First Gameplay with New Concept 5 – British Wheeled Medium

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Source: DezGamez

New Concept 5 Gameplay, 10 British Wheeled Medium Tank. World Tanks British Wheeled Medium Tanks. World of Tanks Update 1.22 Patch Server.

Today I am going to give you my first impressions about the newest tech tier 10 tank – Concept 5, British Wheeled Medium Tank.

What do you think?


  1. WG makes new OP tanks ppl complain, WG makes a decent but not OP line ppl complain, WG makes bad tank ppl complain.
    Get F-ed WG

  2. General Chat 0:12 lol

  3. Not really sure what the point of this new line is 🤔

  4. Compared to Leopard 1, i don’t see any advantage on this tank.

  5. In real life, tracked vehicles are much more agile than wheeled vehicles. You pay a price for high road speed.

    • last i checked in real life wheeled vehicles also had better forward and back speed on road on top of being a lot lighter so it should have better power to weight

  6. It needs enough camo and mobility to be fun and useful without becoming overpowered and annoying.

  7. the british wheels are useless. Just leopard 1 but just worse in every single way

  8. 6:30 “Be ready to be penetrated in every single position” 💀

  9. The line would be better if they just gave them hesh past t7. Would shore up some of that shit dpm for sure vs lighter targets. Hesh and mobility could be a rewarding concept.


  11. more weak, sub-par vehicles for the feeble British tech tree.
    when will people understand that WG hates the British?
    name 5 tanks in the British tech tree that are actually worth playing.
    i’ll wait.

  12. I really like the gun/gunhandling and mobility

  13. ah what a surprise WG introduces a “mediocre” Tech Tree Line thumbs up!!!!

  14. 6:31 ayo? 😂

  15. it must feel really weird to get hit for 700 by burrasques in the tier 10.

  16. Deffo not going up this line. Waste of time and resources.

  17. 6:31 this sounds sus 🤨📸

  18. tech tree will never be as good as the similar premium tank…. if that was case wg wouldn’t make any money.

  19. WGin laughing at the British again

  20. Not enough camo to be cheeki.
    Not enough DPM to be breeki.
    Doesn’t even get HESH.

    I’d rather use a Leopard 1 with a turbocharger.

    Buffs I’d Give it
    Increase fire rate to 5.5 rounds per minute
    Give it HESH with 120-140 pen
    2.19% more moving camo (give it an even 10%)
    4.37% more stationary (give it 14.8%)

    Mobility is workable

  21. It needs 120pen/600dmg hesh to make it stand out from the crowd. Apart from that slightly underpowered but balanced vehicle.

  22. ‘Get ready to be penetrated in every single position’ sums up the tank well…

  23. Just really don’t see why I would want this line… Ebr line eats it for breakfast… Mobility gun etc… Support vechile? Leo Line far superior.. So many tanks just way better. And let’s not forget these things are just huge targets for tds and arta… No thanks WG

  24. Hi
    I been testing this it’s a glass cannon If you meet Bz or anything that has HE gun you are ded, has no camo 20% maxed out that’s with field mods. Min maxing the reload of the tank leaves you with 6.89 Seconds of reload.
    Losing one wheel speed of decreeses rapidly from 70 to 30 and steaming doesn’t exist (this is with turbo).
    If you thinking of peaking over ridge line yeah let’s just say “tank” is depressed enough.

    Also wg didn’t put autoflipping feature on the common test. 15sek on timer is it invisible feature xD

  25. only could play the t10 because somehow nobody is playing 6-9 but its really not good you get spotted 24/7 and its not really fast except on hard

  26. i feel sorry for new players getting caught up in it.. its not a very good game. And Wargaming use shameful tactics to get by. Anything but offering a top notch gaming experience. They do almost zer about cheating, some say they rig and make money on the side even, i don’t know that. They cant even keep the chat and messenger civil

  27. It’s like racing games where controller is more precise than keyboard. Same problem with this tank. Your press W and you go too far than you wanted.

  28. Valentin Cadilhac

    Looks like a balanced and unique tank, maybe it has a big skill requirement but it’s still better than a op thing. And if it’s hard to play it’s not a bad thing, having huge weak sides + other verry good points makes a tank feel unique but reduces the amount of players who can play it properly. Not a beginner friendly tank but verry good addition to the game from what i can see of it so far.

  29. What it is lacking is a place in the game.
    It’s so bizarre that a wheeled vehicle has so much less camo than another wheeled vehicle despite their size difference is not that huge.
    I know that the EBR 105 is a LT and this one is a MT, but it should at least have better camo than the Leo1.
    And it’s also slower than the Leo1 as well, acceleration is basically the same but worse top speed and way worse turning speed.
    That’s being said, it’s still CT1, so let’s wait for the next CT iteration to see which aspect of these tanks is gonna get buffed.

  30. yep another trash line, after release wait 1 year for WG to “collect” player data and decide to buff them.

  31. Chronological Gamer

    4:42 That Obj.268 did one of the most epic things ever!!!

  32. It looks like a big EBR 105… literally the whole structure looks like its french…
    Copy paste a tank make it a bit different and viola, masterpiece xD

    Fake-ing Picasso’s…

  33. Dez has 530 view range? What? lol

  34. Why does the hull the reminds me of the AMX-10RC from French army

  35. What a surprise, WG introduce underwhelming British line again, they should increase the cammo rating as having wheels over tracks should automatically give you at least the equivalent of a low noise exhaust. Also T7 & 8 should have HESH.

  36. Top unniversasy present by WG… totally destroyed MM… crappy nation can`t make anything good.

  37. More fckng wheels plz…

  38. ‘be ready to get penetrated in any position’ … i’d rather not thanks mate, i appreciate some people find that kind of thing fun but its not for me

  39. Think it needs something like a 2 or 3 shot autoloadet

  40. I’d say this thing is pretty lame. Reminds me of a Sheridan with the downside of it being an medium tank with even less camo and shit driving characteristics. Basically this brings nothing new or fun to the game. Well done WG, you wasted all of that effort on a tank line that probably nobody will play a month after it was released.

  41. This british wheeled tanks turning is so bad,Honesly you dont have any benefits of having wheels, u have so much more down sides…

  42. Very well Dez…I did not enjoyed the mobility handling either, but i think it is fair for wheeled vehicles. It feels like less precise to control or less responsive. Weird at least compared with tracked vehicles. Not sure if I am going to grind the line.

  43. Fun fact: you can literally make the accuracy to 0.22

  44. Medium tank, slower than Soviet heavies, no thanks.

  45. 7:35 You did not got the bonus for spotting equipments

  46. I remember you saying something similar about the manticore at first I wonder if it’ll go the same way in future 😁

  47. No speed
    No camo
    No armor
    what was it supposed to be WG???

  48. Борцовские уши

    Tier 7 and tier 9 in this branch will be NICE. Sleepers.

  49. It’s a worse Leo in every way. No point in adding this in the game.

  50. Is it street legal? I want to drive one around Texas. With a big FJB flag. Where can I buy one?

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