FiRe aNd fOrGeT MiSsIlEs

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  1. what is a paper tank? like only exist on paper?

  2. I just consider this an anti air, gunner gots tracking irst that you can get the green box that helps you follow the airplane so you can fire the 20 missles at airplanes with that, the fire and forgets can lock airplanes easier, and your 30mm gun can shoot fast enought and accurate enough to kill them. its just a swedish anti air with missles. except its chinese

  3. WT devs got it right for once… chineese tech at its finest.

  4. Phly <3
    keep up the amazing work man 🙂

  5. WT penetration model looks wrong. whatever direction you hit it always penetrate along the line of sight from your tank.

  6. Fire and regret

  7. And I thought this thing was going to be OP.

  8. Plhy use the commander control mode, maybe it’s way more effective from behind cover

  9. But they take the Panther II and KT105 out cause le fake and won’t allow us to get the E50 or E75 lol cmon gayjin

  10. hey phly, what keyboard settings do you use? i use advanced and i cant find anymore keys to use

  11. Attempt 30 – Please play the SAu 40 tank destroyer. It’s one of the strangest looking TDs in the game and I love watching your french-tank videos!

  12. I’m convinced this vehicle is bad

  13. Personally im all for paper tanks as long as theyre implemented correctly, and at a proper BR. Unless of course said tank would not work in game period (as in the game engine cant handle it or its simply too advanced or unfair to exist). We dont want more 2S38s. That thing is bad enough, isnt even finished testing and its already in game and at WAYYYY too low of a BR, if it was at a proper BR it would be fine.

    Otherwise this tank, would probably have to go up if gaijin ever fixes the ATGM tracking since it looks really buggy and stupid; and remove the requirement to come to a full stop to fire ATGMs, it has most of the ingredients to be a good 10.0-10.3 Support IFV. Also just want to point out, an IFV almost as bad as this, the 8.0 Bradley; still doesnt have M919 APFSDS for no valid reason.

  14. PphHaAnNtTeRr 2 is not historical and then this

  15. You fire and the missile forgets!

  16. 10minutes of talk and test drive, 12 minutes of gameplay.
    This is just sad

  17. “I think I’ll be more effective in the drone”
    “Oh no..”

    L O L

  18. I wish you were able to unlock more than one Top tier vehicle in the event.

  19. play the ARL 5.3 in france day 8

  20. Chinese designers took one look at the Catapult from Mechwarrior/Battletech and thought, “yeah… let’s just do that but with tracks”

  21. good video

  22. Couldn’t you and spookston wait until I sell the damn thing before you start bashing it lol

  23. So, can we now have spikes?

  24. Thats just a copy of our BMPT-72!

  25. Fire and forget for comedic purposes only.

  26. the missile forgot it supposed to hit other vehicle

  27. Paper tank because this tank is quite literally only good on paper

  28. it really should target the roof of the turret if it’s gonna top attack I would think

  29. inb4 someone leaks classified documents to get the QN506 buffed.

  30. The only song I heard watching this video was dUmB WaYs tO dIe

  31. Ivan Korobeinikov

    Paper tanks are their only way to continue development of the game. They have a small lead time for helicopters and planes but the tanks hit the ceiling of development. The bad thing is that they will not add paper tanks of the second world, but will introduce top vehicles to encourage people to spend money .

  32. Day-158 of asking for a T18b (57) Video.

  33. America still has plenty of non-paper vehicles to add, later SEPbrams, A4 Bradley, a boatload of stryker and LAV variants. HIMARS if they wanted to get spicy. (as if)

  34. Does this mean we will eventually get the Ramka 99 and BMPT 2000, and eventually the BMPT 2017?

  35. almost thought it was the bmpt terminator

  36. Virginia Peninsula Fire Response

    Day 68: Phly, I challenge you to get 10 kills with the M2A2 Mae West

  37. Christer Prestberg

    Trying to get one for the cheap just to fill a IFV slot in my chyna lineup, but the effing thing is legit going for betwen 125-150gajuns atm and selling pretty fast QQ

  38. Some guy from Kaunas

    It was made china

  39. Considering guigan can’t even model tanks with actual stats on paper correctly, I don’t have much hope for their ability to model paper tanks seeing as how the HSTV-L is once again rising in BR to 11.3 when it’s reload, shells, tracking system, and APFSDS pen is still missing dispute numerous bug reports

  40. Gaijin said this thing has 8 ATGMs in DEV,but they only give it 4 now.And this thing in reality can fire while moving,all APFSDS shells,much better locking and flying systems(you can choose straight fire or fly up-down fire way),and this commrade sight can change to high or low like Strv122B,and this thing is not that so easy to be over pressured ,and this thing also have some patrol missiles.All these things are cut by gaijin.I think in their mind,China is just a test mouse for Russian coming new system.Just like they do to China Tor,Russian S1.They give China a shit but new system Tor,and then when they get enough data,they make the S1 totally full and better ,even Tor and S1 is at same br.That is ridiculous.

  41. This thing is 100+ dollars btw

  42. I wouldn’t be surprised if gaijin decided to add the BMPT Terminator because the QN-506 is basically the Chinese counterpart.

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