Firefly goes ham/ 3-5-7 rant!

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Corsair H100i GTX
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  1. So true rhat mm its afucking garbage thats why im not playing only 2-5 games prr day and go to fuck you wg and i donr buy anymore shit of they

  2. I’ve not played WoT for well over a year now. 3-5-7 killed it for me, absolutely no point platooning with friends anymore. Throw in arty, corridors and gold ammo then why bother with this game.

  3. So overstated! You are not an average player. Saying that anyone should play with your results is far too ignorant.

    I’m willing to bet, YOU can be a member of the 7 in a 3-5-7 and kick ass over half the time………mid 50%’s or so?????

  4. For some reason this reminded me of the few times I got into an only tier 4 game in the 38t Na, and how a usually useless tank suddenly became amazing.

  5. Want to fix 3-5-7? Why don’t you *all* join forces with 4tankersanddog. He doesn’t just bitch and howl at the moon, he comes up with reasoned ideas that need to be finalized and implemented. Start your education here:

  6. Had a game like this in an OI yesterday (I’m just grinding, crew doesn’t even have 1 skill at 100% yet). Top tier in 3/5/7 on Ehrlenberg encounter…drive to cap circle…proceed to get High Caliber and Top Gun, with basically no challenge. GG Tier 4s and 5s, hope you enjoyed it. GG WG.

    3/5/7 is just trash.

  7. Mustrum Ridcully

    If WOT put their fingers in their ears and keep going LA LA LA LA they wont hear anything. They have backed themselves into a corner now. 3-5-7 is what they are set on and the numbers continue to go down. Last Dev out turn the lights off and keep the 3-5-7 flag flying please.

  8. Very true, well said….And it would only boost the player population as well as their revenue made. However, they seem to be stuck on this formula that is meant to piss off their player base to spend more money out of frustration instead of satisfaction. It truly is a bad business model and needs to be changed for any hope of success in the future.?

  9. pretty boring game lately– it has been days since playing a winning team- sad:-(

  10. Stop complaining about this wonderful game and buy and review the leafblower already !

  11. Premium tanks which are better than normal tanks, what else did you expect from WG?

  12. “3/5/7 is beyond doubt. Critizing it is blasphemy. Shup up and transfer money.” Quote from Wargaming

  13. Oh, and I was crying on forum how balanced is 3/5/7 when I was exping T4 and literraly evry fcking game was +2 people were like stop crying its fine… I dotn mid being T6 in T8 or T8 in T10 but for fcking sake T4 is most fcking unbalanced tier to play even +1 MM is too much. But u know even braindead zombies must have these gaems where they can dominate. BTW this is the reason why I enjoyed Frontline only T8 tanks without fcking imbalanced T10 shits and gold spam to pene fcking tank ( except fcking defender but thats another problem).

  14. i love grinding M3 lee its so good tank at T6 games. 14K exp for m4 and T1 without prem acc.

  15. in world of tanks blitz we have +1/-1 MM , balanced premium ammo (except FV’s) and NO ARTY
    but the maps are way smaller

  16. Violet stetpedder! 🙂

  17. I’m just playing a bit every other weekend or so, while I wait for +2 MM to finally die. It wouldn’t be so bad if there wasn’t such a huge difference between tiers. My god, there is sometimes a 50% increase in things like HP and damage, just going up one tier!

  18. Only reason why we still have +2 mm is because you have to pay to be competitive. If you want to have a bit of premium ammo, food, equipment and good crew (grows faster with premium account), you have to go down in the pocket and pay them. Of course you don’t need to get premium account, but life is so much easier with it. I’m not surprised if their sales go down if they change the mm…

  19. I had a super interesting game today (I think it was a 5-10) as a P.43ter top tier on Ensk. over 4k dmg and 9 kills and I worked my ass off and managed to carry with one TOG in the end against a few enemies.
    IMO i was challenged enough with that… I dont need 3-5-7 MM either at the top or bottom

  20. 6-9 matchmaking would be pretty much perfect IMO. Having 3 top tiers is just aids, when you lose 1, the enemy team basically has 50% better chance to win the whole game.

