First Impressions Double Barrel Tech Tree Tanks – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

Taking a good look at the double barrel on the test server!
This is the first itteration, so they might be nerfed/ buffed in the future.
Whats your thoughts?


  1. Can’t wait for the Russian medium double barrels!

    Object 430u II ! It’s bound to happen xD

  2. Germans will probably get double barrel next or china

  3. Imagine how epic a double barrel 128mm or 130mm gun shot would sound, like both at the same time. The 128mm sound is so cool.

    • Brakhai Warframe - CZ

      Then I’d need to use special equipment called “spare underwear”, because I would cream my pants with every double shot.

  4. i am happy that Circon’s take on these tanks was its fun and not op instead of being a whole video about the tanks arent op enough and they need to be buffed like a certaint other youtubers preview video. thanks for the awesome content Circon keep it up.

  5. And again premium vs tech tree is outdone by climate change?! Russian rip off.

  6. ELC even 30 and ELC even 120 (look them up) would be peak memes if added

  7. Holy crap 99million of free exp

  8. The test server is a nice way to find out if you want to grind a certain tech tree, you can play the tier 10 and get a feel for it. Nice video btw!

  9. I just got my IS 3. Now I don’t even want to play.

    • IS-3 is a great tank and that’s not likely to change in the near future. You can’t go wrong with it.

    • ᐃᑦᑎᓂᖅᓯᐅᑐᖅ ᑕᖅᓴᖅ

      @Mihailo Pisanjuk it’s not that good compared to most new tanks, suffering from power creep nowdays. Not as bad as the KV-4 or something but still

    • I wouldn’t worry too much, I just finished IS3 grind and its super fun, especially after getting the BL9

    • @Danchar Ya I did my research and the IS-2-II is a glass canon and I would face of with it in my IS-3 and IS-3A any day

  10. If this was a real tank, the Russian Midget tank crew would set it on fire out of protest.

  11. Can’t wait for the TD line, ISU 152 (II)

  12. Hang on, with these being long bois, reverse sidescraping?

  13. World of completely out of ideas.

  14. The st2 can work ridges and sidescrape like a god with 880 alpha

  15. oh damn, today I found out I use the same mouse as Circon 😀

  16. You might not be able to mount any equipment with the base tracks on the tier 8, once you have the turret and gun..

  17. The ST-II can hit for 1100 damage max
    What a beast

  18. Yall have DB
    Blitz has guided rockets

  19. How did those guys even get EVEN90 on the test server? Are all tanks available?

  20. Kinda wish they would limit amount of gold ammo you could carry on most tanks to prevent full gold loadouts. Limit to 20-25% of all ammo carried and people will have to actually make a conscious decision on when to load gold instead of full gold spam. Some tanks i would excuse from this rule include tanks that have absolutely terrible standard pen (pz 2 j, other teir 3/2 premium tanks with no pen) or tanks that are meant to have the premium ammo as standard (deathstar and fv4005 stage 2 come to mind).

    • Well, iirc WG said gold ammo was just 5% of total shots fired on average on all tiers, so there’s that. If (big) we want to believe them

    • @TheGrandexeno i believe its true, but i also believe that they count all the low teir auto cannon shots amongst the higher teir shots. The data is skewed by those numbers and im sure if you were to only count shots fired out of teir 6 to 10 tanks that percentage of gold being used would be much higher.

  21. If dispersion values are anything like the premium, I’d in all seriousness swap V.Stabs with GLD

  22. Tier 9 should have gotten 440 and ST-2 490 alpha

  23. Thanks for the walk through

  24. Petition for double barrelled Kv-2 thanks wargaming

  25. “It’s not even that thick, it’s very long.”
    -Circon 2020

    On a serious note this game is slowly dying 🙁

    • Yeah, it’s really hard to start, 50% crews are annoying, credit making for f2p players is horrible, plus 2 mm sucks and more.

  26. World of Tanks 2 Do you think that would ever be a thing?

  27. 40:58 is great. Made me chuckle

  28. You see comrade, when one gun has 4° of gundepression you just have to mount two guns to get 8° of gundepression…

  29. Bit much….., but nice !!

  30. Game now finaly reached the point of beeing so ridiculous that i can switch to other games again but final. I am done with this bullshit they call tanks lol

  31. If the st2 has similar armor layout of the st1, the turret “weakspot” is 250

  32. They should’ve started with the IS-3-II (VIII) -> ST-II (IX) -> IS-4-II (X) ;D

  33. This is cancerous wtf

  34. Over an hour of Circon memes? N U T

  35. I can’t wait for the IS double barreled tier 7 premiums lol gotta have one of those to add to the collection

  36. More WG bullshyte…they will be good until everyone has grinded out the line and spent the gold…then the nerfing both published and unpublished will begin and it will be relegated to the garage ?

  37. 51K is really cheap, I actually ground out 83K on the KV3 based on the amount of XP needed for other tier 8 tanks.

  38. now these bullshit tanks come i want my WT-E100 back

  39. Look…..its World of Warships on Land………….

  40. Cant wait for a soviet wheelie, autoloader, oscillating turret and turreted td lines, removing all the worst part of every nation and adding 300+ armor, V shape and 55 kph… bcause fack u

  41. On the test server they should wait till they have 30 Arty and put them all in the same game. Every time.

  42. I think the muzzle break are tilted on the barrels so that the muzzle blast from the muzzle break doesn’t hit the other barrel.

  43. i’m so glad seeing that derp type 5 doing 200 damage per shot, those shitters deserve nothing

  44. ᐃᑦᑎᓂᖅᓯᐅᑐᖅ ᑕᖅᓴᖅ

    So what is this, the 15th tier 8 russian heavy or something?

  45. Mr circon, you see, that the double barreled vehicles used hull from existing vehicles from a tier lower at a tier higher with a little improvement is2 hull at tier 8 with a tiny touch better armour, same with is3-ii, but the ST II shares the identical hull with st I, and that st 1 hull armour works against all ap but when someone loads gold the entire lower and upper played becomes trash, and u can’t over angle the hull armour like the is4 can, you reveal the upper hull slants and it becomes weak, at least with the is4 u can bait them into shooting your side and drive wheel and they will fail, u csnt do so with the st2, funny thing is that the ST projects were deem to replace the outdated is4s not be actually weaker than them haha, I also feel that the alpha dmg on all double barrel vehicles (except premium) seems to be lack luster. At least 320 on tier 8, 440 on tier XI, and 460 or 490 on tier X. Also most Russia heavies at tier 9 already have 440, obj 705, T10, ST 1 but not the is3-ii.

  46. Slot Car News Official

    why not 3 guns? Or laser guns? it’s all fakery…

  47. could you put equipment on without the tracks though on is 2 2 after all the modules though?
    21:03 ontos, american armored thing with 6 106mm guns

  48. Camo is for when you burry tank to turret. XD

  49. What corner of their ass did wargaming pull these tanks out of?

  50. The Rasssha is very strong in those ones O_o

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