First impressions: SU-130PM / LT-432 – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. I’m just surprised that TD isn’t way better than the Skorp. It’ll still suck to get hit by it, but it already sucks getting hit by Skorps, so I guess it’s not as bad as it could be.

  2. As I said in my tweet WG on the Chieftain “we can’t introduce it, we have no way of balancing it!” WG on the Object 432 “give it an 85mm gun reclassify it as a light tank, and there Comrade!! PrototypeT-64 in WOT! Da Da!! Good balance!”

  3. The amount of armor on russian lights is fucking broken, why the hell would they have so much? Fucking lttb, t54 ltwt? And they have the same speed as other lights with paper armor, this is beyond fucking retarded

  4. Still not buying it…. not going to give WarGaming a single dime
    Fucking pay to win bullshit what’s the point in playing anything but premium Russians ? Just fuck the tech tree buy buy buy

    PS very cool shirt and hey the black is actually kind of nice on the socks I like that

  5. I compared ground resistences with the hopes that maybe this would be where the tank was balanced, but it looks like its going to handle roughly the same as an ELC even 90, due to has same camo values, a better engine, better p/w, but still similar resistences. To put this in perspective as far as what this means, if you look at the server stats on wot news, the even 90 is usually the second best performing light tank re win rate, tier for tier, in the game, and its doing it almost purely off of spotting capability. This thing has the spotting capability of an Even 90, coupled with an LTTBs firepower, and than for some reason 7 degrees of gun depression with strong frontal armor for random bounces.This thing is going to be unbelivably forgiving for the majority of the player base (as far as light tanks go) and insane in the hands of good players. It more or less negates every other t8 light tanks (including the black dog–lets be real, most people can’t hit that tanks potential due to trash camo, huge size, and sluggish acceleration). The shocking thing is that WGing dosen’t even seem to be aware of how nuts this tank is, as they are producing the absolute milk toast looking hwk 30 at the same time.

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  7. buy to win

  8. This new TD will be more annoying or as annoying as Skorpions. Because that noob camper who does 2 hits all game will hit you once with 520 alpha now.

  9. That armour is going to be SO troll…

  10. The thing is if they released it with more realistic 3 degrees of gun depression it would be close to balanced. We wont even bring up the fact that the standard and premium shell cost is less than the t92-lt and it gets more alpha damage.

  11. Not a tank for me.

  12. powercreeping continues

  13. “0,32 to 0,34 is a big leap”
    What? Like the stationary dispersion even matters

  14. A buffed Skorpion and a newly op light, why not? WG cares about their player base. Nice merchandise btw.

  15. Autism is Uncontrollable

    World of Russian Tanks

  16. this tank makes the 54-ltwt look like a joke. it can’t pen itself 60% of the time

  17. Camo values.

    The 130 looks tiny as fuck. The Skorpion is so big it gets spotted from another map as soon as it fires. If the 130P gets enough camo to not be insta-spotted it instantly wins over the skorpion, because at equal armor and mobility the one that’s the strongest is the one that survives the the longest, aka the one that doesnt get spotted.

  18. 20 bucks for 1 pair of socks ? wut

  19. The first minute of this video, I almost left because it sounded like Circon needed to be alone with the tank.
    Ooooooo…. aahhhhh….

  20. only time that td gonna bounce is when shell hit the Ak-47

  21. why are the prem tanks always better looking than the tech tree tanks 🙁

  22. Wargaming today we are one step closer to getting the t54 to tier 5 next step make in is3 prototypes and move them to lower tiers spread frustration evenly along tiers for mother russia

  23. russian light tank with better armour than most tier 8 meds. FeelsBalancedMan

  24. 2:50 I want to watch Blizzcon later. On your cellphone? 😛

  25. shirt and hoodie are well priced but a mug and socks for 20$ jeees

    • Yeah i know, its because they get printed as they get sold, there is no like stock off it. Thats why the price is a bit hefty

  26. hey it’s a pretty average tier 9

    oh wait

  27. LT-432 needs a gun depression nerf. 3-3.5 degrees of gun depression at most.

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  29. still waiting for the day where I see WoT content that will actually make me want to play the game

  30. Yeah i quit lol what the fuck this thing is better armor than the emil all-round and fucking goes 70km/h.

  31. yay.. more Russian tanks

  32. Where the fuck is that gun depression possible? where is it mounted on ????

  33. Yay, more ruski tanks. Exactly what this game needs?
    So glad I stopped playing

  34. Circon did anyone ever said to you that you look like son of Richard Kuklinski?

  35. That TD will be super troll to shoot side on if shells can go through the empty spaces.

  36. the only use for that specific gun elevation is shooting reds on top of the hill on cliff while fighting around the back lul

  37. Circon flex? Weird flex but ok.

  38. Delicious power creep, every time I see new stuff for this game it strengthens my decision of uninstalling WoT half a year ago.

  39. I love how u just used the stream recording and put it on Youtube, still love it :*

  40. That SU is a beautiful tank.

  41. Hoestly both tanks seem at least a bit broken, and bad for the health of the game. It also goes without saying that we don’t need more Russian tanks.

  42. Literally has the T-34-2’s armor profile with 10mm less on the turret front, but has better DPM, mobility, gun handling, view range, camo…

  43. That TD will still find a way to keep me from HE penning him frontally.

  44. Mikoyan Eriksen Vee

    An almost identical version of this tank is in War Thunder as the Su-100P and its basically a Steyr WT that’s waaaay better

  45. I’ve been waiting for 84 years for the kv4ktts release

  46. Load the Skill rounds

    I have the skorp and I believe that the skorp is better because of less gun constraints, but this Russian skorp looks damn cool just sooo cool!
    They better fix the breach clipping through the hull before selling though lol

  47. Gonna be made fun of, but…do you think you could see your way clear to do a step by step on how to drift? Would be much appreciated.

  48. The auto subtitles show LGBT instead of LTTB and i find it quite accurate 😛
    also, new td has way better camo, which is more importand in no-armor td then a traersable turret 🙂

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