First Double-Barreled TD SU-2-122 | New Object 283 | German KV-1 and More | World of Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Char Mle 75, New Tier 9 Premium Tank. World of Tanks Object 283, New Tier 9 Medium Tank. World of Tanks SU-2-122, First Double-Barreled Tank Destroyer, German KV-1 aka Pz.Kpfw. KW 1 and Harry Hopkins I. World of Tanks Battle Pass Season 9 Special Tanks and Commanders. World of Tanks 1.18+ Patch News.

00:00 Introduction
00:19 Battle Pass Season 9 Tanks
00:52 Battle Pass Commanders
01:20 Char Mle 75 Changes
03:19 Object 268
07:07 Harry Hopkins I
08:08 German Pz.Kpfw. KW-1
09:20 SU-2-122
13:20 Conclusion

Information from:
– WG
– WoTexpress

In todays video I will share some first information about 5 different new tanks coming into game, including Object 268, Char Mle 75 and the first double-barreled tank SU-2-122. Also, first information about upcoming battle pass season 9.

What do you think?

►Tanks in action / мир танков :
– Char Mle 75
– Object 286
– SU-2-122
– Harry Hopkins I
– Pz.Kpfw.


  1. Lots of tanks coming, what do you think about all of them? SU-2-122 seems like a low tier FV4005. 😀
    Here are all the video chapters for your viewing pleasure, if you wish to jump into a specific topic:
    00:00 Introduction
    00:19 Battle Pass Season 9 Tanks
    00:52 Battle Pass Commanders
    01:20 Char Mle 75 Changes
    03:19 Object 268 First Look
    07:07 Harry Hopkins I First Look
    08:08 German Pz.Kpfw. KW-1 First Look
    09:20 SU-2-122 First Look
    13:20 Conclusion

  2. how many times this game gonna jump the shark

  3. I have a gut feeling that SU will be a loot box christmas filler

  4. Ngl this game is getting worse and worse

  5. Pădurarul Critic și Cinic

    Can’t wait to send them to the garage.

  6. Double barrel Maus or E100 when?

  7. 02 Suradit Pengsaeng

    Whatever I still need WG released more funny tank beside of meta heavy ass
    Except I can’t touch because it gonna paid

  8. More trash. SAD

  9. cant wait for the KW1 😀

  10. When you search for objects on skills site they count 26 objects, just saying.

  11. still no Foch 155 & Foch B 3D skins…. theres like some other tanks in the game that need love man…

  12. This enemy Team at first Game 🤣

  13. SU-2-122? Fvck you WG, yet we still cant have a German Brummbarr or a UK AVRE. Biased RU BS.

  14. but amazing if for season 9 of the battle pass there is a 3d style for the amx 13 105, progetto 65 I say no. honestly it’s awesome



  16. wonder when they’ll finally release the M4 90v aka Super Sherman

  17. Wait. Object 268, is a TD and now an Object 268 which is a completely different tank? Uh

  18. Object 263 said out loud, 286 in the description and 283 in the title 😀

  19. Still waiting on 3 barrel KV-2:)

  20. Guys a quick one: do i keep the unspent battle tokens from this battlepass when it ends or they vanish?

    • YOu keep the TOKENS, what you can use for tanks in S9 as well, but Battle Pass points is what you need to spend.

    • @DezGamez thanks! So, no rush for me, then… Got the fv215b (what a mistake!) And now got another 5.. was worried i won’t make it to get another tank before tolens vanish. As for points, meh… I jave not finished the 3rd bunch, so can’t spend the points either way.

  21. The object medium tank seems to be an awesome side scraper tank
    80 mm Of side armor is VERY Nice
    A rear mounted turret with 100mm ! Side Armour
    This is Going to be a side scraping King

  22. You forget to mention tier IX chieftain prototype it hs been leaked over a weak now


    *Let’s just appreciate how they always manage to put a smile on our faces whenever we feel negative!*

  24. Yeah the Germans quite often put their own hatches on captured tanks in WWII.

  25. 60TP battle pass skin again??? I think there are plenty of tanks that didn’t feature 3D style, not even at the Christmas Loot Boxes…and they do a double 60tp skin??? WTF?

