FINALLY Ruinberg, Cliff and Prokhorovka will be Balanced?! | World of Tanks Map Changes

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Source: DezGamez

World of Prokhorovka, Ruinberg and Cliff Map Changes and Rebalancing. World of Tanks New and Map Balancing. World of Tanks 10th Anniversary 2020.

► Information from: WG

Today I am going to share some very interesting and long-awaited map changes on 3 maps – Prokhorovka, Ruinberg and Cliff maps are going to receive some balancing updates, to make both bases, both sides more balanced to each other, because seems like those maps suffered under the one-sided battles.

Ruinberg city seems to be very interesting, specially for hull down tanks!

What do you think?


  1. Hyped about those changes? Do they need more/less balancing? Which other maps would you balance?
    Ruinberg city will be hull-down-d**k-measuring-contest for sure! 😛

    • What is you first language then? 🙂

    • @Bynk333 has Estonian

    • what about mines the biggest issue are there

    • @Mickleblade LOL and skill lituanian, too many Baltic youtubers today. 🙂

    • The problem with Prokhorovka or as I have grown to call it, Prokhorovcrap, is that it’s one big massive open field with little to no hard cover unless you’re a hull-down tank that’s stationary. You can’t use the west because it’s too open, you can’t use the middle because it’s too open, and you can’t use the east because it’s too open. Even these changes to the hill don’t help because the one thing the hill doesn’t have is hard cover. It doesn’t matter if you have the north or south spawns, if you get onto the hill, you can’t use the hill. Even now it’s too flat with no ability to hide anything that makes it up there other than light tanks. Putting a lot of rocks or hard cover on the hill to make it a proper fighting position would make it viable for either team to actually use, since what normally happens is heavies sit at the edge of the hill for the whole battle and never advance since there’s no place to hide once they’re on the hill.

  2. David Thornqvist

    All we really need is a better maprotation…

  3. Correct me if I’m wrong, but that counter post near by the church was in old days already, but they removed it with the new map changes, and now they complain about putting it back. And about the prokhorovka. The new mid hill bush might be good solution, but reducing those bushed at the top of the hill? I dislike that idea.

  4. The Cliff map needed that rock added on the road up the hill. Most light tanks would get shot up the ass climbing that hill… but on the opposite side they would be safe.

  5. And Mine??????

  6. They got Ruinberg all wrong. The north team get a massive advantage on the field because their side gets a deep dip from the mid ridge while the other side gets flat ground. Its impossible to play the field as the south team, meaning you get overrun and assfucked. Balance the field as well as the city

  7. And yet two of the maps they screwed up the most at 1.0 aren’t getting changed… Fjords was great before 1.0 and is now complete ass and sigfried line is so biased towards north spawn it’s a joke.. GJ WG

  8. I got balanced for camping in my tier 10 EBR at 80kph last night…

  9. Balancing Mines WG or Ensk that stupid tier II map ? Province for all tiers , Ensk I-VI

  10. The Hill on Prokho is now entirely useless for the southside as you cant progress from the corner bushes at all thx to the new pancake plain on top of the hill deleting all physical cover in form of hull down areas wich previously existed at 3/4

  11. Thanks Dez for another informative video. While these changes sound good. When would we actually see them live? My bet isn’t until next year maybe longer 😒

  12. I sometimes wish WG would take a page out of Valves book, when it comes to making changes to their game. How can it always take so long for anything significant to happen in WoT? It always needs to be this “big” patch with WG, where they do and release it all at once, and then often times the results are far from perfect and it takes WG yet another decade to address these new issues. Like, what’s so wrong with small patches and hotfixes? Balance a tank here, make a map change there and just keep the games development dynamic and flowing. It would be so much easier to react to current issues that way as well and the testing of whatever changes made would just happen as a side product of playing WoT regularly. Instead we always have these endless circle jerks of test servers, even for the smallest of changes and it’s just such a frustratingly long winded process.. Just put it on the live server, see how players receive and react to whatever changes were made, perhaps actually listen to some of your CC’s for once and then pump out another small patch to address whatever came up in 2-4 weeks time.

  13. As if the game didn’t have enough camped players, now it’s going to be even worse….

  14. Prokhorovka: I like how they only have small changes… but why did they also remove the bushes? This was actually the only way to get up the hill from the and not getting spotted. Not sure if they will reach their goal.

  15. Looks good

  16. When you make a game with a good maps but then you fucked up cuz you added some totally not needed tanks that ruins every game… and what you do? Simple you change the maps…. Not the vehicles not the mechanics not mm you change the maps. Because they are old… and we really…. really need it…. 👏👏👏👏

  17. Why are you clickbaiting with fucking arrows pointing at fucking grass

  18. Southern entrance to hill on Mines, or place something sort of similar to the west side on the east side of the hill i.e. a way up.

