FIRST Gold Auction for 113 Beijing Opera SKIN | World of Tanks 113 BO – Under the Hammer Auctions

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Source: DezGamez

World Tanks Beijing Opera Gameplay, Tier 10 Chinese Heavy Tank.

Under The Hammer auction event is here with its offer, which is Beijing Opera. So let’s take a look what is the price for thise skinned version the regular 113.

What do you think about it?


  1. Decisions… 6,1mln credits for the regular 113 OR 18,700 (minimum) for the skin to flex?! 😀
    What are you going to do about that?
    So far the predictions are 100% true, let’s see what happens next! 🙂 Hints for the 268 Version 5 are way too good to be ignored as well, will see!

  2. jeez, this is why i play blitz, they treat us a little bit better..

  3. Deez love you videos and i understand you for wanting to have all tanks but even then almost 19k gold for tank which i can buy with silver? I think not lol

  4. Stupidity to throw gold for it UNLESS you have 300k+ and all tanks already in garage.

  5. You come first Dez, take care of yourself as a main priority.

  6. Free XP auction for Asia server

  7. Do not waste your gold.

  8. I hope you get better soon

  9. Get well and stay safe!

  10. BobDerJaegermeister TM

    Make it 5k gold, slap some stuff on the tank and sell it as a 3d skin for the normal 113, and I MAY have been swooned to buy it. But a average tier X with a skin where some 2d skins look way better? Nah, miss me with that

  11. the skin doesn’t even shine or something, my opinion doesn’t even look good. Slap a 2018 Holiday Ops Chinese new years skin and it looks so much better.. So stupid to be WoT tanks collector since WG will squeeze that cash from you then..

  12. On SEA / ANZ it’s for free xp and starting bid is 237500 xp and 1500 units to bid for.

  13. Dez do you think wot will ever get the japnese tds as in wotb?

  14. Marciano van vulpen

    Hey guys you think 26K gold is enough for the WZ Qillin? 🥺

  15. Get well soon, Dez

    With this auction WG is testing, how much people are willing to pay for average tanks with special crew and camo. It is a preparation for crew 2.0 offers in shop.

  16. 3 Quotes to Live By:

    🔥 1) “Don’t compare yourself to someone else, compare yourself to your yesterday’s self.”

    🔥 2) “You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending”

    🔥 3) “Once you decide your lifes purpose, you will only have to pack one thing: “Your Heart.”

  17. 18k+ gold? Hell no.

  18. Does the crew has special voices?

  19. Another offer for insane amount like Qilin. This 1 is for another chinese heavy but with worse camo in my opinion. Gl for who is whiling to take it maybe to play only a few games. For tank collectors i understand but if ur not and u wont play it that much u can invest the gold in better things…

    • I have not seen a single Qilin since its bid 12 months ago… I know a guy who spend close to 120 millions credits on it. At least it was credits, not gold.

  20. The musthave for richkids xD
    They should make a gucci skin or something like that 😀

  21. What a rip off

  22. Still waiting for a Obj.260 or VZ.55 with ADIDAS skin!
    I would instandly try to buy it lol

  23. Hell no, I wouldn’t give 2 pinches of pig shit for it

  24. after 7 years of playing wot, it all came to this tier X tank : tvp50/51 .. It is the best tank of entire game and it is just for the simple fact, that, not only u have 410 view range, not only u have real 60 km speed, not only it has 20+ percent cammo while moving, not only it has APCR ammunition = fast sheels speed, not only it has 1,5s between sheels, but with field modification, u can be fully aimed after each shot now. And thats the most important think, becouse with 4 shells u ca be sure, u can more than twice time immpobilize enemy. VZ55 can do it just twice and sometimes u dont hit it both times with that accuracy, but tvp can fix it in next shot. It is for me the best overal tank, right aftet is leopard with 420 damage, but tvp can do 1280 damage in 4,5 seconds and this makes enemy to hold as you have some scary effect, leopard does not have that with 7 seconds reload for next shell for 840 damage. u can empty entire clip of tvp in less time than laopard reload second shell

  25. I was leaking as well Dez!

  26. Does this mean no black market event this year?

    • It depends. Selling 4500 x 5 is not going to drain enough gold or free XP from players pocket.
      Count on WG to double down with more ‘rare’ skins 😀

  27. Why don’t they buff 113 finally.. bit better gun handling and stronger upper plate/ side armor and it’s back in meta again. Dez, get well soon, my friend 😇

  28. That skin is not important, half a time we shoot at silhouette seen through bushes… I won’t pay 500 gold for it 😉

  29. It’s nuts! The damn skin has no bearing whatsoever on the vehicle’s capabilities. Not withstanding why the 113? It’s old meta heavily dependent on a well trained crew and boosted with field modifications just like every vehicle in the game. I was hoping WG was going to produce a buffed tank and not reinvention of the wheel!

  30. get better soon <3

  31. Over 18k gold for something you can get for free (= credits only)?! And it’s not even a meta-tank?! Over my dead body………, what a scam…….

  32. Thomas Lorentz Baarman

    Plz get well Dez! best of all to you and your family.

  33. $80 for a skin wg takin a piss on this one.

  34. insane when u can same tank for 6mill mental people will though. 🙂

  35. Thanks for saving me some gold Dez. if i can get the same damned tank for credits, i could care less about the skin. Wargaming is picking on those who dont know any better and i was almost one of them

  36. They just want to lower the ingame gold amount on the server

  37. It reminds me of the people who sell original BOXes of products.

  38. Dez — Get well soon.

  39. Thanks Dez – the good thing is that it was easy to cancel my bid 🙂

  40. i got 200k gold and i wouldn`t bid on it ieven if it was like 5k gold… the tank is kind of a stinker and i already have the normal 113 so pass for me 😀

  41. Not even close to worth it

  42. This tank will be forgotten so quickly after this auction is over… not even an afterthought…

  43. average players won’t win any of the tanks only those with over i would say 100k gold would maybe get one of the tanks. If i remember they say 4,500 but that’s over all the servers not per server.

  44. Does anyone know if crew for this tank have unique dubbing ?

  45. 18k gold for a ex tech tree tank???uhh…no thx

  46. Random dude on Himmelsdorf: “What the hell? Where did THAT come from?!”

  47. 20k gold for A SKIN … are you guys total dumb or something ? you put money over money into this shit and the game is getting worse and worse. thank you Dez for supporting this shit.

  48. Glad to see you back. Get well soon sir!

  49. For fanatics only! Thank’s, but no thank’s…

  50. Good recovery dez.. is it COVID? Good luck..

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