^^| First Impressions – AC4 Experimental Stream Highlight (New premium)

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Source: SirCircon

i ended up losing electricity in my house right the end of that game.
Thats why jumps at the end 🙂 This also meant i didnt have a replay file, but the game was kinda entertaining, so here we . ^^


  1. yay stream highlights (:

  2. Mods are for D grade cheaters

  3. I got this vehicle 3 MoE’d

  4. This is basically a Firefly that goes really fast downhill. It doesn’t go
    anywhere very fast, unless it’s going downhill.

  5. Reminds me of that fucking SICK mod1 game u had.

  6. If you like the firefly, you probably will like this tank. However,
    cromwell B is way more competitive : )

  7. so gud tenk 5/7 recommended ?

  8. Circon makes everything look good.

  9. circon, you are probably the most entertaining streamer. keep up the
    YouTube content as well enjoying it a lot! Love from Canada

  10. Hello,Twitch chat.

  11. LeinoQXQX_OSU!ジェシーレイノ

    when was this stream :c

  12. Where did that battle get you for MOE? :p

  13. first :)

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