FINALLY Here – Czech Heavy Tanks, New Map, Buffs and More | World of Tanks Update 1.14 Review

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World of Tanks Update 1.14 Patch Review – New Czechoslovakian Tank Tech Tree, Premium Tank Rebalance, New Map Safe Haven, Frontline 2021 Mode Comeback, Artillery Mission Changes and More! World of Tanks Vz. 55, Tier 10 Czechoslovakian Heavy Tank.

You have already seen slow tanks, aggressive tanks and light tank with this new equipment unit, but today let me demonstrate power of it on a vehicle such as 50B… it makes it quite crazy!

Let me know what you think about that!

►Tanks in action / мир танков :
– Czechoslovakian Vz. 55, Tier 10 Tank
– Czechoslovakian TNH T Vz.


  1. Okay, tell me you best “Czech” jokes? I mean… After Czeching this video out of course. 😉
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  2. Balc0ra's Gaming

    Tbh, the T34 mobility buff still seems pointless. As the ground resistance is still one of the worst in class. And I doubt I would touch the CDC when the buffed stats are still behind the “meta” tanks. Tho I’m not complaining about the T95E2 pen buff. That was about time.

  3. Czech Please!!!!!!!

    After a long day, getting home with a cool beverage, a little time to Czech-myself and Czech into the Dez-Channel.
    With Hurricane season upon us here in Miami, I always have to Czech the weather radar and scope out what is on the way; Czech the food and essentials in the supply room.
    So,Feedback on the game, the channel and of course Chain’ses-sayz-Dez.
    Still not happy with the Arty changes, the fancy graphics for the Arty, the guns, etc. Instead of paying attention to the elephant in the room (MATCH-MAKING!!!), they add more smoke and mirrors to distract you. Get rid of the stupid graphics, don’t tamper with the Crew Skills…people have already invested alot of personal grinding to get the guys where they are!! No one in the community ASKED for this.
    New Harbor map, HayyyyVEN!
    I think with all the structures, buildings, etc., you should by now be able to shoot a building enough with Arty or TD’s to cause damage and have the buildings collapse…blocking roads or adding some additional debris for protection. SOME buildings, at least; Trap someone and they can’t escape from a former dominant position, then you just go around and they are no longer a concern.
    I think this new Haven map will be just like Fishermans Bay where people just camp in the buildings and sidescrape forever as they watch other TV channels on their system because they become bored.
    Also, wouldn’t it be nice to shoot the Ice under the Winter maps and have vehicles become stuck or sink? A tasty option for Arty.
    You guys still did not improve the Mines Map……too small.
    I think the premium tanks needed improvement, ok, good…so far but their MM?
    I can’t imagine what its going to cost for the new heavies from CZ; the dispersion forces you to get in close instead of giving them reasonable accuracy for open terrain…more money and credits trying to upgrade accuracy when there is only 3 (!!!!!) slots for equipment…should be 4!! at least.
    Sand-Box THAT (!!) Will ya?!!!

    Still having difficulty even trying to get 6K damage for the T-55 Mission on TD’s in Random, when MM is foolish, you arent going to get it.

    When are you going to return the voice over’s to the Crew members, for special channel contributors like Dez, Claus, Skill’s.
    The one thing that does need some attention, increase the Horsepower on the Big Tier 9 or 10 Arty…the way you spawn them, you lose a whole minute or more just driving to a “Reasonable” Firing position…i.e. Redshire for example.

    Anyway, this is my feedback.

  4. Thanks for the information. You are always on on top of things.

  5. Was the gold spam adressed?! No?? Thank’s but no… I’ll pass this update, same crap…different smell.

  6. remove arta misions…its best for thys game

  7. whay you don tel ppl …34 youtubers got banned? names on forum….

  8. They said that “logically the tier 10 has better statistics than the tier 9” and yet the Rinoceronte is literally worse than the Progetto 66

  9. Czech heavys are OP too 🙁 Who pen 300 turret armor in Tier IX in hulldown? It’s a f*ing joke.

  10. Ram panzer is only playable with fuel and a turbo.

  11. All I saw was a tier 7 heavy tank with the same Alpha as the American tier 8 heavy tank (t32) and almost as good of a penetration rating. More wargaming power creep is all I’m seeing.

    But the training mode is absolutely amazing and I’ve been saying this for a few years that they should add something like that so good job to them on that one

  12. I did the best update to this game: go to windows settings, uninstall programs, uninstall world of tanks. Best decision I ever made.

  13. The Tier IX BS is just that, BS and needs to be stopped. That was why Frontlines was created to give Tier VIII a top battle mode without anything else above it messing it up, like Tier X Grand Battles, and such. WG always Fucks Shit up, like this, always.

  14. the “green” area … which is outlined in Orange … or am I turning colorblind LUL

  15. HailStorm Rising

    I’m still wonder how much xp cost will be for 1st czech heavy tank. I’ve saved up a sizeable amount but feel like I’m still going to come up short…….. Also, DEZ! What do you mean 30km/h too slow? I go 22km/h max in my black prince going downhill……….. Just threw the cone of shame on my british heavy, like dam lol. “30km/h worst mobility in the game!” *me in back round going 20km/h……………..* “yup, totally” xD Jokes aside, I am worried about frontline having tier 9s, easily be disastrous if not wolf packed immediately. Anyway thanks for update Dez, Good luck an good hunting tankers.

