Finally news on Matchmaking & Pref MM tanks!

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. Sure we need more videos like this and upcoming news and for sure commentary and discussion making us more followers the game update

  2. LOL, what did they expect? That everyone spending money on a tank with pref MM, be happy about ending with a tank, without pref. MM…..The whole pref. MM, is the main reason that so many of us, DID buy the premium tank… Not only that…The KV5 is just a bad testing subject because its a tier8 tank, with a tier 6 gun….WHAT THE FUK does WG want you to do against a Tier 10 ?..Its like trying to bring down a castle with rocks and sticks

  3. I miss that one game years ago when I was in an E75 with 28 tier-7s….

  4. if they would set mm to look at player stats and make matches that way, they would solve this easily.

  5. I got a quick fix for the broken matchmaker…Simply change tier spread to +1 -1… See how easy it is WG?

  6. Please do stay on top of this. I love the game but obviously don’t play it as much as you I think you’re pretty dialed in on the flaws that need to be fixed.
    I don’t get the crowd that claims they haven’t played the game in years but comment on all WoT contributors to shit on it. Why haven’t they moved on?

  7. Load the Skill rounds

    Ya, I like these videos. I could go to the website and read their stuff but I like your insights, so keep making these for sure!

  8. I havn’t touched WoT or AW for a long time, both have a bunch of fuckery for the end user and money spender. I sure love watching Circon play, break down, and analize this game tho.

  9. Keep it up buddy, you seem to have the most influence on wargaming. When you’ve called them on their bullshit and made suggestions they have changed several things on past couple updates to match your suggestions. I feel like some of the other big name community contributors have gone soft on wargaming in the past. We need at least one, preferably more, to represent the rank and file players that tend to be treated as disposable income by WOT.

  10. Load the Skill rounds

    It’s funny how the preferential mm t34-3 is much better than its tech tree equivalent already and it’s gonna get even better, lol that t34-2 has to be the saddest pile of shite at tier 8 now.

  11. I think the SuperPershing needs some work on the amour. It’s penetrated way too easily. And the weak spot on top is huge.

  12. Go! Cicronflexes make the videos, I have spent far too many games at the bottom.
    The old match maker was better for me as tier 6 player, our Asia server is dying, low numbers play WOT these days.

  13. Chandler Kristoff

    as soon as i saw the article i came to Circon’s channel looking for a video about it, and i wasn’t disappointed, nice.

  14. The game wont magically get better, yall are being strung along with a carrot on a stick.

  15. Half a year because they have to do their little specials like their halloween Frankentanks… here is my opion WG stop giving us these events… screw off with world cup of tank soccer… fix your mess. I don’t need that crap. Focus onthe game fix it in 2 months.

  16. Bryan Manuel Salguero

    Maybe they cant do it ’cause polish tech tree (at least a reason) I dont think they are actually a biiiiiig company

  17. I have a computer career, and can tell you that the 6 month time required is utter bullshit. The change they are talking about isn’t a structural change to the MM code at all. All they need to do is keep a track of whether you’ve been top tier or bottom tier a lot recently, and while MM is building a team, and has just selected you for one position, it looks to see whether you’re unsuitable for it (because you’ve been top or bottom too often recently). If you’re unsuitable, it just forgets you, and carries on picking other people. Sure, that means you’ll have to wait a few more seconds to get picked for a game, but all of us would happily wait a few more seconds to avoid being bottom tier so goddamned often. I could program that in less than a day, including lots and lots of testing to make sure it worked as intended.

    You’ve got to bear in mind what WG’s promises mean. We’ve all seen countless examples of WG breaking its promises (e.g. “We’ll never sell the Mutant”, “We apologize for attacking Sir Foch so unfairly and we promise that we’ve learned to communicate with our users better and will never make this mistake again”, etc., etc.). And, of course, “We promise that MM is running perfectly now; the exhaustive statistics we gather prove it.” WG invariably breaks its word pretty quickly, usually within a few weeks. So not-even-promises — just vague intentions — of something that WG says it’ll do in half a year mean nothing. I’ve seen far too many examples of WG actually promising to do something within a few months and not doing it at all (e.g., “Crew skills will be completely reworked soon”, “We’ll be bringing out a second set of campaign missions with 4 new reward tanks next year”, etc., etc.)

    WG’s promising that it’ll fix the problem in half a year is just WG’s weasely way of saying, “Fuck you!”