  26. It truly seems like wargaming has the same case MEGALOMANIA, like hitler had. Everything has to be HIGH ALPHA, or HIGH (IMPENETRABLE) armour. They truly don’t run out of idea’s do they???

    Yet this games constant gold spam, sucks. Sucks even more when bots in +2 match maker vehicles spam them vs -2….

    The 15-0 battles that are completely useless,

    The impenetrable hull down tanks meta that’s boring as fk….

    The stupid HE changes making it useless to counter heavies now, especially when those heavies are gold spamming the shit out of your heavies…..

    The 3 Arties that make people in bottom tier heavies just camp…. on my team….

    Now they are adding a KV-2 to tier 5…. to play vs tier 4??? Why, fix the game before you make more peoples lives a misery.

    Playing the lower tiers 2-4 was a way for people to not need to worry about being one shotted, now you gone and fucked that up too!

    And the fact they removed 3 equipment slots from tier 2 vehicles…. wtf why! Equipment only punishes players who paid REAL MONEY for their premium vehicles! All you had to do was limit the gold ammo to half, and remove food from tiers 1 and 2. Simple as that!!!!!

    Never mind the fact RNG will make u miss 5x in a row, or bounce off a one shot player which is idiotically retarded!!!

    Or the fact that lower win rate players always seem to bounce more than vs skilled players….

    This games getting worse and worse and worse…. total megalomania idiots!

    Patch 9.4-9.6 were far better than the shit we got now….

  27. That k-91 game was insane!

  28. The addition of SU-2-122 trills me, WG finally decided to put double-barrel tank destroyers into the game. My heart wanted KV-7 is not for long.
    As for the captured KV-1. Although the DPM and caliber of it is lower than that of the original KV-1. The accuracy (and hopefully the gun handling) is better. More importantly, it has 10 degrees of gun depression. The combination of KV-1’s turret and such gun depression would definitely be interesting to play in.

  29. we have 26 objects afaik

  30. Just what we need, another OP tier 5 arty. Just image the leFH and this SU against you in a slow tank.

  31. they already killed the game

  32. unspended tokens can be used from this season in the next season?

  33. Will the current battle pass tokens carry over to the new battle pass ?

  34. if anybody Objects to how many Objects we have in the game please log a ticket and Object about the influx of Objects to the game and how it is defeating the Object of the game which is player enjoyment and revenue gathering, I for one strongly Object to anyone who shall Object about the amount of Objects we have in the game so far, as it is my guess that WG Objects to anyone that objects against the Objects in the game, and the actual Object of WG is to see how many Objects they can introduce into the game before anyone Objects on the amount of Objects in this game.

    For non english speakers….
    Object…say something to express one’s opposition to or disagreement with something.
    “residents object to the volume of traffic”

  35. Interesting that they are just now bringing the German KV 1 yo pc… it’s been on console for many years as the KV 1 Captured premium tank, I don’t think it had 8.8 gun on it but can recall for sure… I think the su2 122 might be a blast… pun intended.

  36. Counted 26 objects in game

  37. Just living ma life

    The Matilda cannon on T4 is rly good.. but on a light? XD damn this thing will be strong

  38. Jean-Philippe Morin

    Can’t wait for double barrel arties. 😮

  39. Are you sure that’s not double-barrel SPG ? 😉

  40. And when doble barell spg?

  41. “We are creatively bankrupt. Here, have double barreled TD.”

  42. Dan-Alexandru Bucur

    German Kv1… it is in Warthunder for ages

  43. Now wg , add the captured kv-2 with german cupola !

  44. hmmmmmmm lots of small tier tanks it feels like xmas box tanks

  45. The SU-2-122 might make me come back and play this game.

  46. love your content, but really not enjoying the way you overlay tank reviews during a game replay, obscuring the map etc

  47. The 283 looks like a guard at t9, so meh. unless it has armor of course

  48. Don’t report a tank if you can’t play said tank.. I don’t get it.. If so.. So it is another fake Russian?

  49. Day 232 still waiting for meme review 🙃

  50. Wich one is the BP S9?

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