FINALLY! War Thunder’s BR Changes – New Tiger Rounds

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War Thunder Gameplay – War Thunder BR Changes Are Finally Here – Tiger E is a Beast

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  1. the 60 grams has a TNT equivalent close to the new round (check it again)

  2. am i the only one that thinks this BR patch is really retarded
    btw is the new gaijin ceo american cuz they keep buffing them to death

  3. I’m glad the 8.8cm Flak 37 Truck o Death has been bumped up. I use this all the time and it’s so op at 3.7

  4. In the intro gameplay you sounded just like SARK

  5. Omg, they had to change the first t-44 Br….. i go with 7.7 what is wrong with War Thunder, like i was against a Jagdtiger and the Tiger ll H 10,5cm, when i got a 85mm that can only pen 159mm ballistic rounds, the rest are just damn APCR that don’t do almost anything to them… i hope they adjust it

  6. mauricio hernandez Hernandez

    u know that new round for the tiger 1 was was actually added last padge ago ???

  7. Imperial Order Gaming

    The tank you said was a KV-85 in the first match was a KV-122

  8. Tracytron | Minecraft, let's play's and toy reviews

    Another thing they need to change: YOU NEED TO BE INVINCIBLE ON THE AIRFIELD IN ARCADE and in airbase domination you’re only invincible if it’s your runway

  9. Thank god! The Tiger E is finally useful! Too bad I already grinded to within 1500 RP of the tiger II P

  10. why did they change panther 2 br it was just like a tiger 2 but faster i dont really see any meaning of fucking making it face 8.0….

  11. war thunder CREATErs GOT IT THEW THERE THICK HEADS THAT THE GAME WAS STARTING TO HIT THE fan so they fixed many things to make people happy


  13. Not sure if you did this one already (I’m sure you did), but how about the a video of that you think is (or are, if they’re are multiple) most overrated vehicle(s)

  14. Qc 103 !!!!! bon travail !!!!

  15. Where did men of war Monday go baron

  16. what is the difference between tiger e and h1


  18. In the old patch tigers were still powerful at range
    I would sit on a hill flanking the entire battlefield and I would just go in. Sniping left and right.

  19. so… is the Hetzer gonna Hetz now?

  20. I think the most needed was the panther II tbh but I wanted the Tiger E most to be changed for use

  21. I like the tiger change but I didn’t like the IS-2 br drop

  22. Baron what’s your favorite nation in War Thunder?

  23. damnit gaijin fix the m4a3e2 76

  24. The KV-1 Zis-5 got bump down to 4.3 so it helps keep it from being in tier 3 matches as often very helpful because the original be was 4.7 and it would end up in 5.7 matches it was so annoying because it was hard to kill the tanks at that be.

  25. make the AA so unaccurate for the close bit of the boarded and get heavy farther

  26. Yay. 2 waves of tigers for everyone

  27. D:
    Did they delete all of my replays though?!

  28. Spitfire F Mk.24 at 6.7 just isn’t right

  29. American BR4.7 is lost now, been a terrible couple of days.

  30. They put the fucking IS-2 on 5.7 I mean wtf?!

  31. it did nothing for me yes it upd the be rating but I’m still driving a tiger h facing king tigers, t29, and more t4 crap and that tiger h is the only teir three vehicle I have right now so for me it didn’t help em that much but I will say with that be update I did make people angry by killing them in their t4 vehicles with a panzer 3 n

  32. I really love this BR changes! It’s more balanced now!

  33. t 34 was perfect where it was. they are easy to kill. yes they are don’t t be a retard and just shoot the turret. and they kill easy. perfectly fine where they were.

  34. Nice video..Big Like!!!

  35. Baron what do you think of the new prices for British Planes? 41k repair cost for a stock Hunter? 10k for the repair of the Mustang mk1A?

  36. do the do 17

  37. Frikkin jumbo is bullshit br, 9/10 time in my pz 4 j i will be facing jumbos

  38. aahahahahaha wt following on with wot buffs to german tanks…nice…

  39. help me get back on my feet please. . id be thankful for any donations

  40. The Pzgr rounds had been added for AGEESSS!!! And you found it just now?

  41. Welp, so much for Russian bias.

    Just goes to show that the power of community can topple any goal.

  42. i like the T-34-57 br change. it means its no longer going to end up in a 5.7 br match. which is good really

  43. T29 still at 6.7 and Panther 2 at 7.0 WTF. To increase Panther 2 to 7.0 was to mutch.
    The Tiger with the new shell at 5.7 is also questinable.
    But the 88 flak 37 at 4.3 was the best change. Because that thin was really anyoing.

  44. The t-34-85 defiantly needed to be changed, Russian bias leleleleleleleel

  45. Tiger E at 5.7

  46. dont like the is2 shell removal though

  47. T29 8.0 plz

  48. Baron I know what you should try! I saw those russian trucks on abanden factory and thought: Damn why not try to to use them as camo and play with one of those russuan aa trucks and troll somebody?
    Give it a shot m8

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