Firefly VC First impressions! – Sherman Firefly VC – New Premium Tank

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. Hey guys, this was the first game for me in the Firefly VC andi give my thoughts on it after the game. Enjoy! : )

    • Circonflexes Is it better than the Boilermaker?

    • Firefly VC is not strictly just better than the normal one. Inaddition to the worse HP/ton the effective traverse rates of the VC are also worse (despite the higher base traverse rate). It gives up mobility and agility for a slightly better gun platform.

      Id also like a premium tier 7 Tiger I… that would be dope. Then again I’d also like more premium Centurions (gib Centurion Mk. 5/2 at tier 8 (yes 5/2 not 5/1)) to cycle my Centurion crew into… so… Im ok with lots of clone premiums. Though I also want Tiger 217, because it looks cool.

    • Totes agree, this ‘slightly-better-than-standard’ as premium is condensed, refined & purified bullshit. Just stamp that shit from the fully upgraded tech-tree version and throw on some fancymcpants detailing. …while we’re at it, the re-release of tanks like the AMX 13-57 non-GetFucked and M41 Bulldog non-GetFucked is such a fucking gyp. Let me remove the GF skin wargaming. ARE YOU THERE WARGAMING? WHY I NO ABLE USE CAMO ON GETFUCKED WARGAMING?!? BOOOOO

      GG Circon, ver nase.

    • This game badly needed another sherman, must be all the requests I sent to wargaming had done the trick, every day I write them please, make another sherman, and they say: “how will we make it different from all the others?” And I say, thats easy, just make it slightly better than the standard one. Looks like finally they listened. Thank you wargaming!

    • Why oh why could they not just make this as a skin for the Firefly? They could even make it so the skin also gives the tank premium credits/exp. Other than that it looks like the 2018 version of the Cromwell B. I still think it’s BS to pay for a slightly better version of the tech tree tank. However, I agree that it’s better to the alternative of Skorpion Gs and Defenders infesting the game.


  3. I bet those tier 4s really enjoyed that 3-5-7 MM. I am sure if they are new this experience will ensure they play the game for a long time.

  4. a firefly with different dress (hull) but still a firefly sligtly better than firefly . and off course its Firefly vicecity

  5. Jonathan Gbadebo

    I bet circon won’t pin this comment

  6. It’s nice how this tank is better than the OG Firefly, even though it’s a premium. Then again, why am I not suprised with WG’s decisions.

  7. I actually want a Swiss Centurion.

  8. They should make a Michael Wittmann Tiger 1, like they did with this firefly or the M4 Lozza

  9. Shame about the Tiger 131. On console, it’s a tier 7 tank with preferential matchmaking. One of the best tanks in the game, without a doubt.

  10. Marthijn van Oorschot

    Circon uploads while I’m having breakfast? Perfect!

  11. I agree with yo uon the Premiums. This was one of the reasons I played Fury quite a bit, cause I loved easy 8 and Fury is not that much worse. Prem T7 copy of Tiger would be yummy.

  12. Peter Brightwell

    We get a tier 7 Tiger prem on console, The Hammer I think it was called.

  13. Celestino Natale

    Why is that rubbel, dirt, whateveryouwannacallit lying in the air? xD 3:22

  14. It's not what you think

    Nice Haircut circon

  15. I AM the greatest!

  16. what is the name of mod with marks of excellence stats? 🙂

  17. circonflex found his new Seal Clubbing tank

  18. #Circonflexes From the front the Sherman / M4 tank only had 50 mm of armor but because of the slope it’s effectively 76 mm

  19. Yeah console has some cool stuff. I specially like the AMX Chaffee hybrid you got.

  20. Tiger 217 was the tank commanded by German tank ace Otto Carius. I wouldnt mind having that in my garage…

  21. Circonflexes even with the new scout MM, it still sees tier 9s, lol.

  22. its not a t34 85 so its weak

  23. Looks fun to play and has good pen with only occasional need for gold; nice game. Good luck with your wish for a premium Tiger.

  24. BIlly the SMall Bong thorton from india

    pretty sure that t82 HMC that got imploded by the su-100y wouldve cease to exist. only thing that wouldve been left to prove something existed in that location was a tiny piece of shit the commander took when he saw the mother of all shells flying towards them.

  25. So they made an Americanized version of a British conversion of an American tank that performs better than the one already in-game and made it a premium so they can suck money out of people that were disappointed with the British tank being shit.

    Yup, sounds like WG.

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