Finally NEW Bond Shop Tanks Review! | World of Tanks Bond Shop Update and Ranked Battles

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Source: DezGamez

World New Bond Shop Tanks. World of Tanks Ranked Battles 2020-2021 and New Bond Shop with New Bond Tanks – IS-5 (Object 730), KV-4 Kreslavskiy, IS-6 B, Chrysler K GF and M46 Patton GF.

Long-awaited about the bond shop is here and they are going to add 5 new to the list!

Enjoy the show!


  1. Thanks Dez!

  2. Saddest part about bond shop is that I alredy had patriot, stg and amx…😂 other tanks were not really worth it in my opinion…

  3. bonds for crap reward tanks or all the crap tanks i got rid of…………awesome

  4. Well in other words you said that i was saving bonds for a long long long time for nothing, its quite lame to be honest..

  5. tier 10 tanks? foch 155

  6. i was hoping for lorr 40t, but sad life

  7. It feels like light tank players are again put aside. They could add some lights or fast mediums… Here’s an easy to make bond tank that won’t break the game : A polish Cromwell, just like the other two cromwells. Could be a premium too. It would sell like crazy without breaking the game…

  8. 5 shitty tanks, nice wg

  9. hope they add Skorp G

  10. I am a f2p player and I think It is not worth it to pay the bonds for these tanks. Thank you. So disappointed by the way.

  11. I am thinking about getting the FV from the first batch, but I am not sure if its worth it.

  12. Have Chrysler GF from Blackmarket.
    Had IS-6b from a marathon years ago. Got a defender in Christmas boxes ( 2018?). Traded in IS-6b for 59 patton, no regrets.

  13. Defender came out before Chrysler, that thing makes the Chrysler look like a light tank.

  14. Would definitely love reviews of tanks

  15. The real tragedy is the Concept 1B is a ranked reward instead of a campaign reward :/

  16. As long as they treat the bond shop as a garbage dump, I personally am not interested in spending bonds in it. The reward, if you can even call it that, is not matching with the effort and price tag. Bond-shop is where WG is selling the outdated crap that nobody is spending real-money on or bothers to grind for it in clan wars. There is simply no incentive for getting the tanks other than making credits, and for that you can play tier 6-7 instead or wait until Xmas.

  17. Thanks for your video. I really wanted It.

  18. M60 and 121B are the only two tanks I would get

  19. IS6 is STILL one of my go-to tanks if I need to get a mission done, but I don’t think I need a black one. The rest of the vehicles on offer are meh and I shall pass on them all.

  20. Sure glad they didn’t offer any OP CW reward tanks. Nobody wanted those, and they should only be owned by the best players. It’s fun challenge to play against the better players in unbalanced Cheiftans and 907s……

  21. Max De Kleijn De Kleijn

    I’m going to buy the t9 from rnked battles for 20k

  22. Only reason these tanks are for sale is beacause they all suck monkey balls….

  23. It shows clearly than WG has normal players in big, black hole. OP tanks are only for very good players rest of paying suckers can spend bones for playing 8 tiers piece of shit tanks.

  24. Atleast I can finally complete my is-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8

  25. Is5 and kv4 K make money like standard tier 8 premium tanks? 🤔
    I ask for a friend cus i still want the Guard and probably is6

  26. 11stupididiots11

    Lets bee honest…we all waiting and hope to get 907 for bonds😂😂…

  27. I buy T26E5 P verry nice heavy tank

  28. Yes, some more veteran tanks go to the bond shop. Not the best but i like them.
    Gotta buy IS-5 to my IS tanks family.
    But i really want to see a full review about all of them, i only have 12k bonds left :(((

  29. Kimmo Rintamäki

    Nice collector setup that is 😀

  30. “A bit disappointed” is “a bit understated” 😅

  31. IS5 and old IS3a both have the gun and i hate both of them for it

  32. Definitely snagging the is5 and kv4 just for collection purposes then saving the rest for winter.

  33. i hope i’ll be out of bonds bidding for cw reward vehicles, since even 1k elo clans are cruisng around with them in the campaign and it sucks.
    Also everyone wanting to bid for campaign reward will want to rush through ranked to get more bonds to bid… Nice move of wargaming to not at least wait for the bidding after cws to end, so people aren’t forced from one time consuming event into the next one, just so that they can keep up with their bid.

  34. Which of them is the best credit maker compared to the Patriot?
    Or is Patriot still the best tier 8 from bondshop?

  35. Nandakumar Chandrasekhar

    hey dez i have two request for videos. i hope u read my comment.
    1) can you make best to worst list of tier 9 tanks. cuz i cant find that kinda info anywhere. i have seen your review of tier 8s and tier 10s. why miss the best tier in the game??
    2) can u make top 10 tanks with the best shell velocity and fun to play. thanks 🙂
    bond vehicles are crapppp .. wg making everyone sad

  36. Dez you don’t have to click bait I know. I’ll watch anyways.

  37. I waited for an Tier 10 Tank.

  38. Thnx for the information

  39. I have played WT, Ground war tanks and obviously Wot and I always wanted and IS-6. Hell yea I am getting it. Plus I already have 4 premium T8s from marathons

  40. D: i accidently wasted my 1080 bond cuz i was lagging 🙁

  41. Hey Dez do you recommend focusing on damage or winning in the ranked battles.

  42. im still waiting for Obj. 752 autoloader but wargaming did not released it..

  43. i will just get the is5, because i want to 😀

  44. 1 CHYSLER
    2 IS5
    3 KV4
    4 IS 6
    5 M46

  45. I’ll get the IS-5 since i always wanted it :kappa:

  46. I was interested in KV 4 Kre… but 10k bonds are too much for that tank, I rather save them and buy 121b

  47. All 5 tanks they have released for bonds are extreamly disappointing, I wouldn’t get any of them

  48. F me, i just bought the bond equipment, f my life XD

  49. Cookiemaster Hamburger

    can a casual player get the ranked battles tank?

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