Finally Unlocking The BROKEN Tank in World of Tanks | Object 279e

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Source: DezGamez

Unlocking of The Most in World of Tanks. World of Tanks Object 279 (e) (Объект 279 ранний) Gameplay, 0 Heavy Tank. World of Tanks how unlock Object 279e.

After close 4 years of 2.0 campaign, I was finally able to unlock the most powerful tank in World of Tanks, The Object 279 (e)!

Enjoy the show! 😉


  1. It may not be what I was back in 2018, 19 or 20… But players still panic when they see it, get this tank into a right position and it will just dominate battles.
    Numbers do not lie, having 59% overall playerbase winratio in the last 60 days puts it above any other tier 10 tank…

    • the win rate helps that most of the people polaying it are just really good

    • Congrats man, honestly I’m surprised you didn’t have it already lol.

      I’m like 9 missions away from unlocking mine – perhaps I should try hard for it 😀

  2. I dont even bother with it

  3. I will never get them not good enough 😂😂😂

  4. I feel the 780 would have a better win rate than it has now if it was restricted behind missions. 279E is still king though no matter what.

  5. I started on PC in 2020, it took me roughly a year to get it, would have been faster but I am sort of free to play and I had to grind all the necessary tanks. I went up ALL 4 lines, I decided it was the easiest choice. Let me explain. By going all 4 lines, I was able to gather enough orders to only skip HARDEST missions, like 25 critical hits one. After skipping all the hardest missions, getting 3 masteries was actually the easier part. Just pick the worst tier 8 tech tree, play it, easy masteries.

  6. Call me noob, but I wasn’t even aware of personal/campaign missions for the first 6 months :O
    A year later, I am now knocking out T55A & Chimera, but not really trying – I play, and sometimes I complete a mission. I found that the harder I tried, the less likely I was to succeed, for some reason!

  7. I’m just trying to get the Excalibur free to play…

  8. I’ve decided.I want a commander voiced by Dez.

  9. As a casual player AND someone who insists on doing every fcking missions with honors, getting to the moon is closer than getting this tank LMAO

    PS. And thanks a lot to Skill and Daki, man look at your boii Dez all grown up jk

  10. hahhaa.. glad to witness it live on twitch!!! and love to see it again here…

    congratz Dezy!!

  11. Well Done Dez…have fun .

  12. Still stuck on Excalibur cause i hate arty and refuse to play it lol

  13. I still think chief is more OP tbh

  14. Christian Alboroto

    Congratulations man. Won’t forget this achievement because it’s the date of my birthday as well.

  15. Broken not really only with a good Player how knows how to angle and wiggle yes maybe . This 279e has so many weakspots if you know were to shoot. You can destroy a hull down 279e much easier then a Chieftain. There are driving so many 279e around with 46 47 48% Players , however they get the 279e (i think most of them bought it) these 279e from this players are free dmg for you.

  16. Roland Yancy Dorol

    What if… just what if Dez is actually a woman who is using some fancy voice warp.
    just saying, dont hate me.

  17. congratulations. If dez did it in 4 years, I can’t do it in my life. 😂😂😂

  18. Stupid mission I stopped

  19. Well done Congrats. Do not have it. Still in Excalibur because I suck at doing missions. Get them done by accident.

  20. CONGRATULATIONS 🎉I think that I will get it in 3 yrs, I already played 3 yrs. My best tank is the vz 55,i love that thin too, just the mobility and the firepower.

