Finally GOOD DEALS? | Well Deserved Reward 2021 Prediction in World of Tanks

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World Tanks Well Deserved Rewards 2021 – VK 28.01 10,5cm? World of Tanks VK 28.01 MIT 10,5 CM L/28 Preview. World of Tanks Daily Deals 2021 – Premium Tanks for Free / For Credits.

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Today let’s talk about 2 qutie exciting topic – Well-Deserved Rewards 2021 and Daily Deals which this time actually seem to be good!

What do you think?



  2. So, what did you get from the daily deals so far? I have seen people getting many new or rare styles.
    Also, what tank for the deserved reward? Would be happy with VK 28.01 or something else?

  3. jeyyyy

  4. nah…. don’t give me hope.

  5. Hi everyone 🙂

  6. now i just want a 105cm howitzer

  7. Can we get anything for free from WG ? Something Super, ha ha.

  8. The credit offers are pretty bad TBH, you have to overpay soooo much

  9. I really hope we get the tier 6 vk 10.5 old scout back. I loved that tank. It was the best tier 6 to play in tier 6 strongholds.

  10. The good old CDC hunter. Now I want derp Cruiser II back^^

  11. well i’ll wait for next year and pray for OG ELC AMX as well deserved reward i guess

  12. Deals: Type-62 (T7 lt.) for 5m credits. is it worth/fun to play it?

    VK 28.01: it was great (little lunchbox of death), I only do not see it doing well now, with the HE changes.

  13. I don’t understand why wargaming removed tanks and they moved it back …. Like Lorraine or isu with BL 10 or this VK …. It’s so useless to remove and move it later back right ?

  14. I received a free garage slot! One more to my 53 slots. 😂

  15. i started playing in 11/09/2018 so i can get that tank or not

  16. Imagine smacking tier 5 lts with that vk

  17. Not bad. Got something for free from the daily deals. Just a skin but I take it

  18. I got garage slots and a skin for the FV4201
    so i got nothing

  19. with the state of the game at the moment, I cant see a reason for anyone spending real money on it. apart from the whales, who will empty their pockets for anything new and loot crates. were as the majority of players will wait until the MM is fixed and the game becomes worth investing in again.

  20. 😀 hey dez!

  21. i hope its not going to be another sh!t scout tank from well deserved rewards

  22. Type 62 really worth buy!

  23. y got type62 for 5 mil credit..realy nice….

  24. would be a typical WG move to the give the vk28 after the made the small caliber derps nearly useless, especially at tier 6 were the tanks gets some armor

  25. Sadly another tank, which almost no one gonna play

  26. Personally, I hope it’s NOT the Vk.

  27. is the Pz.kpzw B2 worth it??

  28. People actully play low tier premium tanks? Nice meme. For the long avaiting reward, really dont care about the tank.

  29. Tornike Gogolashvili

    What music is on backround? tell me some1 plss

  30. thank you very much, i know a lot of people that are still waiting for the pz5/4.

  31. Finally after a year, the much needed free garage slot….

  32. I have a question. If I forget to collect a well-deserved reward by a certain date, will I lose the rewards?

  33. I got a panzer B2 for 750’000

  34. Derps are dead.

  35. The келеш from хелл BG

    When I click on the card thind it says: error 404 page not found?? Pls help

  36. The VK 28.01 105 !!!
    When I was listening to you talking about the shell velocity I couldn’t help thinking that this ISN’T a shell , it is a letter bomb!

  37. Mega1987 OS_Ver_NEET

    KV-1S, with the 122mm 390 alpha boomstick?

  38. Robert von Schumann

    Well deserved reward for this year is VK 28.01 with 10.5 cm gun

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