First Czech Heavy Skoda T45, Bonus Codes and Extra Credit Trick | World of Tanks in 2021

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Czechoslovakian Heavy Tanks, Bonus Codes and Credits Hack. World of Tanks Skoda T45, Czech Heavy Tank Preview. World of Tanks Crew 2.0, Big Crew Rework in 2021, Artillery / SPG Rework Balance and HE Rework 2.0. World of Tanks TVP T 50/51 Gameplay. World of Tanks in 2021, Future Plans and News.

In the 2 days I have covered some big things coming world of tanks, such as full crew rework 2.0, artillery rework and HE ammo changes. Today it is take a at our first Czechoslovakian heavy tank Skoda T45. Also, going share some bonus codes for free stuff and a little hack for free credits.

What do you think?


  1. weeeee

  2. It is not czech but CzechoSlovakian omfg

  3. I’m in the na server, and bonus codes don’t work

  4. Thx DEZ! Both bonus codes worked for me! EU server

  5. iam waiting for czechoslovakian heavy/med tanks(heavy hybrid)

  6. got female crew waiting from that skoda t 27 marathon event

  7. Here are codes 🙂

  8. I cannot use disscount on tanks i didnt researched….

  9. Greetings Mr Dez!!!

  10. THX for codes! Still working!

  11. 💪😌 the best wot news authority *Dez*

  12. PKS9199
    Thanks a million DG LOVE U FROM PAKISTAN

  13. I hope new heavy tanks will have symillar clip to medium tanks

  14. you also forgot that the second code “EHRE” also gives you a german comander skin, with HandOfBlood (Maximillian Knabe) himself. ehre alllaa, Spandau 4 ever!

  15. Nice to see some tech tree action instead of premium tank spam onto the market and matchmaker.

  16. what poop play in the first seconds of the video was that? :DD

  17. Ok, next bad czech premium tank and on usless tier. WG dont likes czechs or i dont understand why.

  18. It’s good they add finaly new Czechoslovakian line, but that tank never exist not on blueprints not irl. So I am happy, but not so much.

    • Well, to be fair, I’m thinking they abandoned the sense of complete authenticity a long time ago. Doesn’t seem to matter too much, long as it isn’t broken in some way

  19. *inputs code*
    *code invalid*
    *presumes it’s cause asia server*
    *sad f2p noises*

  20. EUEEOY20 is invalid code on NA server

  21. both codes unfortunately don’t work on the NA server

  22. Got to defend the vk45.03, I’m a 48% win rate player and have a 59% win rate after 151 games.
    Could be luck

  23. Thanks!!! both worked

  24. The Issue Wargaming has created: I personaly do not care about the italien Heavies or the Czech Heavies….
    If, at TIER10, not more Nations do become usefull, it is all a WASTE OF TIME

    TIer 10 for a non-Premium Player and his Options to play the Game without getting “rekt”.

    RU: Obj. 140/430u/261/277, IS7, T-100 lt (ok, lets add Rewardtanks: Obj 260, 279, 907…)
    GB: Super Conurer, Conquerer GC (Chieftain)
    CN: WZ-111-5A
    FR: EBR 105
    US: T92
    JP: STB-1

    12 Tanks in wich you can still enjoy the Game at Tier10 for a normal Player who has NO Rewardtank.
    I added the Rewardtanks in breackets but I do not count them now:

    6 out of 12 (or 9 from 16 with Rewardtanks) Tanks are RUSSIAN wich means (more then, with Rewardtanks) 50% of the Tanks listed
    From other Nations are just mostly 1 or 2 Tanks listed.
    Those Nations wich are not listed or the Tanks wich are not listed: EVADE, DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME.
    You can play those Nations for fun but for the Average Guy those Tanks are mostly just a Disadvantage to your Team.

    Sure I can play Skoda T50/51 but the Majority of the Autoloader-Players maanages to fire one Magazin and dies… that is why such tanks are not listed because I talk about the very Average normal Player (wich I am not, nor is Dez or others..).
    Now ask yourself: Why should you care about a italien heavy, a Czech Heavy….? Who cares….

    And Wargaming created this Issue all by themself by always buffing RUSSIAN TANKS like the Obj. 140 recently and nerfing NON RUSSIAN Nations like it happened with the Leopard or for Example the Type5 Heavy from Japan wich became completly useless since it was nerfed.

    • Tanks like the Leopard, T57Heavy, 60TP, Progetto 65 or the E50M are also verry good and the italian heavys aren’t even out yet so you can’t just say that they are bad. I actually think that the italian heavys are gonna be pretty good and I’m looking forward to test them out

  25. None of these codes work on NA… gee thanks

  26. Thanks for the codes Dez, much appreciated.
    Another tip for everyone.
    Take the hire vehicles and strip the crews out of them either straight away, if you don’t plan on playing them, or before they are returned (probably after 9 battles). WG take back the tanks, but they don’t track down the crews. For any players, especially FTP players, this means you get 2 full 100% crews without paying gold for them!
    I will be able to use the British crew, not sure what I will do with the Japanese one though. Still, worth remembering for future free rentals!

  27. Thanks for gift code.

  28. I wasn’t expecting heavy tanks 🙂

  29. Dez, hold your horses, you comparing it with Tiger! Why has Tiger highest DPM in tier 7? Coz it has no armor! And it seems this new tank has some, more than Tiger anyways. All (seems) fair!

  30. why you no Asia code?

  31. Mean while on AS Sever “Code didn’t work here :(“

  32. I’ve been wondering when they would add more Czech tanks it’s one of my favourite lines

  33. 8.63 sec loading time for a 220 damages gun, WG better buff this gun man…

  34. EUEEOY20 ,EUEEOY2O,EUEE0Y20,EUEE0Y2O and EHRE doesn’t work on EU server.
    Logged in a second time to EU WOT account and now codes worked.Weird

  35. Why almost everyone use Czech instead of CzechoSlovakia? :/ Anyways that EHRE code idk why i havent played 10 battles with those tanks and next day they were gone :/. Looks like TVP VTU was moved on lower tier and into Premium HT.

  36. Skoda 50/51 have a DOP skin 🙂

  37. Thx Dez

  38. Super awesome to see that those codes are helping out so many of you, on EU… But do we have other codes for other servers as well? Please let me know and I will update this comment!

  39. Kingjulian, EU, Tried the codes it works, Thanks, came for the czech tanks info and got the codes👍

  40. I have to say thousabd thanks for the Codes. Both Work very Well . Thank you very much 😇

  41. My chuck discounts are broken tho, when I select a tank they do show the discount mark but not actually get a discount 🙁

  42. EHRE (a promo code given to the german YTer HandofBlood) also gibts you the YTer as a German Male Skin for your crew

  43. im from czech and on czech tanks i like mobility. and this tank 30 km/h thats bad. i want faster tanks see in our tech tree, like kranvagen or 50B

  44. Bring us an Israeli tank line!!!


    *Skoda: simply clever*

  46. Its czechoslovak

  47. T 45 looks like a pile of garbage

  48. Thanks! Both codes worked for me (EU)

  49. neither of the codes worked 🙁

  50. i’m surprised it wasn’t another autoloader…

    peace (from the UK)

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