  16. Good to see an update that doesn’t try to kill the game

  17. 1:23 its haven, not heaven

  18. The Rhino looks very sad vs the Czech tier 10… It was a bit sad already but this makes it pretty irrelevant in comparison.

  19. Nie grajcie w to bo to tylko poligon dla oszustów i zboczeńców. Wyniki są ustawiane przez pracowników lub hakerów. Normalnie bandyci i dno.

  20. i thought the new map was ‘Outpost’ ?!

  21. The new Safe Haven map seems promising. Unlike the 3 retard mission, i mean recon mission maps.

  22. I see a lot of draw games on safe haven in the future.

  23. trulylogical mind

    Please protest against inclusion of tier 9 in Frontline, WG just wants to make money.

  24. Frontlines 2021: FUCKED. Earnings gutted by more than half. Tier 9 tanks. No longer any real choice in what reserves to choose and when.
    Arty mission parameters should’ve been cut by 50% in regards to stunning and raw damage.

  25. Buffing any of the old premiums is still pointless when the economy allows for tier 9’s and 10’s to spam premium into them because why not. They’re too slow and built with actual weaknesses unilke new premiums. Whether it’s the pref MM ones or not, it’s still the same issue: over-reliance/accessibility of premium ammo.

  26. Namegoeshere Orhere

    The CDC changes were exactly what I was hoping for since I knew it was highly unlikely they could really do anything to improve it’s survivability to any degree without completely changing the tank.

  27. All the old tech tree tier 8 mediums still suck

  28. Well the buffs for the T34 are kinda mixed for me really. The softstat buffs to the hull and turret have been a LONG FUCKING TIME coming and badly needed but on the other hand I’m not sure what the engine power buff is supposed help seeing as the T34’s top speed stays the same. I would have just buffed it’s ROF from 4rpm to 5rpm to give it more presence in a fight as the slow reload means people will just rush you and turn it into a DPM fight that you almost always lose…

    Also extra salty that yet in ANOTHER new line of heavy tanks the tier 8 gets 224mm of standard pen but the T32 had to wait for almost TEN YEARS to get buffed to 208mm….what a fucking joke those buffs for the T32, M103 and T110E5 were.

  29. can we buff the rinoceronte already. i want the tank to be even remotely playable without have to slam bond vents and spaghetti every game.

  30. Dragan Crnogorac

    How much XP for new tir 7 tank

  31. jason rein alde zurc

    plz let wargaming know how OBVIOUS their plan is for the new FRONTLINE 2021…. tier 9 REWARD tanks?

  32. Day 21 still waiting for meme review 🙃

  33. Jozin z bazin

  34. Why you tell me to subscribe every video dez? I’m already there and cut of my thumbs every damn video 😛

  35. GG WG buff the preferential MM tanks pen to 196mm so that techtree tanks like T34-2 and T69 with their 181mm pen can meet tier 10 tanks that laugh at their crappy pen, no wonder this game is loosing players when WG doesnt do anything about power creep

  36. It looks like a map off the mobile game.

  37. Данијел Перичевић

    13:00 lol 🔞

  38. I am so curious about the CDC. Was one of my favorites back in the days.
    Hope you will review it soon after the patch. 🙂
    Still something like Prog 46 and Bourrasque will still be way better.

  39. Never forget, every change WG does makes them money. Even if it seems good for us, they will always maximize profits.

  40. Interesting… map is similar to wotblitz. Yamato harbor

  41. Long aim times, such as the T34, are just a lazy way to balance a tank, also the best way to ensure a tank is no fun to play.

  42. Ah yes, 320 alpha gun at tier 7 is reminscent of a medium tank.

  43. Oftenly I rant on WG but this will be maybe best patch in years

  44. vz-55 seems to be a modernized t55/t62 series of tanks with some fantasy gun and engines offered.
    An off shoot of the real world history as many Warsaw pact countries did make retrofit packages to the old soviet issue tanks to prolong their service life or offer “cost effective“ design for 3rd world export customers.

  45. Anthony Lautzenheiser

    New map my ass, Safe Haven is a rework of a WoT Blitz map. WG fucking lies.

  46. remove mm all those ht and buff them to 210 pen and i still happy with it

  47. We need a Lowe buff to 360 alpha like Tiger II

  48. Finally they buffed my t343

  49. Tnx dezz

  50. it seems like another italian heavy line. except the tier 7 and tier 10 heavy of the line are actually good. the tier 8 with the autoloader gun has a weak 320 damage per shot and 1.5k dpm the same as the progetto 54. the tier 9 also has weak dpm with the autoloader gun. weirdly enough the premium tank has 2k dpm which is better then the tier 8 and tier 9. and it also has the same caliber gun as the tier 10 tank of the line and out trades both the tier 8 and tier 9 tanks. but atleast the tier 10 tank is good. with the single shot gun it has the same alpha damage and dpm as a wz111 5A and goes about just as fast. armour is similar. so that means even with the single shot tank you are already getting a nice 5A experience. with the twoshot gun the dpm goes down a little and so does the accuracy but u become a tier 10 bourrasque with 2 second intraclip for 490 damage. if they could buff the dpm of the twoshot guns on the tier 8 and 9 by even 100-150 each that would probably be good enough.

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