  19. How to instntly balance all maps in every game, Mirroring

  20. Cheers Dez. Ruinberg changes looked great until the tank was removed!

  21. Ruinberg and Prok look to be sensible changes – may have gone a bit far on Ruinberg though. I don’t know how hard it is to do, but why don’t they do more of this sort of thing? It must be reasonably quick to get enough data to see the way a map is going and nip out any marked biases…

  22. first time ive seen waragming doning some good things for players and not just to make money

  23. Hello sir , i think they should change many maps also like “malinovka”. These days it’s so hard to get with the heavys up there on the hill, u can be spotted in the middle of the map when you tryin’ to go up. also too many heavys camping the forest! Should do something on it. it’s not playeable any more. at least they could just increase or decrease the terian over there “up hill” . and ty for this awsome stuff.

  24. The moste unbalanced map in this game : widepark. Northern spawn has the dogleg railroad benefits.


    New maps upgrade😁

  26. eeehhhh Dez? wtf’s going on with all the red arrows? jokes aside good vid.

  27. Nobody talking about mountain pass?

  28. Pworontocokwala

    none of these seems needed to me, i had perfectly OK games with the “worse” sides on these maps
    much worse maps:
    – Erlenberg … the map that was perfectly fine before with playable areas everywhere is now just 2 flat plains with hills on one end of them and blindfire city in the middle… useless mpa that cannot be even blocked because it have 2 game modes >:(
    – Fjords … another perfectly fine map before that is turned into one heavy brawl corner (this was there before too i know) and a big open plain with capmers all around just plaing wild west shootout there… boring and campy
    – middle crest on Prokhorovka and Fishermens bay… i was hyped about changes for prokhorovka if they finaly going to do some change about the crest through the middle of the map so you can actually push attack without being IKd by 10 people from all sides on these 2 maps but nop… obviously not a problem for anyone to camp 10 minutes and wait for somebody to peek and take 1 shot and wait again… not fun gameplay

  29. Maybe the lower team has the advantage because people can’t turn the minimap around in their heads!

  30. Good changes overall, but if one spawn is slightly stronger than the others on these maps, yet they survive and get tweaked, why did Port (one of the best maps in the game) get removed and not tweaked? They have removed some bad maps over the years, but Port was well-liked by most people and still missed.

  31. Maps must have a reversed replica..period.

  32. Severogorsk, South Coast, Hidden Village, Northwest… that would be big changes! All got removed, all people want them back… WG do you listen to your players? “no”…

  33. Swabhiman Behera

    Thanks a lot man for bringing these information so easily

  34. cancer gameplay in the background

  35. On Ruinberg I can’t believe they didn’t put in a counter to the D6/E6 hulldown that the meds/lights get pretty much for free from the south spawn. That spot makes the field pretty much unplayable for the north.

  36. 20 minute video. This guys a fucking joke.

  37. Ariliquin Ariliquin

    Map broken or wheeled vehicle broken? Fix the tank.

  38. Where they opened up that building in Ruinberg, arty will now be able to shoot tanks on that street where they were shielded before.

  39. So they just made more camping areas, because ebrs destroyed everything.

  40. they didnt change the balcony on the field in ruinberg lol, its still gonna be blocked for me

  41. Alessandro Borelli

    Didn’t the north side in Ruinberg already have an advantage being able to shoot into the city from the middle?

  42. Privacy Matters

    If they spent as much time and energy to remove the rigged (and unpublished) pen RNG calculation and replace is with a simple SIN(angle) equation, the game would be fun to play again and would actually resemble real-life pen physics.

  43. Great, bot Ebr went hill. Don’t teach tomatoes the wrong thing

  44. Poor wg they didnt changed the major issue on ruinberg that ppl can shoot down the mid…

  45. LOL they added tank with a Dozer blade, let the map makers loose with it and bam dirt moved around on Prokhorovka, buildings demolished and ruble piles created on Ruinburg,

  46. i hope they balance the EBRS , get them out of this game

  47. 10:52 I’m in favor of artistic freedom, but THAT is not a church anymore. Pretty lazy if you ask me.

  48. So on Prok south team can still get to edge of hill much faster than north team. And once north team get to hill they are still targets from middle when they try to crest the ridge. South team are well hidden. Not much of a balance, really.

  49. about time you can’t challenge them on the south hill with out being shot from the middle on Prokhorovka. was starting to piss me off, but it meant the south could advance. but if you have a good TD on A0 then you can cover fire as long as someone lights them up.

  50. All non issues really. Real issues: Ridiculous go karts in a tank game, 3 artilleries in matches, and non viable tanks that need buffing.
    But, good job I suppose.

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