  18. The mm change probe would only be a month to fix, the rest of the time there modding new OP tier 8 premium tanks that cost $100 each

  19. Please document this shit about matchmaker!

  20. Aug. vacation month. Plus US elections are in Nov. all hands on deck.

  21. 7mm of pen on the IS-6? Nope! Will need more impressing changes to this game before i return.
    Thanks for the vid Circon.

  22. Wow I can’t wait to maybe play world of tanks next year

  23. Brokem MM was why I stoped playing!

  24. Money Money Money … the ONLY thing WG cares about

    Btw Circon keep doing these informative videos, gj !

  25. if we all decided that we wouldn’t play WOT until the MM was fixed I can guarantee you it would be fixed a damn sight quicker than six months.

  26. Please keep doing these. It’s info we all need to know and your take on these things is fucking perfect. Some CC’s come off as puppets of WG where you will call them out on BS. Thanks for all you do.

  27. Carsten Goldschmidt

    They should activate the Frontline Modus 4 all Tiers, during the next six Month, while they work on a better Matchmaker.

  28. Please do make videos on updates like this.

  29. 6 months is a joke for something that should have been there from the start of 3-5-7 it sounds like wargamming are having to employ some outside help (you know someone who actually has a brain and knows how to use it).
    If wargamming care let’s see them show it by giving everyone 6 months premium account after all it is their fuck up that is costing players, so it should cost them not the players. Earning credits when grinding through tier 7 upwards is a nightmare, you only need one idiot in top tier and you know it will be a good game to break even 2 idiots and you know it will need a miracle to make credits as you will have to fire gold ammo, and use a couple of repair kits at least.

  30. During that half year they will buff the preff MM tanks to sell them. Higher priority of course. And after that they will look if they have some time left to change MM….

  31. C’mon, these buffs aren’t enough! The power creep went so crazy just on tier VIII, that it’s not enough penetration to fight own tier and we get to meet tier IX too…
    And for these ‘thrilling’ changes we have too wait 6 months more! It’s a f*cking drama…

  32. would there be any noticeable change on super pershing’s h.p./t buff? i think a top speed buff is more important tbh…

  33. So they go from blaming pref MM tanks for ruining the MM to admitting they’re not the problem and that they simply need to buff them like players told them to? Well shit if only they would take the time to listen to the playerbase some more when it comes to common sense changes.

  34. Do more posts like this to YouTube and we can like and agree. Not that it will change faster because Wargamming but at least they can track it a bit.

  35. What about for platoons? There’s no mention of fixing it so that platooning in anything under tier X is almost sentencing yourself to being bottom tier, or mid if you’re lucky.

  36. Cool, except it’s going to take *6 FUCKING MONTHS*

  37. I feel another ” Sir Foch Moment” coming on 😛
    way to go Circon, respect to you…..

  38. More updates please on the matchmaking. Also, we should all hit the forum feedback and request removal of gold ammo from the supertest as it just distorts the data.

  39. Oh yeah, matchmaking fix, really? I might comeback after 3 years if they. . . Ahhahhahahaaa no no jokes on you WG.

  40. Please keep making these informational videos

  41. Circon u at 100k subs give us our vid.

  42. CDC is not preferential Circon 😀 And I’ve been doing well in it for some time now, let them sell it

  43. Half a year! :-O But there’s a new shop. 😀
    I waited almost a year on a simple graphics bug fix (for the Mac OS client shell) so yeah. This doesn’t surprise me.

  44. Finally they admitted that the current MM sucks. 🙂

  45. If they realized that 3-5-7-MM failed… why dont they just removed that stupid template-system?

  46. 100k subs, finally

  47. Thousands spent on this game over the years. I guess I’ll check again in 6 months to see if it’s fixed.

  48. I don’t think these new changes will make play my IS-6 or KV-5. Other than the armored beasts of the tier9, there are still a lot of tier8 tanks which cannot be easily penetrated with those guns even at their ‘weak’ spots. Even their proposed buffed premium rounds have more or less same penetrations of other standart vehicles. Problem is the power creep which is a result of premium ammo and more armor to compensate cycle. I think they should scrap current premium ammo with more penetration concept and balance armor around standart ammo.

  49. Let’s see… 3-5-7 is in work for about 6 months and another 6 months (minimum) for them to fix it. That means about a year of crap. BUT THAT’S NOT ALL, FOLKS! First we buff PMM vehicles thus bringing more power creeps into the game for you to deal with in the following 6 months minimum! Glorious!

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