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  1. IRL Flight simulator

    My first words from seeing that first clip was uh oh my god

  2. I don’t play this game, so why would someone on a team not want to intentionally destroy the tracks of an enemy vehicle?

  3. OMG i shot that thing in the side with an APFSDS and boom richochet hahahaha what a day in warthunder

  4. i luv the Marksman. same cannons as the gepod. Slow and steady

  5. this video straight bussin fr fr on god no cap 100

  6. VIDEO REQUEST – Attempt 1 – Take out an Mi-8 with rocket pods and get a kill using Ukraine conflict style lob shots.

  7. You gotta try the M26-T99 at Bradley’s BR. Bigger gun, more boom sticks, and the freedom of no guidance.

  8. notorious nitrous

    bro wtf has been up with the M22

  9. Just some dude chillin

    Hey phly you should do a vid on the ru 251

  10. Day 8: use the M6A1 again

  11. TheMightyWookie351c

    Hard to look up the tank on your attempt to name it. Please say what it is

  12. Phinnish?

  13. The Tank Commander

    Attempt #1: Trends do Start in odd ways. T26E4 Super Pershing! Go hunt some Big German Cats!

  14. It looks like it try to hug you but in the bad way

  15. Hey Phly I was wondering if you’d be willing to play out the T95E1 it is easily one of the worst vehicles I have ever used I think you’ll enjoy it. I would give you a challenge for it but playing the vehicle itself is mentally straining enough.

  16. Day 1 . We need officer locust again.

  17. Can you try the char 2c france superheany tank

  18. They need to update that cannon noise yeesh. Sounds like an old farm tractor.

  19. The finns made it run on 100% pure vodka for the extra power

  20. That’s a Leopard 2A4 hull

  21. That M22 in the intro is my spirit animal

  22. CHALLENGER MARKSMAN WHEN??? We have the chieftan! why not the other prototype?!

  23. you need to use the A36 with gun pods its op

  24. What can I say… Really tired of the power creep here. Sweden is already really, really bad in the power creep department (following closely behind China) and they go ahead and add a substantially better marksman and it’s only 0.3 higher? 90 degrees of turret rotation too makes it possible to respond to threats near instantaneously. Fuck off Gaijin and add something homegrown instead that doesn’t just fuck up the BR.

  25. attempt #7 use the M134 turrets on the huey and role play as a gunship

  26. play the vehicles in the German starter bundle (they’re broken)

  27. Luigi Domenico Pace

    i rewatched 7 times the part where he said “itpsv”, it was magical

  28. I deeply appreciated the respect for the humble Mi-4 sky brick

  29. 6:36
    but can you really be *THAT* sure?…
    what if he’s still alive? can’t really tell

  30. oh whats this a FREAKING GEPARD, with some upgrades/downgrades nice

  31. Day 7: hey phly, please play the IAR-81C best cas plane at 2.7 for Italy

  32. Supreme Cheese Wizard

    The one guy in this video who played with phly twice and in the same vehicle during the recording session

  33. That M22 in the beginning was funny


  35. 7:17 hi phly, did u realised that u r the swedish? lmaoooo

  36. Is funny to see a Leopard 2 hull at 8.3 (Gepard has a Leopard I hull…). But it is basically a German turret and base. The Oerlikon 35mm is Rheinmetall (same as Gepard), the base is KMW (Krauss-Maffei Wegmann) and the tech is basically mostly German as well – even though it is “officially British”.

  37. M22 isthe best tank!!

  38. Day 268: Phly, you should play the Hampden TB Mk. I. High-yield, low-tier bomber goodness

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