my most played tanks and one of my favorites. Nothing changed. If you’re not hull down you’re taking damage, you just flatout can’t pen some things frontally, and you still melt through people with the insane gun stats.
    Mobility feels the exact same.

  12. Circon, the problem is, you could play wot with a digital version of my very old skoda and you would probably have a good game in it!

  13. Apparently it’s also possible to buff premium tanks without immediately making them OP. Like the Löwe. Or the T35-85M. Or the Revalorisè. Or the…

  14. And the IS-6 still has 175 pen XD which is totally useless with that bad aiming time, accuracy. and the tank has 100 armor, which can be overmatched even by scouts now.

  15. This tank is still -shit- not-competitive

  16. 2:50 give it 900 hp and give it to normal JgTiger as well

  17. 3:30 they could give it Kanonenjagdpanzer gun for the lulz

  18. It did not need the buff, since with the HD update the armour got buffed into stalinuin levels…

  19. In world of tanks blitz apparently they’re giving players the option to put a 105mm gun on it. So it’ll be a Jag8.8/10.5.

  20. Super pershing really need better engine WG!!So slow.
    Buff for Jagtiger is good but who play with Jagtiger now?:)

  21. Circon plays this tank for one day after the patch and instantly get’s a game that is as good as my best ever game in this tank, “da comrad…” I mean “ja kameraad”. The Dutch memes are real Kappa

  22. 203 pen outdated ? try is 6

  23. I remember people bitching about armor being useless back when gold ammo became availible for silver so i’m actually in WG’s defense for once……

    I do think all the tier 8 prems that got into the game since then are kind of getting ridiculous…

  24. i really hate WOT, the maps are so boring, i miss the old maps

  25. now they only needs buff the panther 8.8

  26. Jag88 does need pen buff, as do some other tier 8 premiums, such as FCM50t and all Russian, Chinese 122mm. I remember a few months ago hearing something about the 122mm gund getting a buff to 190 pen, which wouldn’t be that great, but better than nothing. What happened with that?

  27. IS6 and T54 Proto buff. They are crippled since new MM changes, never see tier 6 anymore.

  28. Am I the only one who remembers the buff to the top speed the Jagd 88 recieved some patches (years?…) ago?

  29. Were did Circon Moved too ?

  30. Good point, I forgot about the pen. Played it recently and I couldn’t put my finger on what I didn’t like.

  31. i always loved this thing……if you get hull down, you are DAMN strong
    a lot of people underestimate the reload……the DPM is INSANE (iirc 4.3 second reload?)

    still have to shoot things twice to track……

    ive bullied a few (bad) tier 9 tanks before…… and tier 7s are just a snack…..
    i drive it like a heavy tank most times, get up in peoples face, go hull down on something and DPM them to death

    the accuracy of the gun is nice for hitting weak spots…..but new meta JP heavys really fuck with this thing
    when your top tier, you are god like……and when you see tier 9s and a lot of good tier 8 old/new meta tanks……the tank suffers

    still, its like a t29….. if you get hull down….it can say “fuck you” to a lot of tanks and back it up

  32. The 203mm pen 88 on the the tigers and jag88 can actually pen the front of the O-Ho easily if you are mid to close range. The turret boobs create a weak spot right under them, the rounded hull that supports them is 200mm thick but you are actually likely to pen because it always presents a flat surface even if slightly angled as long as you hit it flat. The rest of the super heavies though are much harder to pen.

  33. Have you ever played against StarWarsVII on WoT on the American server?

  34. Lol in world of tanks blitz this tanks has god a new gun. 105mm

  35. hm where are the view range circles on the minimap? 🙂 good video of course 🙂

  36. WOW tnx, I do like my Jag88. I just didn’t know they buffed it, going to play now bye.

  37. Ya sircon all the tier 7 and a lot of the tier 8s have that 203 pen for the AP rounds on the tier 8 cannon but the Kanonenjagdpanzer has 248 pen on that premium tank and the Rhm..-Borsig Waffenträger has 215 for a tier 8 so who knows maybe they might do something to it seeing how all the newer prems have 220 and higher on there pen.

  38. You had the minimap/view range circles off…

  39. do su 152 derp replay

  40. Circons new House is a Jagdtiger showing his love for it kappaaaaaa

  41. I like my Jagd 8.8, it’s not great but I usually have fun in it. You can bounce a lot of shots angling properly. And it makes ok money.

  42. circ is complaining about 203 base pen he would hate the at15a with 171 pen a tier lower

  43. So glad they finally recognized the j88 as needing a buff. The last time I played this thing I got circled by a Caernarvon (fml) and nearly rage sold it. I do agree that it needs a pen buff. I think raising the pen to 218/260 on the AP/APCR would work really well for it.

  44. To bad for WG they’ve managed to screw there own game. In the beginning this was the game to play and now it’s the game to hate !!! All these premium tanks and stupid buffs are ridiculous. I remember in the very beginning with every holiday WG would give you A free tank even know it was a piece of crap it was still free it’s amazing how all that has stopped nowadays nowadays it’s all about how much money they can suck out of her players pocket corporate greed at its finest. It’s kind of nice to watch WG shoot themselves in the foot as they ruined their own game they have nobody to blame except themselves. Kinda reminds me of Blizzard Entertainment when they released the expansion for Pandora and some 3/4 of their player base left the game. Nothing like spending $70 for a tank and you get to play on the same old maps day in and day out i’ve had enough I’m sick of this game it’s somewhat boring and it’s getting old fast !!!

  45. “it still doesn’t have a turret he says”!? What a fucking idiot

  46. Just… Why WOT give the Tiger I a LONG 88??.. surely it gets more screwed than benefitted by this BS? Also the long 88 should have 230mm pen with AP.

  47. Still waiting for WG to give the KV-4 and KV-5 a 2500 hp engine, and a 60 km/h speed limit ?

  48. Hanging out for the buff to the Tiger 1, the most powerful tank of WW2 is just a joke in WOT, I understand the Russians dont like it cause it caused so much havoc in WW2, but what they have done to it is beyond a joke, the armour can even be penned when side scrapping by any 1/2 decent gun while on the other side the 203mm avg pen gun bounces off the side of tanks with only 80mm flat armour, I was bouncing of 191mm armour the other day (5 times) using APCR just a joke

  49. Hmm … typical gold spamming in a tier VIII TD against tier VI .. nice

  50. “im a top tier td with ONLY 200 base pen so i have to spam gold all game” exactly why i hate your videos, exactly why

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