First Impressions: Lootboxes in World of Tanks Holiday Ops 2019..

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  1. i really like the skins but i hate that i cant just buy them and they are supposed to be more rare than the tier 8 premiums

  2. If they put a tiger II (H) in the game as a tier 7, i will pay for it. Anything else…f it

  3. This is actually less tier 8 premiums than last year if I’m not mistaking.

  4. SicherheitsSalamander

    5:28 made my day 😀

  5. when will they be available?

  6. I’m watching a youtube video on a youtube video….

  7. Glad I stopped playing lol

  8. Don’t worry cause you won’t get shit in those loot boxes lol ?

  9. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAH LOOT BOOOOXES… is what I would say if I was a masochist with a gambling addiction sooooo….


  10. Hmmm… What if I’ve got the Object 252u? Will I get gold or will I get the Defender?

  11. Hello. We were wondering if you would like the chance to win several OP and cancerous tanks.

    You would?

    Then roll up and spend as much money as you can on our randomly distributed chance of winning the tank(s) of your dreams.

    or 250 gold.

    Don’t worry if you don’t win, just keep buying loot boxes until you do. And then you too might just become the proud owner of a virtual tank that can help you drown your sorrows from not having any money left.


    *Wargaming does not promise you will get anything you were hoping to get from our loot boxes no matter how much money you spend on them. But that Defender looks pretty cool doesn’t it?

  12. wait wasnt this “gambling” illegal in the netherlands and a few other countries because of the star wars game?

  13. Dont know if you have seen: “These lootboxes wont be available in Belgium” 😀

  14. ofc all of the OP premiums are there…

  15. still not worth downloading to play again. Just cosmetics again.

  16. *We’re getting xzibit here*

  17. Load the Skill rounds

    The tank selection is yucky no doubt! Eww! But the rest is cool. But we really don’t need more of any of those tanks on the battlefield.

  18. “You’re making your customers into giant assholes”

    Too late, I’m already a giant asshole

  19. ppl will complain but still sink money on it. that its the funny part.
    yeah WG like that.

  20. they only think about earning money, but how long will WOT continue to exist? more and more people stop playing.So be sensible, do not spend any more money on WOT.

  21. Last years event was decent. They are obviously treating this more as a cash grab this year. Autoreloading is3a, wtf wg? I’ll sit it out this year.

  22. Looks like a waste of money for the most part. I already have the Skorpion and E25 and do NOT want any of the others. Your reaction on th elefh was priceless. I loved it! Thanks for making sue I don’t waste any money on this lot.

  23. Hey Circon, you reacted exactly how I did. It’s completely unnecessary to put overpowered/ badly balanced premiums in the boxes but the skins are fine.

  24. Yup, game is total dog shit nowadays. Anyone looking for a competitive balanced game aren’t going to find it here ever again. I’m just glad they haven’t gotten any money from me in over 4years.

  25. lol I was laughing my ass off listening to Circon’s comments!! OMG he is hilarious!!..right for the game part, world of sh*ts can go suck a d**k.

  26. I’m surprised they didn’t put the Centurion 5/1 in the boxes. It’s a decent, rare tank that looks cool.

    Actually, you know what? I’m not surprised at all

  27. This kind of shit is exactly why I quit this game… so sad… Which I mean the Premium tanks such as E25 and Lefefefefefefefefefefefe

  28. well again wargaming… now i quit.

  29. AAAAaaaaand this is why I haven’t played WOT since the roll-out of 1.0.

  30. The real question is, are the new skins compatible with custom pain jobs?

  31. I totally agree about the Tier 7 premium comment. You rock, by the way. Thanks for your work.

  32. After watching what they put in this boxes, i want to delete my account. Like we are bunch of goats to the wg, and of course we are gonna buy this shit, thats why they selling. Camo-thumbs up. But tanks are the reason no one should buy them. Like the most op anoying shit they putting out again. Theres been time ive played the game every day, noe its 2-3 times a week. Soon i just gonna delete the game for this shit.

  33. WHAT! I love my m4 improved! (No joke I’m weird) though after 400 battles ya it needs buff

  34. would love more skin in wot…

  35. Rollingskattes Wabajack

    Really though, fck the LefH

  36. Ambassador Somewhere

    2019. The year WoT jumped the shark tank.

  37. I just want the Type 59.

  38. Great, a new flood of Defenders and E25s will storm the WOT servers. Guess I’ll stop playing the game a few months again until they get bored of playing this OP tank.

  39. What I want is decent mm and some gold

  40. It would have been epic to have the JTig H, ISU 130, T55A, 50TP, M60A3 Derp M60.

  41. Lets milk EU with our greedy WG not caring about game attitude with boxes full of op broken battles ruining stuff

  42. Oh boy, the lefty. GG t5 mm.

  43. Herbert Odilio Balsamo


  44. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    Guess we’ll see so many IS-3A on clanwars lol

  45. …but, they SELL balanced tanks all the time! this is how they create demand for the boxes…

  46. But not available in Belgium!!! ?

  47. Those Skins are Awesome … they might … just might get me playing more ………….. Might .

  48. luckily i don’t play low tiers so i won’t see the lefh much anyway

  49. If anyone cares remotely about the future of this game they will not give wargaming any money this Christmas. Look how bad it has become, they are just spitting in our faces and asking for money. Fuck you wargaming.

  50. The Arabic letters on BC25t written “I dont Speak Arabic” lol

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