  21. 1 year of this BS 3/5/7 MM. I’m guessing someone high up in WG too proud to admit this is a fail.

  22. “Everybody has to have his day to spawn top tier”

    Of the games I’ve played today while trying to grind my Luchs towards a Leopard (I’m a new player), at least 9/10 games for me were as a 3/5/7 with tier 6 top tiers. I had one game where I was top tier with tier 3/4 in 5-10 format. And my luchs was immediately ripping through mediums.

    I enjoy the game regardless of this, but it really does feel unfair. I enjoy a challenge, but an untouchable O-I doing 80% of my HP from further away than I can see feels bad.

    Edit: Additionally I play LoL so I can handle imbalance or patches that fuck things up, but they address issues every other week.

  23. The 3-5-7 would work if it was balanced with the other possible combinations ( same tier, +/- 1) There are 6 possible combinations unless you are tier 9 or 10. If we were averaging the matchmaking around 15% for each then its fine. Unfortunately WG makes it 70% bottom tier for the 3-5-7 for tier 8 and below. Awesome job on the game design – morons!!!

  24. There’s really no point of showing seal clubing vids on your channel imo, or maybe you just wanna show case the stupidity of WG’s MM system…anyway, still loving your vids, man.

  25. Yeah, 3-5-7 MM is shit, no doubt about it… but have you tried playing tier 4,5,6 today? I was grinding P26/40, BDR and then ARL and it was one of the most useless days in WoT… Those retarded idiots from WG just sold a shitload of leFH arty again. 2 of those shitters almost every game and shitting on you every 7 seconds, top guns in arty were normal things today, even 8 kills games in a fucking arty. Sometimes i wonder how fucking stupid those guys from WG can actually be? And they surprise me every fucking time…

  26. this video is yet another perfect example of the primary reason this game doesn’t grow in popularity, only stagnates with the same user base that grows more and more weary with every patch. a new player will walk away from this game every single time as a direct result of games like this. gamers want to have fun, feel engaged and mostly to feel like their efforts mean something to the overall result. but to log in day after day to grind low tiers and be victimized and used and have games end in less than a minute for reasons it will take them 1000’s of matches to understand, is a waste of their precious game time. so they simply walk away forever, install any one of a thousand games that are fun engaging and most of all empathetic to the plight of a new player.
    and so wargaming continues the cycle of bleeding it’s non expanding player base for more and more cash with every new iteration. but hey 3-5-7 good for game da!!!

  27. just watched an episode of abandoned engineering about Hitlers abandoned bridge in the Czech Republic and one of the experts was defiantly your doppelganger or was it indeed you sirfoch????

  28. 3-5-7, you make a clear point why it is bad, and we all can see it for ourselves. But what is the problem with arty? When MM puts 3 in each team it is too much, but beside that? I have played 2,5k matches or so in arty but obviously play the other classes way more, and I dont really understand why some youtubers that have not played so much arty are having such an issue with it. Please tell us so we understand.

  29. Nooooo you killed a luchs, off to the salt mines you go foch.

  30. Every idiot can be top tier and have a good game!!!….. Once per 10 battles LUL playng anything from tier 5 to 8 is just like watching 3 people above you having fun in 80% of your games when you are in botom. So much fucking fun.

    Srsly i have good stats at any tier and i can handle +2 but i always wonder how much fun other people have in this MM?? Like 80% of players are in range from 45%-52% and this 50-52% players most of the time are even playng the game ! :O but rest? I can bet 50% of players are below 50% WR.

    Someone might say “Comrade they shuld just improve so they can handle challenging +2MM DA, nahuj”. WRONG, when you are having +1/-1 you still need to improve to be competitive, but at least everyone can have FUN. 5/10MM is amazing, i dont care about tier and position, i can be top and botom and i still have good games and even fun.

