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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

Meet Major Update “Fire and Ice”: https://wt.link/Fire_and_Ice

New, Finnish branches for Swedish tech tree – both and Ground vehicles, including the Leopard 2A6! More than 50 new and updated vehicles with the long awaited M1A2 SEP with the TUSK modification, SPAA ТОR-М1 and the iconic Fusō Japanese ! Apart from all this, two new locations: “Arctic” and “Rocky Canyon” and as always, a long list of bug fixes and smaller changes!




  2. I love having a new chaos gremlin tank lol

  3. Much as I love the game being worked on, I wish the game would actually let me log in to play

  4. Garrett Urbaczewski

    Add everything except new game modes. Seriously how about either adding new ones or overhauling old ones?

  5. Love how the old trailer of new updates are better than the ones now

  6. There goes my storage
    From viking fury When it started dying
    TO NOW

  7. Soo.. when will the jets get animated ejection seats and period correct parachutes?

  8. also why the f/// do you give chat bans
    you make the players frustrated into that
    and when someone is playing like a fricking retard
    im going to tell them that they are a fricking retard
    its not out fault you make us pay for theyr mistakes and why should anyone hold back the anger in themselfs to not hurt someone that they dont give a f/// about

  9. Any chance to make it possible to decide where to put your ammo?

  10. war thunder pls add romania in you game i really want it

  11. “unique vehicles”

  12. This update will be massive. Is it real that the mouse panzer and the sturmtiger are returning?


    My 14gb left on my pc:exist
    This 15gb update: oh hi there

  14. When maus will back?

  15. Good update, trash name

  16. Carlos García Jiménez

    I would like to have Spain as a playable faction in the game

  17. Amazing! Only one thing left. To add the sturmtiger

  18. please gaijin let us earn more when loosing.
    I know this game is all about kills and nothing to do whit teamwork and winning.
    my 2 ideas.
    1: make the game more like a battle royale game *everyone vs everyone*
    2: remove all the flags and cap points and make the game an open world shooter instead.
    3: let players who team up whit people be banned for 7 days.
    take away all the BR settings and let us play everything agenst everything.

    make the game better agian PLEASE!

  19. Image looks like it’s 840×480 in VR now and TAA/DLSS don’t work. It’s unplayable now, so it’s the worst update ever for me.

  20. this update makes me want to stop. after 1 game my FPS drops from 50 to 10 until it stay to 8 . from high graphics to lowest of all. still my fps stays to fvkng 8

  21. Yall are just throwing these updates at us, and I love it

  22. I saw a photo on pinterest of a sherman with a modified flamethrower attached and the same trailer the Churchill Crocodile uses to stores the flammable liquid

  23. I believe Churchill was the name of a ww1 flame thrower I could be wrong though

  24. Now we might have flamethrower shermans and hopefully we will have custom multi digit numbers like the ones on us tank side hulls and the digits being more than 1

  25. Get rid of the drones

  26. thanks to war thunder for ading the hellenic apache as a greek i apriciate it

  27. Cool update now can you fix the shitty game?

  28. Robert Van Schepdael

    Please add more camo skins for all planes with the same excitement that you put into the Chinese J-2 jet fighter. Also, I think a few Pink camos would be kinda cool

  29. with the ammount of vehicles being added we need a update to make the game les of a grind

  30. War Thunder: Warrior Cats Update

  31. Give us

    Panther II
    Tiger II 10.5cm


  32. Epic! super excited!

  33. Can tor m1 hit air to ground missile? As if in dcs?

  34. Has anyone had this problem to?

  35. Hey Gaijin, It’ll be great if we have an Indian tech tree

    Starting from with tanks US tech Tree, France, Russia, Britain(Stuart M3, Sherman, T-34,BT-5, stuart3, Vickers, T-55, T-62, T-72(all mods), BMP(all mods), and t80{All the tanks over 6+BR are/were manufactured in india)

    From aviation (there a mix of ussr and france)(Not familiar with the old ones)
    But they have Jaguar, mirage, migs and sukhoi
    Even helicopters
    starting from Aloutte2&3, Mi24a, Ah-64

    All the vehicles have slightly upgraded after(TOT from respective countries) Also you can have new indian tanks and aircrafts
    Arjuna MBT(60tones)

    All the above are a part Indian armed forces(Retired or in service)


  36. i wish i have unlimited SL and GE, and just play WT for fun

  37. When will we get Polish Tech Tree?

  38. at 2:00 it’s literally visible how the shots are coming out from between the 2 barrels… how did you mess up this badly gaijin??

  39. Bastaaaaaaaa avete rotto i coglioni con questi aggiornamenti ogni 3×2 bastaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  40. mig 29

  41. Will I have to buy the battle in order to have a chance to get the crocodile? If so then fml

  42. bring back the british commentator. these american ones sound so fake and annoying

  43. HEY GAIJIN, should just start calling your updates “its broke, again”. STILL have ghost shells, shooting is kinda the core of the game, think youd have that down by now, and now, the rangefinder doesnt work. Doesnt matter what key it’s binded to. Unassigned it, reassign it, doenst work. another core part of the game… broken. -sincerely yours , ghost shell user 64363465875.

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