First Game, new tank! – Eagle 7

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  1. Ugh so close

  2. games and drandom stuff

    First no one cares

  3. I am blessed by Sweden __

    First BLYAT

  4. Marthijn van Oorschot

    Goodmorning circon XD

  5. waited for a vid 😉 finally

  6. Pst.. Circon we would love for you to upload gaming content from other games now and then. World of Tanks is getting old, but you never do.

    • Mindless Bullets Watch him live then. He would need 30+ minutes for other games. WoT is like 10 minute battle and that’s it

    • Because I can quit my job just to watch him while he is live. The past broadcast are longer than 4 hours at a time and some of us actually work.

  7. Of course eagle 7 is slow, i mean its not a soviet tank

    • Naash that and its penetration is crap even though in real life Soviet tank guns were terrible in rate of fire, accuracy and penetration. Literally everyone but the Italians and Japanese had better penetration per gun caliber than the Russians and that wouldn’t change until the late 50s and even then the Wests 105 was far superior in terms of penetration. But war gaming bring in these magical imaginary penetration figures for the Russians and down grades everyone else.

  8. So it’s basically a Super Pershing with slightly better gun and a tier lower? Not bad

  9. I’ve had a lot of people hate on this tank when I play it. I don’t really understand why… it’s just a stock Pershing with a weaker-than-stock engine, modified ammo loadout for the first 90mm and the top radio. That’s it.

    • Scorpiany The GOAT

      The tank would be a Pershing balanced for Tier 7 IF and ONLY IF the engine power was not so bad, and the Premium ammo wasn’t as horrific as it is. Right now, the tank has very poor armor, is slow as can be, and still manages to have an under-whelming gun.

  10. >when Pershing is too weak for tier VIII kappa

  11. Вот игра для норм пацанов

  12. Oh man that sucks. That arta was clearly a better player

  13. Chandler Kristoff

    Why am i awake at 2am? 0_0

  14. Chandler Kristoff

    Circon did you go to Gamescom? sounds like it was pretty good concerning Wot, wheeled tanks are definitely going to be interesting.

  15. FINE u got u ACE badge DONT touch it never more NO 3 marking OR???

  16. Chandler Kristoff

    I’ve got a Thunderbolt already, so i’ll pass on the Eagle 7, you know what i would *really* buy though? a German M4 Sherman.

  17. Chandler Kristoff

    The focus is real, i just noticed Circon has no badges on lol

  18. Baron von Limbourgh


  19. Chandler Kristoff

    P.43 Bis and Ter are like this tank and the T20’s worst enemy, they’ve got a whole second shorter reload i think, which is insane because the Hellcat has the same alpha but a 8 second reload while the Bis and Ter have 6. something, they should buff the US guns.

    • Chandler Kristoff they shoud,not buff anything in this game just nerf every single soviet tank by 15 % all around and I might not hate this company as much as I do

  20. I miss the old VK36.01H. At least you got to feel powerful before the Tiger I and II.

    • Frédéric Guignabaudet

      Especially when you consider that at that time the Tiger II was so much better

    • Is this just a PC thing? I play on console mostly, and I’ve found both the Tiger I and II to be comparably good for their tiers, yet I only ever them ill spoken of. Curious.

    • They are just really dated compared to some of the newer trees offerings. I always enjoyed my Tiger II though, did ok in it as well. Tiger I felt way lackluster to me, at least me coming in to the game expecting its armor to be useful.

      *edit* i cant speak on console as ive only played on PC.

    • +Sawyer- That could well be the case, that they just don’t stand up against newer tanks. Problem with console is that it takes a year for it to catch up with PC as far as trees are concerned, yet it has a dozen maps that PC doesn’t have, amongst other things. Bizarre really, how it’s both ahead and behind PC in different respects.

    • Yeah that always was interesting to me. Maybe its just easier to put new maps in Blitz? No clue really.


    You could make more money by making highlights of each stream you do buddy you’ve plenty of content for it! But it’s YouTube so they’ll demonitize most of them because some tanks may have been harmed and that may hurt some people’s feels, especially those who identify themselves as being tanks!

    • Honestly i dont think he wants to edit all that. Circon seems to enjoy his life i dont think hes chasing that YouTube money as a life priority.

  22. Just ‘Why?’…Super Pershing has same max level MM?

  23. I got a pools medal in my first game this thing xD

  24. Dude.. they play like absolute dogshit but because of this skilless clicker in the enemy team they still get to win and get rwarded for it. I hate that.

  25. Arty keeps reminding me why I quitted this game 3 years ago

  26. “Is American tank, is slow, da, is bad gun handling, da da, has no armour, da. Is very balance, da!” – WG

  27. Don’t you just love it when games like this come down to one of the worst game mechanics ever? Yeah… Me neither

  28. that P43 was a real champion

  29. Basicly is a American version of is-1 or 2

  30. Tortoise

  31. That tanks too much work..

  32. oh, a premium Pershing, what a surprise. I see WOT is still doing great

  33. Is the thing on the turret a covered eagle?

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