  31. Rifty The Swifty

    Share this video around everywhere and with everyone you can. #NotMyMM

  32. Holy shit bad players doing stupid shit causes them to lose… how amazing. Also good player seal clubs bad players.

    3/5/7 is fine. The problem is bad players who are unwilling to improve their standard of play. The enemy team went fucking valley on Lakeville. Ofcourse they lost.

  33. I think, somehow, the old MM was better. If you play with friends now you can literally go fuck yourself. We played 32 games in a 3 man platoon yesterday and were top tier 0 times. Literally 0.

  34. I go design game djdhsbs…cyka blyad….I’ good programmer fjwna.fg
    ..sswrifmw give me more vodka

  35. Bring back the old MM basic format (random team make-ups) AND combine it with the new team balancing mechanics. Easiest solution to implement by the WG developers. Players get a balance of top, middle, and bottom tier matches and the situation in the above video is less likely to occur since there were mostly 4 to 6 top tier tanks in a match instead of 3, making it harder for one or two top tier players to dominate so easily.

  36. It’s always great to watch vids that come with expert strategic commentary. You nailed it. Well done 🙂

  37. But I love meeting Maus and 268 V4 when I grind tier eights with garbage gold round penetration…..

  38. WG doesn’t just continue to shit on their player base, they are accellerating the program. “Fun” game.

  39. I have mixed feelings about the fixed template matchmaker. On one hand, back when this did not exist and it was possible to land in games with most of the team being Tier 9-10 with two Tier 8s per team (me being one of them) that was crap, but iirc it was a fairly rare occurrence, and I don’t remember my Tier 8 grinds to be bad (I use Tier 8 as an example since people claim it’s the most shafted tier with the current system). On the other, direct experience makes me agree with Foch in that being bottom tier in a 3-5-7 scenario is decidedly unfun for the seven sods who land bottom. And with 3-5-7 happening in the vast majority of games (the alternative being 5-10 or a +/-0 scenario which is very rare), I can see why people get frustrated by this. So yeah, the old system had its faults, but I’d rather we go back to it and suck it up when we get a bad game. That would also remove the issue of ‘fixing’ the pref MM tanks, as it is because of the fixed template that those got screwed over. That said, there is ONE good thing the 3-5-7 formula did – it made Tier 7 and especially Tier 9 comfortable. Wether that is worth it or not, to each their own.

  40. Every time I think “hey, I should give WoT another try” I watch a Sir Foch video, and it saves me money and time. Bless this salty man!

  41. You’re the realist ??

  42. Totally agree, Mm needs to be addressed.

  43. You had me till you said Fury is shit.

  44. Rant videos are my favorite!

  45. I’ve never seen a game developer shit on their player base more than in this game. I don’t even play the game which is a shame because I’d be interested in playing it but always listening to Wargaming’s shit decision making just keeps me at bay.

  46. i never uninstalled wot, but last time i really played it was like way over 2 years ago, the only tank game i really played since then was AW 2.1 EU and even though it has like 10k+ people telling you that it’s dead game, it’s player base is quite active in high tier pvp and overall pve, i have a lot of fun in it and honestly it’s makes it even harder to get back into wot,

    because when i try out wot for a few rounds everything always feels so freaking slow and rng heavy in comparison to AW2.1

    (to be fair, it’s really just it’s own game in t8 to t10 = that’s why basically everyone only cares about high tier xD, while nearly everything in t1 to t6 feels like wot high tier gameplay, without stuff like arty and prem ammo.)

    and no, I do not want to do advertising here for it, i just say how it’s been for me after many years of playing wot, because i wonder why foch keeps playing it, while he hates it for obvious reasons –

    i mean, is this just playing for the viewers?
    or for the: “i spend money into it, i can’t just stop playing it – addiction”?
    or whatever?

  47. now imagine those 3 poor tier 7s in the enemy team.. 😀

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