First Contact – World of Tanks enCore

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Source: SideStrafe

I make First Contact with the World of Tanks demo application. This app gives you an approximation of how the new for WoT will run on your system.

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  1. i like that baggrund pic 🙂

  2. Just shining up a terd 🙂

  3. So… Apparently polishing ‘all that glitters’ – more detailed tank models, better graphics, impressive music score – is the only things that require attention. Quality of the gameplay? “Wargaming here. We listen to our stupid cash cows… erm… players and will improve… Oh, look, shiny tanks!”

  4. Overall I could see myself play some WoT from time to time just to have some arcade-style fast paced fun. But there are just 2 things that keep me away from it:

    1. Is the spotting mechanic, where you just can’t see anything as long as it’s outside of your spotting range.
    2. The grind with fixed crews. I don’t like having to pick and train a crew fixed to a tank and then either leave that tank behind or pick yet another crew for the new one.

    These 2 things are just something I can not get behind. I want to use my eyes and awareness to spot something and not a weird marker that makes stuff visible as soon as it’s 1m closer than before.

    But I have to say – this looks really good.

    • Have you played war thunder? You don’t last long in that game. I get the most kills when I drive like a main jack right towards the enemies.

    • You can retrain crews and put them on different tanks they loose some proficiency but don’t loose any skills or perks that they have they just won’t get gain exp on the skills untill they are up to 100% on that tank

    • @Michael I know that. But that doesn’t change the fact that this is a huge drawback. Because Doing this all the time means you never have a crew with full potential, which is a *huge* drawback in WoT. It makes a big difference. So either you keep your crews or you live with that. Both seems stupid to me.

    • @Marcus Well yes I do, but I definitely seem to use different tactics than you. I play it a lot slower and through flanks. Gives me a decent K/D and Winrate. Driving so aggressively works usually only with Russians well – And even that changed a bit over the last months.

  5. I know you’ve said before, but in all honesty….why? If you enjoy the game, that’s fine and I understand. But what has War Thunder done that is more offensive, toxic or terrible than WoT?

    • If you know I’ve said before then why ask again? This video is about a engine demo application, not about dev drama or game preference. Play what you want and don’t worry about what games other people like or dislike.

    • Fair enough.

    • As somebody who plays WoT almost daily I can assure you that no online community is as toxic and offensive than ours… for better or worst.

  6. The engine is the last reason why I stopped playing that game years ago

  7. It seems that people have some serious opinions around here about which GAME about tanks is superior. I wish i had that kind of time in my life. Instead I’ll just enjoy watching people play well.

    • Same. I don’t even play WoT anymore (I’m more of a WoWS person now) but I do think compared to the main tank games out there, it’s probably the worse one right now with some serious problems with premium tier 8 power creep, and power creep in general. Especially those new Soviet heavy tanks.

    • Tries to share a video about an engine demo. Turns into a turf war, yup same old YT comments section.

    • Queue the “like SideStrafe, I have standards so I don’t play your heretical game, you noobs!”

  8. Got exited about playing WoT again.
    Remembered the gold spam.
    Not exited about playing WoT anymore. 😐

  9. Haha yes! Potato medals for running on an early 2000’s rig, available now in the Russian Federation.

  10. love it when you do world of tanks videos

  11. Well, in the spirit of being somewhat constructive, looks really good. I’m hoping they use the HD upgrade to remodel some maps for the better and maybe make them more open (or follow the “3-corridor” rule less). Kinda concerned as to how much memory this is gonna take up though. Hoping it’s not too much otherwise I may just opt not to update the game.

  12. Hi SideStrafe

  13. sort of like hanging a air freshener in a well used outhouse, masks the smells for a while but doesn’t do anything about the source of the smell

  14. They dont even try to hide the Russian bias in that little clip

  15. Field_-_Marshal_-_Flintlock

    Hi Side, its always good to see a video from you. All the best.

  16. Thank you ,

  17. Man those 1080tis rock. Getting 14600 with a 1070 and between 70 and 110 fps at 2560×1600 on ultra with i7 4790k

  18. The wierd thing is that I have kind of a lower end PC that’s rather old and I got the ability to play on the sandbox server and was able to test this to some extent and surprisingly I was running the game better in the new engine than I was able to on the live server version.

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