  21. We all were there and it was a party…

  22. 90% done with 279(e). I’ve stopped working on it as I get all my crews to 5 skills (for Crew 2.0)

  23. Shieldshocker WoT

    Congrats man! Your welcome that I put some instructional videos for Obj. 279e missions recently, otherwise you would be stuck for couple of years more 😉

  24. jabadahut wilson

    Pretty easy to get it doesn’t take 4 years

  25. I myself am working on the last missions for Chimera right now, got the T55A already and so am also doing missions for the 260. But as mostly free to play player it’s a bit difficult, as well I’m trying to do all missions with honour… So I could be a bit further, but I dont want too XD

  26. Me still doing the Stug IV mission… I have been doing it over 7 years… From 2015…

  27. I’m struggling with the “25 crtis in 10 games” missions (Alliance-8 and Coallition-4) and “20 spot kills in 10 games” (Alliance-3)

  28. Pădurarul Critic și Cinic

    Finished all chapters of Battle Pass and returned to lower and middle tiers to do daily missions. That is why, Dez.

    • Whatever works for you to enjoy the game mate! 😉

    • Pădurarul Critic și Cinic

      @DezGamez unfortunately, higher tiers are annoying me too much, so i only venture there when i have new tanks to hunt down or Battle Pass. Best of luck and health, Dez, great content as always.

  29. Someone is not running improved configuration. Blow ups coming

  30. RoackerRomanMandru

    After 15k battles I unlovked 260 and 279 (e)….still haven’t played them.

  31. GG. I’m just starting the 260 missions and still on the Chimera one. But I’m not playing specifically for them. If it happens, it happens 😉
    If I’m not mistaken, your crew members are not donkey but unicorn no ?

  32. i refuse to play artillery, that aspect of the game i completely and utterly hate. so gg for those missions

  33. And finally learning that the tank isn’t OP

    • After first 30+ games, seems pretty darn broken to me, easiest and most idiotproof tank I have played.

    • @DezGamez Yeah, the tank is not bad, but in my experience it is easy to penetrate, it is slow(ish)… It has great gun handling, I will say that this is really great about the tank. The only reason people think it’s so OP is because against tier 8 tanks it really is, but I don’t see how VZ 55 isn’t OP against tier 8 tanks and no one is losing their shit over a tank that you see in every battle, but as soon as we see 279e in the game it’s instant cryfest (there is 5 times more battles played in the VZ in the last month on NA and 4 times more on EU server)

  34. Sell it.

  35. way to go getting it! you have great vids & info.. i am no where close to 279e, 1 step away from HTC28..

  36. If jagd fired HEAT dez would be a history. But sadly, there is still players who believe this game is playable without gold spam

  37. I get the 260 two days ago.. Now it’s time for chimera and 279… Need 5 years again lol

  38. 7/1 is good tank, 5/1 is crap missing point blank and AX is also semi crap, mission what missions I am also benevolent about that 279e not intrested at all

  39. Over 1300 base XP on a tier 10 — second class medal only.

  40. jochim van der linden

    I got mine doing UNION missions with honors. unlocked the tank with the orders from the other tanks (4x excaliber + 4 chimera + 1 union 15)

  41. Day 215 still waiting for meme review 🙃

  42. Yeah some of those arty missions are quite annoying. Especially for arty trees like the french which is hardly competitive
    They also ruin your stats
    .. holy. .31 dispersion on heavy tank, without aiming unit
    this is quite crazy, although the aim time is not that good

  43. only 4 years for obj279???? i have yet to unlock the chimera….and playing from 10years now…

  44. tank overpowered 279e gratz on getting it.

  45. I am going for this tank, but am pretty far away. There is going to be alot more battles

  46. Centurion 7/1 is a great tank. I like it a lot. But its hard to have big games in it.

  47. Funny thing is, the console edition was giving away this tank for free via operation, which consisted of 5 tasks, back in around 2019 (since content for consoles appears with 1 year delay). The operation, however, had a small window of time, 1 month to be precise. And this tank along other Tier X Permiums (T95/Cheiftain, VK 76, etc) is still available to get for 350k Free Exp, on console, without the need to grind this task system which is included in PC version.

  48. 1. You had field mods up to at least 6, because of the second specification on equipment slot.
    2. lol that 430u about bots
    3. 14:00 nice rng deviation of the shell towards kranvagn lower plate

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