FINALLY, Empire’s Border Rework + Free Camo! | World of Tanks Map Changes

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World of Tanks Empire’s Border and Ruinberg Changes, Rework and Rebalancing. World of Tanks New Maps and Map Balancing. World of Tanks 10th Anniversary 2020. World of Tanks Update 1.9.2+ Patch News.

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Time to take a look at some more changes, this time main story is about upcoming to the one of the least liked maps in the community – Empire’s Border. On the top of that, Ruinberg gets another set of tweaks and there is a code for a free camo! What do you think?

Enjoy show!


  1. A long-awaited rework for the Empire’s Border is in works, what do you think about that!?
    Also, do not forget to use a code *HOMESWEETHOME* for free camo! Have a nice week!

    • I don’t think there should be a penalty for drowning your self, because I use a definite loss to try and find possible new positions to get to through water. I’m sure I’m not the only one to do this. I’m not trying to drown but if I do I certainly am not risking much by doing it in a certain loss.

    • T95 dislikes the new empire’s border 🙂 Thx for the camo code 🙂

    • that code doesn’t work for NA players

    • Hauptmann Theaaron

      Unfortunaty, it doesnt work on the asian server for me.

    • Ronald Schawo that’s what custom battles are for, why lower bad odds even further in a random? If you’re any decent you can sometimes carry a team like that

  2. I will go back to the game when arty is removed. It is pointless. Or at least limit to 1 arty a game, 3 arties is stupid, you cannot play. If i am in a tank thats only strength is hull down with gun dep… and i push aggressively to a hill and there are 3 arties. My game is over, all 3 without communication will all focus me all the fucking time. The retarded thing is, is that WG claim arty “stops camping” … which is bullshit. It doesnt, it makes people camp more, i will be tempted to push less in some strong tanks so i dont die in 1 min by 3 arties. Stuns are stupidly op at tier 10, especially with 3 arties. It is a moronic mechanic, plus, when do you ever see amazing arty players? Almost never.

    • The only reason halfway decent players even have arty is do missions for the reward tanks such as the T-55A and 260; not to mention arty LOVE to XVM snipe which ruins the game lmao

  3. The best change you can make to Empire’s Border is to get rid of the map altogether.

  4. HOMESWEETHOME did not work for me on NA.

  5. I don’t really like the new empire’s border, I think I prefer the old one

  6. 11:40 they are check

  7. His codes are bs they never work he says this so you all will watch his videos a up his ratings

  8. If they were real then why dont the other sheriff’s give them lol

  9. I think if wg would fix mm and do more equal teams in the battle that would reduce number tanks who drown themself , happens to me many times that whole my team players was with 45% win ration and few thousends off experience and enemy team all players + 50% , even 60%.

  10. code does not work for me on NA

  11. The new ruinberg house is for the INSANELY overpowered position in the houses next to the field. If 1-2 tanks take that position it’s instawin almost.

  12. i love empire frontier the change is very bad i will ban that shit

  13. Pity that code only works for EU and nowhere else 🙁

  14. I feel like empire’s border is gonna be another malinovka copy but with more cover

  15. The changes to Empire’s Border, imho, look quite bad.

  16. So they have opened up the map for arty and EBR’s. Fantastic.

  17. Surprise surprise code doesn’t work for SEA server

  18. Pls can u announce the winner of the giveway (25000gold) ?

  19. sweet, SPGs on empires border will be more fun.

  20. So I picked up WoT again after a long time. Is there a CC program like in WoWs?

  21. Empires border was pretty boring, now it looks really boring.

  22. KMS Bismarck Drache191200

    I personaly dont like the New Look of Empires Border, they can just delete it then if they wanna bring it out like that

  23. It’s hands cleanser you pervert 😛

  24. 8 red clickbate arrows that literally point to nothing in the thumbnail. At least *try* to not make it obvious

  25. Looks like the free camo is on EU. The code does not work on NA, and there is no page for it on the NA WOT website.

  26. Everyone: Empire’s Border sucks
    WG: Lets make the map flatter, more campy, and way better for arty players.
    Everyone but arty players: FACEPALM
    Arty players: WOOT

  27. Thank wg finally a map where less gun depression will work
    And best tanks for are russian. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

  28. The toilet paper is because in america for some reason people hoarded toilet paper before lockdown lol and that is not lube that’s soap.

  29. FINALLY they give the north side a counter to the overpowered spot the south received!! Also the extra houses in the back you can use if the changes go through a a big plus!

    Empires Border will be a lot easier to play with artillery, but on the other hand, lights and mediums will have a hard time when taking the north-east corner. I wouldn’t even THINK about going there after the changes, as tanks from the middle will snipe you.
    -South looks terrible to me. Less cover from snipers and artillery as well, so if enemies arrive there faster then you, you’re basically screwed. Also, another brawling area and if you win there, you’re once again exposed to tank destroyers that have an easy time to prevent you from making a push. Same mistake as you see on many older maps already.. they don’t seem to learn from it..
    -Middle becomes worse as well. They maybe added some rocks, but also removed some important rocks, so it’s another open ground that gives a free ticket to snipers.

    9:10 sidescraping??? you mean: exposing yourself so arty will have an even easier time to hit you, as there aren’t many battles these days without any artillery.
    The map wasn’t great, but they managed to make it even worse, exactly like they did on Fjords…

  30. Alessandro Tortia

    Dez: arrows everywhere

  31. Empires Arty Border /Ebr rally 2020

  32. * Looks at Empire’s Border changes
    * Sees big open fields everywhere
    * Imagines a match with 3 arties on both teams
    * Cries

  33. Empires border will be an EBR nightmare!!🤬🤬

  34. I actually liked Empire’s Border. It wasn’t great but it was playable and better than Mines etc. IMO WG’s changes will make the map completely unplayable for most heavies as well as some other tanks… another BS open map arty fiesta like Malinovka.
    Also Dez: LT vz. 35 is Czechoslovakian tank (literally meaning light tank, tier II)

  35. Code doesn’t work…

  36. Just tried the code on the ASIA server and it did not work. I copyed HOMESWEETHOME and pasted it into the redeem code panel and it came back invalid code.

  37. tried code 2 days in a row, but still doesn’t work for me 😣
    is it EU only?

  38. those changes are very intresting 🤔

  39. Empires Border is going to be heaven for arty and wheelies. They basically flattened out the entire map and it looks like there wouldn’t be much cover from crossfire.

  40. WeeGee performed a bit a Derpenberg on Empire’s Border if you ask me. They just took a sledgehammer and flattened almost everything. This aproach at map-reconstruction took the fun out of Erlenberg for me. Ah well… let’s see how Empire’s Border plays when released.


  42. Cookiemaster Hamburger

    code not working on NA server

  43. 0:08 gave me a heart attack, what the hell is THAT

  44. nope expired already or for a different server

  45. its not working on NA


  47. TheFunky_BrAsSmOnkEY

    9:00 We’re just going to build a wall with a gate that doesnt actually keep anything in or out.

  48. I hope Update 2.0 will be a change of the sounds.

  49. ”alot of red arrows in thumbnail = views”

    Dezgamez: Noice

  50. Wtf is that map rework? Its literally flat ground with bushes for bush wankers….10/10 rework…

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