Firefly Platoon – Sherman VC Firefly – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

The new matchmaking here!


  1. Thats what i call a platoon

  2. Matchmaking got a lot better, you can actually platoon again and not get +2 every. single. game. Hype!
    Dont forget that Jedi has a channel aswell: Have a great day!

  3. Love this guy

  4. Gareth Fairclough

    Up and at ’em, lads!

  5. I am getting a lot of bottom tier 4-5-6 MM and I hate it more then 3-5-7, honestly I’d like 2-6-7, the problem is that top tier tanks are even more powerful rn

  6. What is the “VC”?

    • Jūšțīň Hēłłēř

      The V is the roman number for 5. And the “C” means it has the 17 pdr.
      Now there is the sherman firefly; Ic, Ic hybrid and VC
      Each of which is a diferent sherman but are fireflies cause they are equiped with the 17 pdr
      Also the british didn’t have the same names for the shermans
      Here is the list of shermans with the names that the british would use for them
      M4= sherman I… (1)
      M4a1= sherman II… (2)
      M4a2= sherman III… (3)
      M4a4= sherman V… (5)
      The reason i skipped the m4a3 is because, from what i remember.. the british didn’t use it. So….the sherman IC is called the way it is, is because it’s a sherman m4 with a 17 pdr. So the sherman VC is a m4a4 with a 17 pdr and last(but my favourite) the sherman IC hybrid which is a mix of a m4 and m4a1 (front cast hull of an m4a1 and welded sides and rear of a m4) is also the tech tree sherman is well just that but with a 17 pdr. Hope this helped.

    • +Jūšțīň Hēłłēř Helped me, Thanks.


  7. Always nice to kill the Clown Cars.

  8. Love me some circon in the morning

  9. Maine Striper Guide

    3:58…. pesky physics…

  10. Can you say “condescending”?

  11. Holding my breath at 3:55

  12. wtf is pointyhairedjedy and why did he started playing wot again?

  13. 3:57 I drove off there once at very low speed (to avoid flipping the tank) and took 100% of my HP in damage, instant death. Love how WG has designed the edges and how you take damage, 10/10 job

  14. love your videos, but what the fuck is with the stupid ad boxes that cover the results screen? dont do those please. makes it really hard to see stuff. BTW whats with you and skill4ltu? whether you even see this or not?

  15. The lame ass SU-130 PM, what a team mate -_-

  16. That was a bit butt-clenching 😉

  17. Ain’t this the firefly that you did 6k damage in that one time

  18. Thomas Pettersson

    Cmon Circon…less than a second from when that Progetto appered onthe map ( at 3:04) you saw it, ”Progetto on the right”! You, sir, are not human…

  19. Good to see these type of games. x2 your tanks HP in dmg and spotting is a great game.

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