FINALLY JAPANESE Modern TANK Type-90 (War Thunder 1.79)

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FINALLY JAPANESE Modern TANK -90 (War Thunder 1.79)


  1. Better leo2k

  2. The next WT update 1.80 will be called “Sieg Heil”, because new german vehicles and aircrafts will come.

  3. AstolfoTH Channel


  4. Глеб Яскевич

    Guys, what’s the theme (song) on background?

  5. “It’s the damn chem trails” lol

  6. DontFear Respect

    Wow, check out the angles on the armour.

    *what angles*

  7. “Nothing in 2018 to get triggered by”
    Well, im yet to see that

  8. its a leo 2 without the gapping hole in the front of the turret and with hydraulics

    • Broken Thunder There is armour behind the gunner’s sight. It’s thinner than most of the leo 2’s turret front but still about as thick as that of the type90


  10. JakeTheTankmaster

    Take out the russian M4A2 sherman please, Phly!
    Getting close to 200

  11. Iam waiting Indonesia Tank.

    Wait… we dont make tank.
    O K

  12. This tank is forever gonna be nicknamed Heavy Hitler because of this fkn devblog 😀

  13. Got the Challenger and had more than one million silver lions and even winning and getting 1 places I was cleaning all the silver lions , absolutely stupid economy in game .

  14. Xuimma Sleeping

    Omg just when i got my prototype a few days ago xD gonna grind

  15. I stopped playing it couple months ago because me with T-64A i can’t make any money. And every pach is bigger and bigger grind. War Thunder is better game than WoT but War gaming is more caring about their players.

  16. So I’m the only one that read it as T-90 lightweight heavy hitter?

  17. god i love the inferno cop intro

  18. They need better maps, and an option that you can choose which maps you want to play on, i dont want to go into same map 3 times in a roe

  19. Божидар Орашанин

    M84 Yugoslav tank

  20. ADD 9.3 PLANES

  21. Clifford Bryan john Wilson

    I would love for then to introduce an ‘other’ nations tech tree and include high-end tech from a small force like the Merkava from Isreal.


  23. Hatsuna Kotobuki

    Now that cold war vehicles are mainstream, maybe a “convoy escort” game mode would’ve been a nice where you could escort either supplies to troops or (for cold war tanks/higher tiers) personnel carriers into caps and only those carriers could cap a building (not an open field with a circle).

  24. Who need top tier anime tenk when u have ho—ro with 150mm of pure hentai?!

  25. We need japanese kamikaze planes… don’t get triggered japanese peeps pl0x

  26. agsal fairrohmad

    war thunder should adding new vehicle Type 74 G/Kai before Type 90
    because like leo 1 and Leo A1

  27. 1.79 Russian Bias

  28. 1.79 “Glory of Bias”

  29. I also read it as heavy Hitler.

  30. 99CCFF756e6b6e6f776e6578696199CCFF647072746c646b

    Type 90 was EXPENSIVE AS FUCK when it came out. (All Japanese weapons are ridiculously expensive for some reason) Will Gaijin reflect that in-game? I hope not

  31. Please don’t say Little Hitler i hate them

  32. Christoph Schaaf

    The Armor Values of the type-90 are simmilar to the leo 2a4, because it was developped by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in kooperation with the german companys KMW and MAK.

  33. your the next one to die armored warfare…..

  34. Yes fly, I read it like that to xD

  35. OUI want the AMX 56 Leclerc !))))

  36. Finally some love for the Japanese tech tree

  37. The germans need some later leopard 2s to counter Abrams and challenger cos the t64 isn’t always on German team

  38. War Thunder will become obsolete itself before they run out of vehicles. There are hundreds from the US to South Africa, Israel and Japan.

  39. Andreas Wickman

    So think of appetizer CUTT AND ROLL THE AD

  40. Bah il oú Notre AMX Leclerc ?

  41. Now Japan the steaming turd got a chery on top

  42. Lmao reskinned leo2

  43. Tovarasul Ceausescu

    Best intro

  44. That Type 90 looks like a facking Leo 2 ?!?!?!?!

  45. What the hell was that intro!?

    Please do it again i loved it ^-^

  46. Will it achieve 90 km/h speed in both direction?

  47. 糞ジェイソンステイサムの糞


  48. Shit what next?
    Korean K-10 Black Panther?

  49. This tank barrel explosive the training

  50. What Br will it be?

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