First Battles after 4 Years in The Worst Tier X Tank Destroyer in World of Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks -113G FT Gameplay, Tier 10 Chinese Tank Destroyer. The Tier 10 Tank Destroyer in The Game. World of Tanks Best Battles / Best Replays.

– Hot Pepper Groove 2 – Victor Ohlsson
– Love Peace And Fuzz Pedals 1 – Victor Ohlsson
– Hot Pepper Groove 3 – Victor Ohlsson
– Majesty 1 – Marcus Svedin

Today I decided to play with a tank I have not touched exactly 4 years and 1 month myself – the tier 10 Chinese tank destroyer -113G FT. It is the least popular as well as the lowest win rate tier x tank destroyer on the server… So let’s see if I can make it work in my first battles ever on live server.

What do you think?


  1. It is also the least popular tank destroyer… BUT, as always, every tank has its own fanbase. How do you feel about that?
    Enjoy your weekend and stay awesome! 🔥

  2. the line is alright but tier 8 is the best, high dpm, pen and alpha for t8 along with armor that becomes good if you are on top of a hill

  3. Hey dez, did you know there is Japanese tank destroyer lane and second autoloading American heavy lane on WoT Blitz, make video pls.

  4. nice vid and one in 20 battles 2nd battle great

  5. Juan José Del Pino Rivas

    I still can’t belive WG refuses to significantly buff this td but considering the Flipwagon and the Shitcore haven’t seen any buff whatsoever I wouldn’t be surprised if WG actually nerf this td into oblivion. I would pick the ‘nerfed’ version of the Bobject any day or even the E3

  6. this is not the worst TD. Obj 268 is. not the bobject. the old one.

  7. Dez takes the worst TD – excels with it… 🙂


    i just got the teir 9, which i have found quite enjoyable to play. It’s basically the same tank but much better teir for teir.

  9. So a “new” re-run :p

  10. I can’t believe it’s been 4 years since WG added them.

  11. absolutely worst tier 10 td

  12. I have needed to kill this tank for several years to complete my set of every tank killed in the game. On the rare times I see it on the enemy team, I fail to destroy it due to terrible RNG, me dying, them dying to someone else etc. I will jump out of my chair in delight when I finally destroy one!

  13. Try to 3 mark it 😜

  14. Dunno why but this is my best tier10 with 4k average

    It has awesome reload and good speed

    Rest of it makes It a below average tier9

  15. “Wee-zed.” No such tank in the game. The FV4005 is the worst tier 10 TD anyway, lol.

  16. this tank need some SERIOUS BUFFS … its the worst

  17. Unlocked like a million years ago… And I have never bought and thus enver played it – And have no intention to do so in the foreseable future 🙂

  18. Can you tell me please what mod do you use for Marks of Excellence? Great video btw!

  19. how the fuck is this the worst? its literally a chinese 268 with thicker front armor. stop clickbaiting people who dont know anything about the game and make actual content

  20. With the HE and HESH rework, the FV215b(183) and FV4005 are the worst TDs now. HESH might still be usable, but I just can’t trust it anymore. Not with a 26 second reload.

    • I met a super conq in close combat with 100 hp, it took 3 shots, all hits to take him out 😀 Maybe they were somehow unlucky hits, yet in old times it would be still 400 each, not 0

    • @restoreleader super conqueror has shitton of spatial armor, but if he exposes just a little of his side, it’s dead meat. Or metal.

    • @restoreleader I knew there was a problem when I kept getting “Screen Not Penetrated” 0 damage hits. Completely spoiled them for me.

    • @Nicola Leuci I have mods to check hits after battle – those were just hits into spaced armor or front of tracks – novadays 0 dmg. It wont happen often, but when it do, its frustrating. Otherwise the tank isnt much different from before. PzIV ended much worse and i didnt try kv2 yet…

    • @restoreleader kv2 is fine for most part, i didn’t saw many change except for the frustrating occasional 0 damage

  21. Wow, MONSTER recoil on that TD gun. It pushes Dez back 10-20m. 🙂

  22. you pronounce W like V, but it is pronounced double u. Or is this kind of an insider joke or something? 😀

  23. I really enjoyed this video 😃 I dont know why, but I like videos with tanks like this… Keep up great work Dezzz. And more videos with bad tanks, please 😊

  24. @1:46 being a tiny fraction of a percentage doesn’t really say much, but it is worth noting
    Also, it’s sad the grille is so low on the list 🙁

    Yeah, much easier to blind shot the south, than it is to blind fire towards the north

  25. what is the name of your MOE mod?

  26. If its the worst i usually own it. I own this particular Tier X, ha. I will say it has good long range accuracy.

  27. Something I realized, that tank seems to high roll a lot, but derpier accuracy.

  28. A shoe box with a pencil sticking out, i’ll never get what these are good for.

  29. This was best T10 destroyer for my 15th mission for 279, because NO ONE played it ever… 😀

  30. When you play it, it feels like it is a super heavy, very slow, sluggish, heavily armored TD with poor accuracy…. Except the armor doesn’t actually work, people pen it with HEAT easily, flank it, it can’t relocate. That’s the reason people don’t play it. It sucks.

  31. This tds from t8 need a engine buff and gunhandling buff. +T8 need to get hp buff. Im still at t9.

  32. so you are telling me this thing has been in the game for 4 years??? damn i’m really feelin old now…

  33. I like the WZ. Mobillity could be better. And the HE rounds are So much fun. I know you say on the end Its A Good tank with standard rounds but the HE rounds are amazing. You Can shoot A heavy with HE and do 500 on the front. Armor isnt Great and Its A td. So armor isnt inportant.

  34. give this tank 880 alpha damage just so it has something special and I honestly think that it would attract some people

  35. I still love him

  36. a really banana gun

  37. Still better than jageroo imo

  38. Oh yeah, that thing exists

  39. The WZ-113G-FT always looked like a PHAT Hetzer to me.

  40. For china!

  41. Well, in both games you were the agressor. But when you have to defend against a push, that tank must the real pos that we know 😉

  42. Hey Dez! R_Flemming (in the game) here.Why can’t any Tank be a premium? That you have to grind them all and then pay to make it a premium of your entire own choice. That way you have to learn the game in the grind before playing high tier.

  43. LOL, typical Chinese tank with poor gun handling. Anything Chinese, you have to make a sacrifice to the RNG gods & pray that your shots actually hit what you’re aiming at. My experience with playing a Chinese tank is don’t bother with aiming just point and shoot, they’re more accurate that way. They tend to be an exercise in testing your aggravation tolerance. Pathetic gun depression combined with your shots rarely going inside the aiming circle.

  44. fun game’s thank you very much, i have been testing the mm with in the su100y [about 100 game’s] see’s tier 7-8, 80 to 90% of the time so you will almost never be up two tier’s is this normal?

  45. Retropaintball clips

    Pretty sure E3 is even worst

  46. Day 54 still waiting for meme review 🙃

  47. If the Wz smells weakness or lack of confidence in the shell hitting its target it usually misses , I swear the tank knows..

  48. I like my WZ-113G FT. It has the second best tier 10 camo for TDs next to the STRV. I find an IRM works better than improved aiming and the armor gives quite good protection. I think the ST-ll is the worse tier 10 in the game currently.

  49. Yes it needs a buff.. 850 alpha same reloading time, 20mm more frontal armor, little engine buff and 400m viewrange

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